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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Mum and I went to the Zoo yesterday! Yay! We haven't been there for ages and I know that Jasmine has never been there. I asked, 'Jazzie come too?' but Mum said it would just be me and her. I was very excited in the car. I asked, 'Where's 'at Zoo, Mum?' She explained that we had to drive for a while, get on the freeway and then we'd be at the Zoo. I asked, 'Where's 'at freeway, Mum?' and then, 'Where's 'e Zoo, Mum?' all the way there. The trip took ages.

First up we set off to see the elephants. On the way we saw a pack of otters, who all jumped up on their back legs and screeched at me when I popped my head over the fence. I backed away quickly - I was sure they were all going to leap through the air and eat me - they looked ravenous.

We set off again and I asked, 'Where's 'e efalents, Mum?' We went along lots of paths and through these fancy buildings with elephant stuff all over them, and finally we found where the elephants were. They were hiding at the far end of their enclosure behind some trees. I sat down and said, 'Okkar need special treat...where's Tupperware.' I rummaged through our bag and found my favourite Tupperware; it had a scone in it - yum! I sat there and munched on my scone and said to Mummy, 'The efalents might come back.' She seemed very disappointed that we couldn't see them properly. As we were leaving I turned to a lady and showed her my scone; 'I've got a scone!' I told her. (I've just started saying 'I'. I think I'm using it properly).

We saw some little monkeys - tamarins - and some very pretty birds. But we didn't see Mum's favourite birds, the rainbow lorikeets, although we did see Daddy's favourite, the pelicans. I said, 'Look Mum, pecalins...and monkeys!' There weren't really monkeys in the pond...I was just trying to fool a boy who was standing next to me.

On the way out we stopped at the orang-u-tans. There was a mummy orang-u-tan with a baby hanging on to her tummy! The baby looked just a bit smaller than Jasmine, but a lot hairier. We watched for quite a while as the mummy walked around in circles. Whenever she had her back to us, we could see these two little hands holding on to her fur.

We stayed at the Zoo for maybe an hour, and once back in the car I said, 'Where's 'at freeway, Mum?' all the way home.

Friday, November 21, 2003
I woke up yesterday and said, 'It's a lovely day, Mummy,' as I was pottering around. It was a good day, mostly. I still get grumpy with Mummy a bit, and jealous of Jasmine, but I LOVE my Daddy!

Last night we all had fun playtime together. I was about to chuck a big wobbly because I saw Mum doing 'Row Your Boat' with Jasmine and I was nearly overcome with an urge to stomp on them both. Luckily Daddy joined in so I sat with Mum and Jasmine sat with Daddy and we all sang, 'Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream...if you see a crocodile don't forget to scream...AAAAAGH!' while we held hands and rocked back and forth. Then Jazzie and I lay on our backs while we sang, 'Chug, chug, chug, I'm a little tug, I pull the big boats, chug, chug, chug...' and we chugged our legs up and down.

I wanted to do that with Jasmine, so I sat in front of Daddy and chugged Jasmine's legs. She looked back at me and gave me a big smile.

Mum and Jasmine came to Mini Maestro's again this morning. I love having them there. I still get a bit shy when I'm with the group of kids, but I always go home and show Mum what dance we did and sing, 'Good morning Bumblebee...' Even if I don't join in with the class I still remember what we did.

On the way to Michelle's house on Wednesday, I spied some flowers I knew. I said to Mum, 'Look, Mum, 'ere's Nan's...Okkar got pollen on...' I like to stick my finger in the foxgloves in Nan's backyard, and sometimes my finger comes out with powdery pollen on it. A bit further on I saw some more, but there weren't many flowers out. I told Mum, 'More foxglubs...not ready yet.'

I've been getting to bed a bit later more regularly now. It's usually around 7.30pm and sometimes as late as 7.45. I've also been waking a little bit later in the morning, although I still occasionally wake at 5 or 5.30 - like this morning. I did actually go back to sleep this morning, but often I stay awake and talk to myself or read books. I call out things that I hear said to me a lot, like: 'Try it, you might like it,' and 'Don't EVER put ANYTHING in Jasmine's mouth.' Or I pretend I'm Scott Tracey and play Thunderbirds.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003
I feel so much better! Jasmine isn't allowed her dummy either! I think that's very reasonable and that Mum and Dad should have taken hers away at the same time they took mine away. But I forgive them for that oversight.

I had a great day with Daddy yesterday when Mum and Jazzie were at the sleep school. We went to swimming, went to Nan's house, had a play in three different parks, and went to Camberwell where Daddy bought me a chocolate icecream. Yum yum - that was a real treat. Then we went to pick up Mum and Jasmine and went home.

I've slept better over the last two nights. I actually stayed in bed after lights out, and didn't get up until morning. So I've been able to stay awake longer in the morning and haven't had my day nap until 11.30 or 12.00. And Mum's been in a better mood. Phew.

I wanted to play with Jasmine this morning, but Mum and I went off to the gym and left Jasmine with Daddy. I really had fun at the gym today. A cute little girl sat opposite me at the snack tables, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. We had our snacks together, then played with each other the whole time. I even had a pee in the toilet without any fuss. It was a good morning. After we got home, Mum gave Jasmine a drink, so I helped out by bounding up to them and yelling, 'KEEP DRINKING JAZZIE!' Jasmine kept turning to look at me so I yelled it out another five or so times. Then Mum got up and took Jasmine to the bedroom and closed me out. Don't know why...

Sunday, November 16, 2003
They haven't given me my dummies back. I'm so angry with Mum. I blame her. So I've spent the week yelling and kicking and throwing and being sent to my room. And crying.

Just to make me feel worse, Mum brought Jasmine out from her room with a dummy in her mouth! I was furious and gave Mum and Jazzie the filthiest look I could muster up. It was a really good look! Mum quickly took out Jasmine's dummy.

I've been staying up much later in the evening because I don't want to go to bed without my dummies. Each time M & D tuck me in bed I stay there for a few seconds then get up again. But I get really tired and after an hour or so I just sag into Mum or Dad's arms and cry. I sobbed to Mum yesterday, 'Okkar want dummies...ahoo, ahoo, waaaaaaaa.' She just cuddled me and told me I didn't need them anymore. I cried myself to sleep.

Monday, November 10, 2003
I think I've spent half of the last week crying. I don't know why, I just have. My parents don't do what I want. They're mean. Ooohoooo! And now they've taken away my dummies...ooooooHOOOOO!!! I'm going to stay up all night and make them suffer!!! WAAAAAAAAAA!

But in between crying, I've had some good times. Tuesday was a great day - mostly. I'd stayed over at Nan and Grandad's house on Monday night, so I was there for brekkie on Tuesday when all the rest of the family came over. Granny and Ros and Mum and Dad and Jasmine and Uncle Ad all came over and we ate lots of food that Nan had made. I had my weetbix first, then an apple pastry and a big glass of orange juice and some breadstick and milk, and maybe some other things as well. Oh yeah, and some of Dad's bubbly wine. I was prancing around having a great time until Mum told me off for kicking and squashing Jasmine. Then I fell apart and couldn't stop crying for ages. We had to go home early and I fell into bed and slept for a long time.

I was much happier when I woke up, which was good because we went over the Claire and Amelia's house for lunch. I had the best time. They'd made me some Okkar headquarters in the backyard which was next to a bigger tent where we all ate our barbecue lunch. Then we all went inside and watched a bunch of horses run around in circles with little men on their backs. After that we went to the park where I ran around with Daddy and played with him on the slide. We both slid down the big slide head first like Virgil. But then I pushed Daddy down and lost my footing and toppled off the platform. I got such a shock. I landed mostly on my front and hit my head on the ground. I got scratches all up my arms, my forehead and my tummy. Owww! So I cried lots more. That was the biggest fall I've ever had. Mum said the platform was at least five feet high. Daddy took me back down the slide once I felt better so I wasn't scared to go up there again. I'm a brave boy.

Thursday Mum and I went to the gym for the first time in a few weeks. I didn't want to go but Mum dragged me along anyway. Once I got there I told Mum that I REALLY, REALLY didn't want to be there. I cried and screamed and clung hold of Mummy so she couldn't get out the door. Belinda held me and I screamed more and reached out for Mum, but she ran out the door and left me there. I was still crying ten minutes later when Tom, Alice and Maria arrived. Eventually I calmed down and started playing with Tom. I forgave Mum when she came to get me. I was just happy to go home.

I had a great time on Saturday with my family. We went to the Tram Museum, inspired by Michael and family from my guestbook. It was FABULOUS! Dad and I got the tram to the museum while Jasmine and Mum took the car. So Dad and I had a good explore before Mum and Jazzie got there. When Mum arrived I took her around to show her all my favourite bits. I said to her: 'Mummy, put hands dere, foot up dere, be careful,' and 'Mummy, step down here, be careful'. The trams were very high off the ground and I didn't want her to fall. I showed her my favourite bit which was at the end of one tram. I sat on a little seat and pushed buttons and flicked switches just like Jeff Tracey. I also loved stomping on the little lumps in the floors which made the bells clang. Then we went to Fairview Park and ate fruit cake. Yum yum; it was a nice arvo.

Sunday, November 02, 2003
Playgroup was lots of fun this week. We all played together and no one was nasty to anyone else for a change. I'm never nasty, but some of the other boys can be a bit, um, bossy. I weed in the bushes once and then when I wanted to pee again, I refused the bushes and insisted that Mum take me to the big toilets. So we ran over to the toilets and I burst through the door and saw a lady washing her hands. I went straight to a toilet, which happened to be still making noises like it had just been flushed, took a big sniff, turned and said to Mum, 'It smells'. Mum looked kind of aghast while the lady quickly left the room. I peed in the stinky toilet and got out of there fast.

Mini Maestros was the best fun on Friday. Mum and Jasmine came again and Granny was there as well. I was so happy that I joined in most of the dances and even held hands with the lady next to me when we were dancing in a circle. Then I crawled through everyone else's hoops for the first time too. When we had to pick a move for everyone else to do, I did Riverdance like Michael, and everyone loved it. I was so happy that I kept dancing after the music had stopped and showed Jenny, the teacher, how I dance like Jean. Jean has her hands on her hips, where Michael has them held out from his sides. Jenny loved it. After the class we all had a play in the playground - it's like a huge, wooden fort and is lots of fun to explore.

We've got this great bubblebath that makes the hugest bubbles that last for ages. I've been enjoying having more baths than I used to - I was having showers most days and baths only occasionally - and I cover myself in bubbles. But Daddy makes it too hot sometimes. I have to tell him, 'It's very hot...make it very warm.' Mummy makes it just right.

Saturday was a great day. Mum, Granny and I went to see Possum Magic. I was very excited about going. We've been reading the book for the last couple of weeks so I know the story well. Granny drove Mum and I to the city and we parked underground in a big carpark. We met Oliver and Margo there and sat with them up the top of a huge theatre. I held Oliver's hand as we walked together.

For the first part of the show I sat on Mummy's lap because there was a big man in front of me. I asked, 'Where's Hush?' Hush was a very cute possum who was helped along by a lady with a very high voice. I liked Grandma Poss and the Kangaroo and the blue wombat too. After a while I got up and started prancing about a bit. The people on stage were singing and dancing and they asked all the kids to join in, so I did. I was happy to get up and move around because I was getting a bit bored, and after a dance I was happy to sit down for a little bit longer. But only a little bit longer. I decided I wanted to go exploring but Granny wouldn't let me get past her. That was a bit frustrating, but then the show finished and I could go and stretch my legs. Oliver and I ran around together and explored a bit before getting back into our cars and going home. I was so tired that I fell asleep just before we turned into the driveway.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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