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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Yay! It's been Christmas time!! I've had such fun: lots of presents, Nan's mince tarts, pannettone for brekky, go-juice and fizzy drink, and lots of family time. Gruncle Andrew has been down from Sydney, and Grampa came down from Ganmain, so I've seen lots of them and loved it.

My favourite thing to do, now that I can ride my bike, is to ride to the little park up the street and over the road. I've taken both Uncle Andrew and Grampa there and pointed out the sights along the way for them; like the rubbish bins, the goose, the cat and the cat-eyes on the road. I also like to impress them with my computer skills so I insist that they sit beside me and watch me play games.

Grampa stayed the night for the first time a few nights ago. It was good fun; he had a mattress on the floor right in the middle of my play area, so of course he was fair game to jump on. I kept asking Mum, 'Oskar jump on Grampa?' but she kept saying no. So I jumped on him anyway and he let out a big 'OW!' I thought it was pretty funny, but didn't do it again when he wasn't looking.

I am now the proud owner of a snazzy keyboard. Initially I thought it was Grampa's because he has brought his along before, but it really is mine. I've worked out how to set up some funky beats and I bop along as I press the different keys. I love it.

I think I'm about to get thinner. Mum and Dad told me last night that I have to start eating proper dinner food at dinner time. That means...vegetables!...ergh! And it also means that they won't let me have snack foods after mid afternoon. So last night I was starving at dinner time, but Daddy made me a plate of pasta with a tomato/ham/onion/carrot/celery sauce all over it. What a way to ruin pasta! I refused to eat it and demanded a banana instead, but they wouldn't give me one. I had some rice milk and went to bed hungry. This morning I was so starving that I actually ate all of my vitabrits and corn flakes. I think they're being very mean.

Monday, December 22, 2003
I just don't get why I am sent to my room so much. If Jasmine sticks my toys in her mouth, then I think it's my right to take the toys off her - any way I like. And if she is crawling past, why can't I just lean on her or push her over if I like? She's here for my amusement anyway, surely, so what's the big deal? But Mum and Dad just don't understand this, and keep getting very angry with me. Well, I'm stubborn and they can try to break me, but I'll resist. When I get sent to my room I make as much noise as I can and I know they hate me yelling. I also slam the door and kick things - although I slammed the door on Daddy's hand this morning and got a smack on the bottom for that. I thought I'd better say sorry and murmured, 'Sorry, Daddy', very quietly.

I wanted to play with Mummy this morning and she tried to tell me that she had to tidy the kitchen. I said, 'No. Mummy do it when Oskar sleeps.' She couldn't argue with that one and came to play with me.

I slept two nights in a row at Nan's house over the weekend. It was so Mum, no Dad, and no Jasmine. I had a haircut and this time I insisted that Tony cut my hair - when Justin came over I said, 'No, I want that one,' and pointed to Tony. I sat quietly for the whole time and watched him cut my hair. He did a very nice job.

One highlight of the week was putting up the Christmas Tree. Dad brought out a box of decorations and I hung them on the tree all by myself. It was lots of fun. Another Christmas thing that I like is an Advent Calendar that we have. Each day I get to peel back a little flap of paper and eat the chocolate underneath. I start asking for the choccie at about breakfast time, but Mum usually makes me wait until after lunch, although Dad has let me have one before lunch a few times. One day they made me promise to be nice to Jasmine all day before I could have a chocolate. I SAID I'd be nice...ahee hee hee!

Monday, December 15, 2003
I've had a very busy few days. On Friday morning I went to the last Mini Maestros of the year. We had dress-ups and Nan and Grandad came to watch, as well as Mum and Granny. I was really tired after my birthday the day before, so I actually fell asleep in the car on the way there! Mum woke me up to go in, so I was feeling a bit woozy and grumpy to start with. All the girls in my class were dressed as fairies, but I wouldn't let Mum dress me in my costume. There were people everywhere and I was supposed to dance about with the group, but all I really wanted was to cuddle Mum. Just before the class was to start, I let Mum put on my cloak and pointy hat - I was a wizard - and Melissa, my teacher, said I looked just like Harry Potter. I didn't join in for the first half of the class, but I danced about when my favourite songs came on and I did have fun.

My birthday party was on Saturday morning at Granny's house. I just had the BEST time! There were lots of adults there, but I spent most of my time with Harry. I showed him around Granny's yard and we opened my presents together. The best one was from Harry, Cindie, Jack and Andrew - Tracey Island! I love it, and have spent a long time each day playing with it since then. Daddy comes over sometimes and tries to play with it or make me pack it away, but I tell him, 'No, Daddy! Cook!' or 'Do a bit a work, Daddy.'

After the party we went home and I had a sleep (I fell asleep in the car on the way home). When I woke, Harry was at our house with the rest of his family - I was very happy about that. We had lunch and a bit of a play on the balcony before heading off to the Tram Museum. I adore that place! We spent ages racing through all the trams, pushing on buttons and pretending to drive them. We both ended up with greasy, dirty hands, but we didn't care. Boy I was tired that night.

On Sunday morning I was crabby and tired. Jasmine got up early so at least there was someone to take out my bad mood on. But Mum and Dad didn't think I should have been nasty to Jasmine so I kept getting told off and pulled off Jasmine. By 9.20 I was sent to my room where I yelled and screamed and slammed the door and kicked it and threw things. Then I curled up in my bed and fell asleep.

I woke feeling much better and was happy to discover that we were going to the Zoo. I said, 'Jasmine come too?' and was pleased that she was. We met Granny and Ros there and a whole lot of other people that I didn't know or remember. So I clung to Mum. After munching on some fruit under a tree, I went for a play in the playground where I tripped and fell over, and got stuck up a high climbing frame. That didn't help my mood. Finally we got to look at some animals and I happily ran about the place. But I really was very tired, so I tried to stand on the front of the pram while Mum was pushing it. She wasn't happy with that, so I decided to push it for her. She kept trying to help push the pram, but I swatted her hands away and yelled, 'Oskar push pram by self!' But she just couldn't let me, so while I was pushing Mum's hands away the pram took off down a ramp and we all kind of slammed into a wall. It was her fault - she should have let me hold it. I was happy to go home after that.

I had swimming this morning and went with Daddy, while Mum and Jazzie went shopping. We had fun together as usual. I was having a good morning, but that evil gremlin came back. Next to my seat in the car on the way home was a bag of shopping. I found my rice milk and decided to open it. Then I poured it out. Once the carton was empty and I realised that there was a bit of a mess, I said, 'Mum, look...' She looked and I wished I hadn't said anything and that it would all go away. Mum and Dad were so angry with me again. Mum made me help her clean it up, which was actually kinda fun, although I don't think she meant it to be. I said 'Sorry, Mum,' lots of times. I finally got a hug and a kiss, but they were really crabby all day.

Thursday, December 11, 2003
It's my birthday today, and I've had a pretty good day. I woke up early, but got sent back to bed. I didn't go back to sleep though, and when I heard Jazzie cry, I got up again. Mum and Dad's door was closed, so I went out to the loungeroom. There on the table was an Elmo balloon with streamers and curly things on a stand. I jumped on my tricycle, rode down the hall, opened Mum's door and rode over to the bed and told Mum, 'Elmo's on table, Mum.' Everyone got up after that.

I settled down to play with my new Tuppertoy - a playground with a slide, swings, round-a-bout and a basketball hoop - when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and there were all the Thunderbirds: Scott, Virgil, Gordon, Alan, John, Lady Lepole, Brains and Parker. They were standing around Thunderbirds One, Two and Three and Four. I was so happy! I sat in the doorway to look at them, and eventually let Dad move them inside so the door could close.

I had a special treat of mango and sultanas with my weetbix for brekky. That is, I picked out the mango and sultanas, and didn't eat the weetbix. All the Thunderbirds watched me eat brekky, then I discovered that all their arms and legs move, and their heads spin around. So I made them all do the splits - they still kept smiling.

I had a second breakfast when Nan and Grandad dropped over with some pastries - a yummy bear claw. Nan made me a sash just like the one that Virgil wears. I was so happy, but also a bit overcome, so I only managed a tiny smile of glee before getting down to the serious business of trying on the sash. I wore it for most of the day. I look just like Virgil.

I also got a railway crossing sign with a boomgate that moves up and down when I ride up to it. It makes a train sound when the boomgate is down, and a car noise when the boomgate is up. It's lots of fun.

After a bit of playing around, Mum and I went out together. First up we went to wash the car. I was really looking forward to this since seeing the carwash from the tram when we went to see The Wiggles. I wanted to see 'the white things go round', but we drove into a bay where people were washing their cars themselves, rather than the big machine. Mum asked if I wanted to help wash the car and I said yes, but then I got a bit scared once the water came out of the hose. I stayed close to Mum's leg and wanted to hold her hand while she squirted the car. I managed to hold on for most of the time, and only let go when Mum really wrested my hand off hers so she could hold the hose with two hands. Luckily it was over after a few minutes and we went on our way.

Next we went to the post office and bakery. I picked out my usual fruit scone, but my favourite lady, Vanessa, gave me a special treat for a birthday present: a gingerbread tree with green icing and two orange jelly beans on top. Then we went to a park where I sat on a bench and ate the gingerbread. I didn't move until I'd finished the whole thing. I had a bit of a play, then told Mum I wanted my scone, so we went back to the car and I ate most of it on the way home.

After a nap Mum and I went off to playgroup with Jasmine. Mum made me a chocolate cake, and I saw it in the bottom of Jasmine's pram when we were getting out of the car. I saw Sandra and yelled to her, 'Look, Oskar's cake...' as I picked up the container with one hand. But I discovered that my hand was not big enough to hold it properly and the container tipped sideways and the cake fell out onto the grass. Sandra, Mum and I all stared at it going, 'Uh oh...' Luckily there wasn't too much grass stuck to the top of it, and it didn't break, so we could still eat it.

All my friends sang Happy Birthday to me and we all munched on chocolate cake before spending ages riding around the tennis court on the tricycles. I even got another prezzie from Michelle and Bethany - a big truck with a helicopter and a boat. Tom and Charlie wanted to play with it, so I let them. When we went to leave, I was saying goodbye to my friends when Tom, Timmy and Thomas all said, 'Happy Birthday, Oskar'. They each said it about four times - it was so nice.

I was pretty hungry and tired when we got home. Dad cooked me a chicken schnitzel and some pasta, which I happily munched on. After dinner, I was wiping my hands on a wet face washer, when some evil gremlin must have possessed me, because I, um, threw the face washer into Mum's full glass of red wine. I've never seen Dad so angry. Wine went everywhere; on the carpet, on the white chair covers, all over the table and newspapers. Luckily for me, the glass didn't break.

I realised I was in serious trouble after Daddy really yelled at me and kind of jumped up and down on the spot, so I started bawling. I was desperate for a hug from Mummy, but she made me stand against the lounge chair while she cleaned up the wine. It took aaaaages. I cried for most of the time and asked for hugs, but they refused, saying that I had to say sorry. So I refused to say sorry for a while, but then realised that I really was sorry, and squeaked it out to Mummy. She still made me stand against the lounge chair until she'd finished the carpet. Then she asked me if I could see any other bits of wine on the carpet and I started pointing out spots until I realised that I had to stand there longer if I kept pointing out other bits to clean, so I stopped. I was about to move when she started cleaning the dining chair. It all took such a long time and when it was finally over, I was put in my pj's and put straight to bed. I did get a kiss and a hug though.

Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Daddy's home, with presents too. He brought me the best book - it's called Knitted By Grandma. It has flaps to open and lots of funny pictures. I know all about knitting because Mummy likes to knit birds and things. I've flipped through the book lots of times since Daddy got home on Monday.

I went to Charlie's birthday party on Sunday. I was really looking forward to it and talked about going a lot before we got there. Once we arrived though, I suddenly got all shy and held on to Mum's leg for the first ten minutes, and then insisted that she crouch next to me at the table when we were eating. Anytime she moved to walk away, I yelled, 'Mummy sit dere!!' and pointed next to me. It was a great party though, and when we left, Charlie gave us a little tool box with lollies in it and a big, orange balloon. His Dad made the toolbox, which was kinda nice, but I think Mum likes it more than me. I got a bit grouchy when she only let me have about two lollies.

Then on Monday, Mum and I went to see The Wiggles with all my friends too. The tram trip in was the best; I saw a car being washed by a machine on the way - it was amazing. I danced at the concert and had fun, but I was happy to leave and get back on the tram to see the car wash again. Plus Daddy had just got home, so I wanted to get home to see him.

Jasmine can now crawl over to my toys - I don't like that. I rush up and yank them off her, which makes Mum very angry. So I'm angry at Jasmine and angry at Mum.

It's my birthday tomorrow! I turn three. I know the Thunderbirds are coming to visit - I'm really looking forward to that!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2003
I miss Daddy. But I'm making sure I have some fun while he's away and am trying to help Mummy and Jazzie. When Jasmine is on her tummy, I help her roll over by grabbing her around her tummy and pulling. I can also lift her up from the ground and put her in to a sitting position. She only cries sometimes, so I'm doing it very well!

Yesterday I helped Jasmine by getting out her toys. All of them. I then dumped them on her and around her and on Mummy, who didn't seem to think that I was being very helpful. I'm just trying to keep us entertained.

I was having fun during my snack this morning. I munched on my toast, dropped it on the ground and then stuck my arm in my cup, so that the go-juice reached half way up my forearm. I jumped when Mum saw me - she made a big 'O' with her mouth and came stomping over. But I laughed and said, 'Sorry, was an ancident!' and she laughed too - phew. Got away with that one.

Monday, December 01, 2003
On Saturday we had a birthday picnic for me and all of my friends from playgroup. We all turn three soon - Bethany and Oliver are already three. But it really wasn't much fun. It was really hot and windy, and my nose was constantly goopy and needed wiping all the time. My eyes were itchy and sore and I kept rubbing them. Plus these horrible little bugs kept jumping onto my t-shirt and Mum was constantly grabbing me to brush them off. Also, I was really tired.

I didn't play much with the other boys. The most fun was trying to throw a streamer with Tom - he could throw his really well so that the different coloured paper trailed along after it. I peed under a tree and wanted Tom to pee too. I asked, 'Tom pee on tree?' but he said, 'No, thanks.'

We all had presents to unwrap - I got another train for my train set. It's a nice train, and I've played with it at home, but at the time I wasn't that thrilled. Plus I got a train last year too. Some of the other boys got great presents - Thomas got a totem tennis set, which everyone was admiring until Oliver decided to clobber Thomas with the racket. There was lots of crying after that.

Mostly I hung around Mum, Dad and Jazzie and ate fruit and asked to go home. I asked to go home about four times before we finally did. But I'm pleased we waited a bit because we all got a little birthday cake with smarties and icing on top. I ate the smarties, then the icing, then most of the cake. I was very happy to go home and loll around on the floor in the cool.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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