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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Monday, June 30, 2003
I'm sure there's a pattern here, but I haven't worked it out yet. If I say, "Currants and raisins in Tupperware please Mummy?" as I did this afternoon, then I get what I ask for. But if I say, "Biskit...biskit...biskit...BISKIT...BISKIT!" then I don't get anything. "Okkar something to eat?" sometimes gets results but not always, and "Mummy get it...milk?" may or may not work. I think it boils down to what mood Mummy's in. The easiest thing is to help myself. I frequently climb up onto the sofa table so I can get to the bar where the fruit bowl sits. I usually have a bite of an apple before telling Mummy, "Okkar eat apple, like Timmy". I actually prefer my apples peeled and cut into eighths, but I seem to forget that until after I've had one mouthful. Then I put it back in the fruit bowl and ask Mum to take the skin off. I see Timmy eat the whole apple, skin and all, at playgroup - I don't know why you would eat the skin when it's nicer without.

I also have to work out how best to ask for games on the computer. Not that I mind asking twenty or thirty times, but there must be a quicker way. Although today was pretty successful: I just asked, "Mummy put Teletubbies on 'puter please Mummy?" and she did. As well as Teletubbies, I had a look at a Sesame Street games site. I really enjoyed the games, especially dressing Grover and watching Cookie Monster eat shopping bags of food.

I actually got a mention in an article in The Sydney Morning Herald. Pretty choofed I am about that too. Hello to any new visitors! But I do have to set the record straight and say that Mummy helps me write my blog and not Daddy.

Saturday, June 28, 2003
Daddy has bought me my very own James Bond Aston Martin, like the one in Goldfinger. I love it! It has an ejector seat with a little man that pops out through the roof, a pop-up bulletproof screen and little 'rammers' that pop out of the front and back bumper bars. I've had lots of fun playing with it over the last couple of days. Maybe the gift was his way of saying sorry for being so horrible...

Actually Daddy's been pretty nice to me lately. He made me spicy fruit buns for brekky on Thursday, and I sure love those. I wanted another one the next day so I asked, "fighty food bun please?" Luckily there was a half left - Mum had been at them when we weren't around.

Mum, Dad, Jazzie and I all went to Fairview Park a few days ago. I've been saying, "Go Feryew Park?" for the last week I think. It was the best fun I've had in ages. The sun was shining and the play equipment was dry and we all laughed a lot. Not Jazzie though because she fell asleep in the pram, but Mum, Dad and I all chased each other up and down the slides and made up games. My favourite game had me on the swing, and when I swung backwards, I bumped into Mum or Dad, who then yelled and fell over. I laughed so hard I was snorting and burping and just about falling out of the swing. It was great until M & D decided we had to leave. I threw a tantrum and then Dad carried me like a sack of potatoes under his arm and wrestled me into the car. I wish we could have just stayed there.

I've been getting Mum and Dad to sing with me. I'll say, "Mummy sing Tom Tom the pipers son stole a pig and away he ran o'er the hills and far away?" Then she'll sing it and I say, "both?" and both Mum and Dad sing it together. Then I go, "Yay!" and clap. I also keep asking, "Mummy sing Diamonds are Ever?" but she won't sing that one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2003
Cindie, Harry and Jack came over yesterday arvo to play and I had been really looking forward to it. But instead of playing for the afternoon, I ended up being introduced to The Wall. All I did to Harry was to lean on him, hit him a couple of times and push him over - nothing too bad - but Cindie was not impressed. She marched me over to The Wall where she proceeded to torture me. It was thoroughly shocking. She held me tightly while I tried to run away, but I couldn't escape. Then she told me to stand against The Wall, where I couldn't sit down or touch anything, and I wasn't allowed to move. She told me to stop crying, but I kept crying. She told me to say sorry to Harry but I wouldn't. She kept me there for ages and ages and it was really awful.

I started to think of how I could get out of the situation. I thought time-out would be better than The Wall, so I yelled out, "time-out!" but she ignored me. Then I realised that I needed someone to rescue me, so I called out, "Nan Gadad....go Goey's....James Bond!" But no one came to help me. Mum and Dad came to look at me a few times but Cindie wouldn't let me hug them. Harry came over as well but when Cindie asked me to apologise to him I said "NOOOO!" I was determined not to give in to such dreadful treatment. I held out for such a long time, but eventually I cracked. I said sorry to Harry and I was allowed back into the loungeroom.

I was aching for a big hug from Mum or Dad, but they just wandered around as if nothing had happened. I'd just had the most hideous experience of my life and they wouldn't even pamper me and give me treats.

Finally Harry, Jack and Cindie left and I thought things would return to normal. But no, I was sent to The Wall a few more times in the evening and then about five times today for totally trivial misdemeanors. I can't believe M & D are actually going to make me stand against The Wall until I say sorry. They're so mean.

Monday, June 23, 2003
Okay, I have to admit to being a little bit scared at night. I've been waking up lots during the night and I realise that I'm not protected by the walls of the cot anymore. So the monsters could get to me. That's why I keep going into Mum and Dad's room. When they come back to tuck me in, I hope they scare the monsters away.

I did ask once to go back into my cot, but Jasmine's now sleeping in it, and M & D said I was too big for it anymore. I cried.

I slept over at Nan and Gadad's house over the weekend, which was great because I got to sleep in the portacot. I feel nice and snug and secure in there, so I slept pretty well.

Except I got home and my nose started running again. This is my third cold in a month and I've missed swimming three times this term. I hate having a runny nose. I call out, "goopy nose!" and get Mum or Dad to wipe it for me. I can even blow it now, instead of just getting it wiped, which is much better. If we're driving and Mum can't wipe it for me, she hands me a hanky and I wipe it myself.

My favourite vantage point this week is on the sofa table so I can look over the bar and watch Mum and Dad in the kitchen. I can also reach the fruit bowl and help myself to bananas and apples. As long as I kneel on the table they let me stay there, but it's very tempting to stand on it and reach right over the bar to the kitchen bench.

Last night Daddy came around from the kitchen to hassle me about something or other, but I didn't want him near me. I said, "Daddy go back in there - cook!" and pointed to the stove. They thought that was very funny.

I like to prop up on the kitchen bench in the mornings and help make the coffee or watch Mummy cooking my porridge. I say, "Okkar's watching Mummy," and "Okkar eat currants and raisins in tupperware? Okkar get it... Mummy get it."

Friday, June 20, 2003
I'm enjoying being in my big bed. M & D tuck me in and then read to me, either lying next to me, or sitting on the edge of the bed. I try to get them to read as many stories as possible. They ask what I'd like and I say, "Meg's Veg! Meg on the Moon, Meg's Eggs, last one?" And I keep asking for a "last one" or "one more."

Over the last three nights, I've woken while it's still been dark and have gone into M & D's room to ask them to read to me. The first two nights they did, and they even got into bed with me, which was very nice (for a short while - I like my space), before telling me to go back to sleep. But last night they refused to read and told me to go back to sleep. I got up three times, and Mummy got very cross with me the last time, so I thought I'd better stay there.

I woke again in the morning, although it was still dark, and went and stood next to Mummy, while she was sleeping. I had to wake her up because she hadn't noticed me, but I don't really think I should've done that. She jumped when she saw me and mumbled some incomprehensible gibberish, so I backed away and went to Daddy instead. We left her in bed and went out for brekky.

Mum and Dad have been very grouchy lately. Thankfully Goey has rescued me a couple of times this week so I've had some time away from them. Plus I got to see Gadad this morning for coffee at Caffe Moravia, which is always a great start to the day.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
I've had such a good day today. This morning Dad and I got stuck into my room and pulled apart the cot. Then we moved my bed across the room and sorted through heaps of boxes. So now I have all this wonderful space in my room to play in. Daddy also found me a CD player so I've spent the day lolling about the floor listening to CD's, or reading in the rocking chair.

I got into bed for my nap at about 11am but decided that I was hungry, so I got up and asked for some food. I like that about having a bed; being able to get up whenever I like. I went back to bed at 11.45 and slept until after 2pm. I still have my lambskin to lie on and my favourite yellow blanket, plus Bobo, Tinky-Winky and Laa laa. It's really very nice.

Monday, June 16, 2003
Mummy has made me an emu. I found it yesterday, before she had finished it, when it had no legs. I didn't care and showed it about the room. Then Mum sewed the legs on and I tried to pull them off. They're really very funny, long, dangly legs.

I also now have a Laa laa. Daddy and I went up to the Camberwell flea market on Sunday morning and wandered about all the stuff they have there. It was good fun, especially once we'd found the teletubbie. Daddy asked what it was and I said, "Laa laa," then he asked if I'd like her to come home with us and I said, "yeah."

Daddy and I also had an adventure on Saturday morning. We jumped the tram and train and went to Dodo's house to get our car. I love going on public transport. It took quite a while to get to the station near Dodo's house, but we passed the time by looking out the windows and reading Meg's Veg. Then we had a really long walk to Dodo's house. Once we got in our car, I pretty much fell asleep straight away. I slept for such a long time once I was home in my bed.

I love going to the post office and the bakery with Mum. First we get the mail, and I pick out a letter to carry while Mum puts the rest of the mail in the car. Then we walk down to the bakery and look in the window to decide what to get. Once inside I point to the back of the shop and say, "lady come out in there." Then she comes out and I say, "scone...please," and then give her the letter.

This morning I took my emu with me in the car and when we got out I asked Mum, "menu come?" so I held emu by the neck and took it to the bakery. The lady got our loaf of bread and asked me what it was. I said, "bed," and she giggled at me, although I can't imagine why. Then she asked me what my emu was, and I said, "menu," but she had to ask Mum what I'd said. When we left I walked to the door and said to the lady, "lady go back in there," and pointed to the back of the shop. She laughed at me again so I said bye-bye and left.

After the post office and bakery, we go to a park. This week my favourite park is Canterbury Gardens, where there are lots of steep hills to run down, and lots of sticks and leaves. I like to find a stick to carry around and I also pick out one for Mum to carry. This morning I tapped my stick on the ground and said, "Like great grandma, great grandad." Mum was pretty impressed with that and told me I was very clever. I like it when I impress her.

Friday, June 13, 2003
My favourite video at the moment is a Sesame Street one where all the monsters and funny people sing songs and dance. I know a lot of the songs because I have them on CD and like them all except the pigeon song. Bert sings about his pigeons and does this ridiculous dance to the song, which I hate, so I get up and fast-forward through it. As soon as it's finished I push the play button again. I'm pretty pleased with myself that I know how to do that.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
I played a great game with Daddy this morning. I was still in my pyjamas and I got Daddy to tie a ribbon around my waist so that I looked like the men in Goldfinger's army. I said to Daddy, "like man go aaaaaaaah!" Then I sat in my couch and used my stool as a steering wheel and had Daddy sit next to me. When I pushed on the wheel, he had to jump out of the seat like he'd been ejected out the roof of the car, and yell, aaaaaaah! Once Mummy got out of bed she played with me as well. After they'd been ejected from my car I ran and jumped on them as well. Good fun!

Friday, June 06, 2003
I've been singing a lot over the last few weeks. I can sing, "baa baa black sheep" from start to finish and also the Play School song, "There's a bear in there..." Daddy sings one line and I sing the next; we do a pretty good duet. I can also sing, "Twinkle twinkle little star" very nicely, and of course, "Goldfinger." I really like to sing and to listen to my music. As soon as I wake from my sleeps I ask for the teletubbies music or my Sesame Street CD. My favourite song on the Sesame Street CD is The Monster in the Mirror song, where they sing, "Wupper wupper wupper wupper woo woo woo!" I hum along singing, "Wupper me, wupper you..." I'm happy when I sing.

I've been a bit happier over the last week. Mum and Dad have been nicer to me and I haven't been sent to time-out at all. One time when I was really mean to Jasmine, Daddy took me to my room and read with me, instead of sending me there by myself as they used to. I think that's a much nicer thing to do. After all, I just want M & D to play with and talk to me all the time. That's not too much to ask.

As for Jasmine, I go up to her and give her a hug, and she just lies there. She doesn't hug me back or even look at me! Of course I get stroppy with her; that's just plain rude. But I keep trying, and hope she'll respond to me sooner or later. I gave her a nice kiss this morning and didn't hit her, so I am trying.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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