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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Thursday, February 27, 2003
I really think that since I've moved happily into my big bed, I should be accorded the appropriate benefits. Those would be to get into and out of the bed whenever I like. I love getting into bed. Mummy reads to me and I have Bobo and Tinky Winky and I'm very comfy in there. But I do think that if I want to get up at 5.30am to play, then I should be allowed to. It's not right that M & D can cage me in my cot whenever they feel like just so they can get more sleep. The last few days I've woken early but they wouldn't let me get up and have locked me in my cot. And they don't even come in to pacify me anymore; they just plonk me in there and close the door and that's it. That means that they don't come back to give me my dummy after I've thrown it, but I keep forgetting that when I'm in the heat of a tantrum. At least I can get back to sleep without it now and generally sleep through a bit longer than usual.

I had a good time at the gym this morning. I even waved goodbye to Mummy and said, "bye bye Mummy", which is a first. Usually I'm crying when she leaves. I did some painting and got paint all over my hands. I had to chase the ladies around a bit to get them to help me wash my hands. I don't like dirty hands. When Mummy came back I waved hello to her, which is also a first. I'm usually a bit grumpy by then and keen to go home, but I guess I'm getting used to the people there now.

I'm learning lots of new words now. Yesterday I dropped my drink bottle on the floor and I said, "oh, bugger". Mummy stared at me with an open mouth and asked where I learnt that, but I wouldn't tell her. It was such a good reaction that I kept saying it of course. A couple of nights ago I woke at 9.30 and when Mummy came in, I said, "Okkar look at stars?". Then I pulled back the covers and repeated, "Okkar look at stars!" and hopped out of bed. Daddy held me and we looked at the sky. There were no stars over the city and I said, "the stars are all gone" and pointed. But luckily there were lots of stars right over the top of us so I did get to see some. I'm also doing a lot of counting and singing of the alphabet song. I don't think I've got it quite right, but I'm close.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
I've decided I love my bed. The first night it arrived in my room I slept over at Granny's. I told Granny that I wanted to sleep in my bed, but there wasn't a lot either of us could do about that and I had to sleep in my portacot. So the next night when it was bedtime I went straight to my bed to make it clear that that was where I wanted to sleep. I tucked myself under the doona and happily went off to sleep. I woke up at 5.30 as I have been a bit lately and was ready to get up and play, but M & D wouldn't let me. I had a snuggle with Mummy in her bed and when she took me back to my bed, we found Daddy tucked up in it. So I lay with him and he stroked my face and I chatted away about what I'd been doing over the previous days. Eventually I got bored of talking to a very sleepy Daddy so I got up and left him to it. I played with my trains for about 45 minutes before M & D got up.

I went to my swimming lessons as usual on a Monday, and was very tired by the time I lay down for my nap. I slept in my bed for 2 1/2 hours and felt great when I got up. We had a nice quiet afternoon playing inside since it was very hot outside. By the time it was bedtime, I was missing my cot. Mummy said we'd read some books in bed, so I ran into my room, climbed into my cot and tucked myself under the sheets. Mummy asked if I'd rather books in my bed or cot, and I said, "books in cot". I had to ask for my blanket and Bobo. Mummy said they were in my bed and would I rather get into the bed? "No, cot" I replied with a grin. I couldn't miss that she wanted me in the bed, not the cot, but I didn't care.

I slept okay until 5am when workmen decided to dig up the road outside my window. I had a bit of a grumble and M & D wouldn't let me get up. So I threw a massive tantrum and chucked everything out of my cot including my blanket, pillow, Bobo, Banana and my dummy. Plus I screamed really loudly. Both M & D came in a few times to tell me to cool it, but I wouldn't hear of it. They'd been giving me my dummy back after I'd thrown it on the floor, but Mummy said that if I did it again she wouldn't give it back to me. I didn't believe her and chucked it straight away. Unfortunately I didn't get it back. They closed my door, and I heard them close their bedroom door, and I didn't see them again until I woke from having cried myself to sleep. The problem with the cot is that I can't get out. I decided I'd go back to the bed after that.

I ended up having a good day today, considering it's lousy start. I went to the gym with Mummy and only sooked for about 5 seconds, which I was very proud of. I mostly played trains and watched the other kids. I had my nap in my bed after some very nice story time with Mummy where she lay on the bed next to me and I snuggled against her. I slept for 2 peaceful hours.

Over lunch Mummy wrote my name on a bit of paper and asked me what it said. "Okkar Okken" I told her. M & D were very impressed. I wasn't going to remind them that Nan and Grandad taught me that one ages ago. Then Daddy said, "what's my name", and I said, "Daddy Okkar Okken". He asked me what Mummy's name was and I said, "Okkar Okken Mummy". They seemed very happy with my answers. I thought it was pretty obvious.

Saturday, February 22, 2003
I was munching away on puffed rice yesterday afternoon. There are only so many of those things that I can eat so I started playing with them. I tipped them on the table and started kneading them. Mummy asked what I was doing.
"Okkar cook", I replied.
"What are you making?" she asked.
"Fruit buns" I told her.
Once I was happy with the amount of kneading I'd done, I put my buns into a tupperware and took them to the kitchen to cook them. I stood there looking at the oven, knowing that I wasn't allowed to touch the dials, so I had to leave my buns uncooked.

Mid week I did a double sleep-over at Nan and Grandad's. I went to Grandad's work both mornings and went up the lift which I love. I push the buttons and say, "doors open" and "doors close". Nan also took me to the barbers for a haircut. I wasn't very impressed at first, but she bribed me with a fruit bun so I let Tony with the big moustache cut my hair. It's nice and short so hopefully I won't have to go again for a long time. I was so tired when I got home after the two days that I threw tantrums left, right and centre and didn't even know why. I've had some big sleeps since then.

I like to play the open-close and the up-down games with M & D. If they have their feet on the coffee table, then I walk over and say, "up", and they have to lift their feet up. Then I walk through and say, "down", and they put their feet down. Then I turn around and do it again and again and again. It usually ends when they can't be bothered lifting their legs anymore. If they are on the floor or bed then I stand between their legs and say, "close" and they squash their legs around me. Then I say, "open" and they widen their legs. We do that lots of times and it usually ends with lots of giggling and tickling.

Today M & D put a bed in my room. I jumped on it straight away and lay on it with Daddy. It looks like a great place to play. Mummy put sheets and a doona on it and I gave it a trial run for about 20 seconds. Then I set about playing with all of these toys that I hadn't seen for ages, which was great fun. I don't know why it's in my room because I love my cot, so maybe it's for Dodo to sleep over on. That would be fun.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
I've had a cold over the last five days so I haven't really done very much. I've had some big sleeps over night and long day naps too. I now have a pillow in my cot and a really big sheet that gets tucked firmly around me. I like the pillow; I actually stay in bed with my head on the pillow instead of moving around and settling in whichever corner I feel like. Bobo gets tucked in with me and it's really nice and snug.

Mummy and Daddy have started reading books to me while I lie in bed. Previously we read on the couch or chairs, and then I'd go straight to bed, but I really like it this way. Once I'm tucked in I call out, "Jemima" and then, "Pjyama Time", just to make sure they read my favourites. Then they pick out a couple of others that I haven't read for a while. Mummy dropped a book on me once, but thankfully it wasn't one of the big ones.

I had a sleep over at Aunty Dodo's at the weekend. I was feeling pretty crook, but so was Dodo, so we kept pretty low key. I thought I'd help with the tidying up so I rearranged all her tapes, cd's, incense sticks, stones, bottles and assorted other stuff. I thought the result was rather creative, although I'm not sure that Dodo was so impressed by it

Wednesday, February 12, 2003
OskarTex has been down for a few days - sorry about that. Daddy forgot to renew the domain name so it slipped off the face of the earth for a few days according to Daddy. Anyway, it's back now and I can write about my busy week.

My friends and I are now meeting at a church for our playgroups. Mummy and I got there first on Thursday and we both stopped in the doorway and just stared. There were toys laid out in little groups around the room, a slide, dress ups, playdough, painting, puzzles, a toy house and cars to drive. It was just fabulous. I started at the easel and Bethany soon joined me. We both did some pretty impressive paintings and then moved on to the other toys. I was very neat with the paint, but couldn't say the same for my friends because I came home with paint swiped down my back and arm, and it wasn't me who did it.

Oliver and Gabriel were taking it in turns to jump off the slide. The slide was so high I was scared to even slide down it, and they were jumping straight off it. They got a bit peeved with me when I wanted to climb up the wrong way, but Mummy stopped them from accosting me. Then Oliver twisted his foot when he landed after about his 25th jump and that was the end of that game. I can't wait to go back again.

Friday was a marathon park day. It must have been a record. I spent about an hour in my favourite park down the road in the morning. After lunch Mummy and I met Granny in a different park, Fairview Park, and we stayed there for about two hours. The Yarra River runs by the park and I ran along the path watching the river and tried to spot some ducks. I couldn't find any, but I saw heaps of pigeons and chased them around a bit. I was absolutely exhausted once I got home, but couldn't go straight to bed because we were going out for dinner. We went to Rebecca and Scott's house in St. Kilda and I ran around a bit exploring the place before I flaked at quarter to eight.

The weekend was pretty quiet since we were all very tired. We went exploring at Dight's Falls on Sunday which was great. I watched the waterfall and stomped all about the rocks. Then I ran all through the bush on these little paths between the trees. I was having a great time until Mummy told Daddy to watch out for snakes, then we slowed down a bit.

Monday I went to swimming and loved it as usual. Then after lunch I went to Bethany's house to play. We sat outside and kneaded playdough, played hide and seek through the lavender, and crawled through the tunnel and played in the tent. We had recovery time in front of the Wiggles, who I've never seen before but enjoyed watching. Once we got home, Aunty Dodo came over for dinner so I got in some good play time with her before going to bed.

On Tuesday, Mummy and I went to the gym. I haven't been there since before Christmas and started getting very unhappy as soon as we'd walked in the door. I started clinging to Mummy while she was signing me in and saying, "ooh, Mummy, oooh", and then I cried when she took me through to where the other kids were. I didn't want her to leave me and was fully bawling when she turned her back and walked out the door. The nice lady there talked to me and turned on the TV for me. Turned out to be the Wiggles again and I calmed down while watching them. After a short while I got bored and went to check out the toys. I settled down with the train set and forgot about Mummy abandoning me. Until she walked in to pick me up that is. Once I saw her I glared at her and threw the cash register onto the floor. Both the crech ladies told me to calm down and Mummy ignored me so that action didn't have the desired result. Once we left I paused to look at all of the ladies playing with the big equipment. They looked so funny I just stood and stared.

After lunch Nan came to pick me up. I was so happy to go with her. I needed some time away from Mummy and Daddy. I stayed the night and came home again after lunch so it was a very nice break.

This afternoon Mummy and I met Uncle Ad at Victoria Park to watch Collingwood train. I had the best time. I ran all around the stand and went up and down any steps that I could find. Then Ad pulled out his footy and we kicked it about and I tossed it over the chairs and watched Uncle Ad go and get it again. And I occasionally watched the players training. At the end I got to meet cousin Rupert, who's a very, very distant cousin from Granny's side. He was very nice and even signed Uncle Ad's footy for me. Well Uncle Ad said it was for me but then kept it himself so I think I was his excuse... Ad had a few kicks at goal and got a few through too before Mummy dragged us both away because she was so bored. I'll have to go without her next time.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
I ate a stick of green chalk today. It was very yukky. I had to let it dribble down my chin and then I found Mummy and spat the rest out into her hand. I don't think I'll do that again. Not this week anyway.

I was feeling very cheery yesterday while I was eating brekkie. Mummy was next to me so I reached over and put my arm around her neck and pulled her over to squeeze against my cheek. She went a bit gooey and said,"I love you, Oskar", so I replied with, "I love Ad". I followed that up with, "I love Gadad", just to keep her in check.

Since I've been home from holidays, I've really enjoyed playing with my Thomas the Tank Engine train set. I set it up on the coffee table or my new, blue table, and choof the trains along the track and over the bridge. I have also been flipping through the Thomas Yearbook to work out what I want next. I settled on a tunnel (nunnel) and a water fountain (lubber fountain) and regularly told Mummy and Daddy this. That has obviously worked because when I woke from my nap today, Daddy gave me a present and it was the water fountain. I immediately built it into the track and started filling my trains with water from it. Well pretending to anyway, it doesn't really come out. But I love it.

This afternoon I pottered around Granny and Ros' backyard and played in my sandpit. It was very nice even though Ros wouldn't let me turn the hose on and she buried my feet in sand. On the way home we dropped into the barbers. I walked in and sat straight on the waiting chairs and watched a man have his hair cut. I pointed to him and said, "haircut, hurt!", but Mummy assured me that he wasn't crying and that it didn't hurt. I wasn't so sure. I wandered about the salon and looked at all the cars and motorbikes in the cabinet and was generally quite happy. But then Sammy said, "hello Oskar, come on up", and I lost my nerve. Mummy put me on the seat and I started crying and saying, "No, no, no, Mummy, hurt, no, no, waaaa, Mummy cuddle", and more words to that effect. Sammy tried to put the cape around me but I really didn't want to have my hair cut. Thankfully Mummy was convinced after only about 5 minutes of wailing, helped along by all the people in the waiting room. They seemed to think it was funny. I took Mummy's hand and led her to the door, then I turned around and said, "bye bye" and waved. I was very pleased to leave and go home.

Monday, February 03, 2003
Sorry for the slow entry everyone; I'm not on holidays anymore. I've been back nearly a week and have been really busy. The last few days of my holiday were great. That Saturday the temperature got to 44 degrees; horribly hot. But we survived okay and it was cooler on Sunday. We started the day with brekkie at The Store, and I had raisin toast with a babycino again. After a play and a nap, we walked through the parks to where the final day of the Tour Down Under was staged. The bikes were doing loops around the parks, so we settled ourselves under some trees near the road and watched them go by. In between each lap I dashed off into the park and played with Daddy. Then we'd wander back and watch the bikes go by before playing in the park again. When they were getting towards the end of the race, I clapped as they went past and yelled, "Yay!". One of the riders waved at me.

On Monday we drove home. We had a final play in the playground before setting off for a day of driving. I really enjoyed it actually. I slept for a couple of hours, and each stop was at a playground. We had lunch under huge gum trees full of corellas. I started to get a bit grumbly later in the afternoon, so Daddy set up the laptop to play my Teletubbies DVD and I kicked back and enjoyed it until the batteries ran out. We were only half an hour away from home at that point so I looked at all the city buildings and didn't mind the final stage home.

Over the last week I've played with my friends at a new playroom, played with Sonja while we got air conditioning installed, taken Groovy Girl to my favourite park and put her down the slide and on the swings, seen all of my family, been shopping and spent lots of time playing with my Thomas train set.

I had a great night last night. We went to see Harry, Cindie and Andrew and ended up having dinner at the beach. I think the others ate some food, but I didn't want any. I'd been sneaking cheese straws off the cooling rack all afternoon and just wasn't hungry by dinner time. I wouldn't sit still while the others ate and couldn't wait to get to the sea. Luckily Daddy is a quick eater and he soon came with me to the water. I walked straight in and fell forwards. I didn't think of my clothes. Daddy peeled them off me and I ran in and out of the water and played in the waves. Harry joined me after a short while and we had a great time romping along the beach. Eventually we had to go back to the table for some more food and I did manage to eat some tomato with tomato sauce. We had another quick dip before heading back to Harry's house. He has the best toys and I settled down to some serious playing. I was exhausted by the time I got to bed.

This morning I started my swimming lessons again. I was so happy to be there. I jumped off the wall into the water, blew bubbles, kicked my legs really hard, and had a great time. I was really pleased to hear Liza sing my favourite song: Ladidadida. When we got into the floating rings, I spun myself around in circles without Mummy's help, then took off after the frogs and vegies that Liza was throwing around. I kicked my legs and swam to the frogs all by myself! Mummy didn't help at all, which we were both really pleased with. I'll be so happy when I can swim properly all by myself.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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