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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Friday, July 30, 2004
I had a really great morning yesterday. I woke bright and early as usual but I'd slept in Daddy's bed next to Mummy, so I was able to bounce around the room and chat to Mum and kiss and massage her until get up time. I was hoping that the kisses and massage would entice her up with me, but she still made me wait until 6.30 before bounding up the hallway. Daddy and Jazzie woke soon after and we all headed off to Caffe Latte for breadfast. I had a warm hot chocolate and a bit of Mummy's croissant while Mum and Dad had coffees.

Then we dropped Daddy at the office and went to Safeway. This was the really fun part. Mum got a basket and I got one for myself. I walked over to the bananas and put some in my basket. Then I picked out a mandarine and put that in too. The red onions looked good so I took one of those before deciding that I should have two, and added them to my stash. I got four brown onions, a sweet potato and then picked out some funny looking green things that are called brussel sprouts. Mum asked if I wanted to eat them for dinner and I replied, 'Yep', so we got five. Then I headed up to the meat and selected a tray of diced beef. Mum thought that we didn't need that, so I put it back and we got chicken instead. I saw the section where the batteries are and pulled down a 20 pack of AA's for my toys, but Mum wouldn't let me get them. I also wanted to buy a really big torch, but I had to leave that too. By then my basket was getting a bit heavy, but I still managed to carry it the whole way around the supermarket to the checkout. Every single person I saw in the supermarket smiled at me! I picked up everything from my basket and put it up on the bench before going to stand next to the guide dog while I waited for Mum to pay. I had such a good time doing the shopping; it really was a fun morning.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004
I woke up soon after getting to sleep a few nights ago feeling very miserable. I started sobbing and opened the door to find Mum and Dad and said, 'Mum, someping is setting up me.' She said, 'Something is upsetting you?' and I said, 'Yeah.' Damn. I keep getting that wrong and it kind of ruined the effect I was looking for since Mum smirked instead of looking worried. Last week I asked, 'Mum, Jazzie is setup?' and she told me that, yes, Jazzie was upset, but I forgot how to say it again. So I got a hug and a quick talk, but was soon back to bed. I'll work on it.

Sunday, July 25, 2004
Mum and Dad have been obsessed with the Tour De France over the last three weeks. Initially I was really peeved because they wanted to watch it right at the time when I would usually be watching my shows on TV. So in the first week I bounced around on the couch with them and made as much noise as possible and hassled Jasmine so they had to take notice of me.

In the second week I changed tactics and pretended I was riding my bike and that I had fallen off. I would zip up the hallway on my scooter, pretend to bump into the table and fall to the ground. Then I'd say, 'Mum, I fell off my bike, help please!'

By the third week I couldn't help but get interested. So I've been sitting with Mum and Dad and asking, 'who's that?' when we see a close up of the riders. Over the last few days I've remembered who they are and have been able to point them out. I say, 'Look, Mum, there's Lance...there's Jan...there's Michael...there's Thomas!' And mostly I get it right too. Plus I look at the numbers on their backs and start counting from that number. I know Lance is number one, and Jan is number eleven. Tonight, during the time trial, we were looking at number 61, so I counted from there,'61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 60!' Very triumphant I was too!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
'Mum, I needa samidge. Not toast it... I need Nan's jam an' begemite an' Nan's red jam, not abocado, not 'mato...Nan's jam...not toast it. Cut it in rectangle, triangle...rectangle. Mum, I need ham wiv it. Mum, you might make me a hot chocolate!'

Friday, July 16, 2004
What a horrible morning. It started off okay - I got up around 5.30 for
a pee then went back to bed till 6am. I went and stood next to Mummy as
she slept and tried to wake her up gently. I put my hand in hers and
then bent down and kissed her hand. She gave me a little pat but didn't
look like getting up, so I went around to Daddy, who got up with me.

Jazzie and I played around and had fun with a car game and some cards
and my Thunderbirds. Once Daddy went to work Mum took Jasmine into the
shower without me. I let them get clean for a few minutes then peered
through the door and said, 'I needa come in, I'm very dirty!' So Mum
let me in, but then did the dirty on me by washing my hair. I
HATE having my hair washed. I wailed and sooked and carried on, but she
already had the shampoo in, so it had to be rinsed out.

Eventually we all got dry and dressed and we sat down in front of the
Wiggles. Mum set about cutting Jazzie's toenails, so there was a bit of
grizzling going on, but I could still hear the TV so it wasn't too bad.
But then... After Mum finished Jasmine's fingernails she approached me
with the scissors. I screamed and yelled even louder than I did when I
got shampoo in my eyes and ran into my bedroom. Each time I ventured
back to the lounge to watch the Wiggles, Mum came at me with the
scissors. Finally I let her do a few nails so I could watch TV, but I
protested loudly and kicked as much as I dared, which wasn't very much
because the scissors looked sharp. I ran away a couple of times, but
did let her finish my toenails. It's so horrible because they curl back
into my toes when they get long, so they really hurt whey they're cut.
I didn't complain when Mum did my fingernails and that was all over in
less than a minute. Horrible.

The other thing that I'm upset about is that I thought some clowns were
coming to visit. I picked up the intercom phone and said, 'Hello...come
in,' and stood holding the front door open waiting for them to come in.
No one came in so I asked Mum, 'When are de clowns coming?' She didn't
know what I meant so I had to explain that the clowns were coming
over. She said she thought that clowns didn't visit kids and
that's why we went to the circus, so I could visit the clowns. I cried,
'I want de clowns to come!' Each minute I've been asking, 'Mum, when
are the clowns coming?' I made her ring Daddy to see if he knew
when the clowns were coming, but he didn't know. I got so upset. When
it was nap time and I just cried on the bed, then climbed down the side
of the bed and cried on the floor. Mum left me to it, so I tucked
myself into bed and sunk into a sad sleep.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
I had such a good weekend, despite having a runny nose again. On Saturday morning Daddy and I went to the Kew Traffic School with some of my Kinder friends. I took my bike and my brand new blue helmet that I bought with Uncle Ad and Nan and Grandad last weekend. I wasn't sure about the helmet at first, but Uncle Ad assured me that I looked cool, so I said I'd have it. So, on Saturday morning I happily rode around with my helmet on and didn't even notice it.

I really liked playing with the train there, and, of course, I had to visit the toilets. I wanted to look in the girl toilets, but Daddy wouldn't let me, so I just went to the boys toilets. I ate a sausage in bread, which was pretty yummy, but not as good as the python. I really liked the python. Yum.

On Sunday morning I went to my first fourth birthday party. It was Ed's birthday and I was very excited about going 'cos it was at Billy Lids play centre. We got there and Ed said, 'Thank you for coming to my party,' before he opened my present. Mum was very impressed with his manners. I would have just ripped open the present. He liked it, which was good. We had a play on the jumping castle and then sat down for some party food. Yay - party food!! I couldn't wait to put on the hat and start eating. I ate about eight pieces of fairy bread, lots of handfuls of chips with tomato sauce, a few bits of popcorn and then some more fairy bread before we sang happy birthday. Then I had a piece of ice cream cake. And then some more fairy bread. Then we all screamed around the playcentre bouncing off all the equipment until it was time to collect some more lollies and a balloon and go home.

It was nap time when we got home, but for some reason I didn't feel like sleeping. I buzzed about the place before crashing on the couch mid arvo. Daddy carried me to bed where I slept till about 4.30. Pretty late for me.

The next morning Daddy said I had blue poo. Hee hee hee. Maybe I'll eat more red lollies next time.

Friday, July 09, 2004
'Mum, 'dis is Superman. He's going to bump your tea. Bump! He says, "Ooh, hot!"'

Wednesday, July 07, 2004
My latest tactic is to pretend that I don't really want something afterall if Mum or Dad has said no. I'll demand, 'Mum, I wanna watch TB.' The usual response is, 'you can watch TV after 5,' so I yell, 'I NOT WANNA WATCH TB!!' and fall to the ground wailing. Another one is when I ask, 'I want to go to park.' Mostly Mum says, 'We'll go after your nap', to which I sob, 'I NOT WANT TO GO PARK!!' and then I go and whack Jasmine for good measure before running to my room and slamming the door. See, it would be so much easier if they just did what I want.

One other thing that gets me very upset is when I've spent ages building a house or a car fix out of my blocks, and then Jasmine walks by and knocks it over. This morning I screamed, 'Mum, Jazzie breaked it!!!!' before destroying the bit that hadn't fallen over and spreading the blocks all over the loungeroom. I was so pleased with my building - it was the Hood's house and I'd built it up around him, so that he was standing inside it. Luckily Jasmine went to bed after that, so I only sulked for a few minutes before building it again.

One good thing at the moment is that we are going out to lots of playgrounds so that Mum can review them for Playground Finder. Jazzie and I run about 'testing' the equipment while Mum takes photos. We really like this job!

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Life is so tough at the moment. I'm having battles with Mum and Dad everyday, especially Mum. They won't let me do lots of things that I think would be fun, and they try to make me do all sorts of awful things.

Things Mum and Dad try to make me do that are plain mean: stay in bed until 6.30am, play NICELY with Jasmine (that's no fun), brush my teeth before bed, eat the food they serve up for dinner, only watch TV after 5pm, stop throwing things, stop pulling all the toilet paper off the roll, stop flinging myself on the floor and crying, and sit on the toilet to do a poo without a nappy on.

Things I really want to do are: get up early, push over Jasmine, watch TV any time I like, climb in to bed with Mum for a cuddle in the middle of the night, eat whatever I want anytime I want, and poo in a nappy. And I reserve the right to lie on the floor and kick and scream whenever I like. I don't think that's too much to ask.

Last week was particularly terrible. They told me I couldn't poo in a nappy anymore and tried to make me do it on the toilet. So I held on, and held on, and held on. Then I got really sick. I was so hot and exhausted. I stopped eating 'cos that made me feel worse and I just lay on the couch or slept in bed. On Friday I felt so bad I had three naps. I refused to have panadol because it tastes so horrible, although I relented on Friday night because I was too hot to sleep. Finally Mum let me have one of Jazzie's nappies so I could do a poo. I felt a bit better after that, but still was really sick.

We went to see Dr.Mark on Saturday, but I was actually feeling a lot better by then. He said I had a virus and that if I didn't want to have panadol, then I didn't have to, so I was happy with that. He also told me about the poo party. I'd never heard of a poo party before so I listened to what he said. Apparently when people do a poo on the toilet their poos go under the house to a poo party where they all have a great time. If boys and girls do their poo in a nappy, then their poos don't get to go to the poo party. I wasn't sure whether to believe him so I told him, 'Poo goes down the drain!' He said that poo goes down the drain to get to the poo party.

I did hear him say to Mum that it's NOT healthy to hang on. I knew that - it feels awful. I was happy that he was on my side, and since then Mum's let me have nappies again. My poo can wait a bit longer before going to the poo party. Till I'm a big boy.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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