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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Saturday, January 25, 2003
Iím on holidays at the moment. Weíre in Adelaide doing our annual playground tour, with a little bit of bike-watching thrown in.

We left home last Saturday and set off for Nhill. Our first real stop was Ararat, where we found some lovely gardens around a lake, with lots of play equipment. I ran around exploring and took Daddy all through a little island that must have been made just for two year olds. There were paths and nooks and crannies everywhere.

Then it was back in the car for the boring trip to Nhill. I kept myself amused by playing with my steering wheel that makes lots of great noises. I got Mummy to imitate the sounds and we laughed a lot. I also enjoyed listening to my play school cdís and singing along a bit.

Nhill was soooo hot. We hid in the hotel room and I did laps up and down the room while M & D flaked on the beds. I had heaps of energy Ė I donít know what was wrong with them. We had fish and chips for dinner, which was a real treat for me. Very yummy.

The next day we set off bright and early for Adelaide and it must have been very dull scenery because I slept for quite a lot of the trip. I had a play on a huge train engine in Tailem Bend and we were in Adelaide by lunch time.

We had lunch at The Store, our local yummy food shop. I got to eat the biggest plate of raisin toast Iíve ever seen. It was excellent.

We lolled around in the apartment for the afternoon, since it was 41 degrees outside, and watched tennis interspersed with Teletubbies.

Monday was our first whole day in Adelaide and we went to Bridgewater Mill for lunch. We went there last year too, when we were seated on the balcony next to the giant water wheel. It was too hot to sit outside this time (34) so we sat inside where we had a big part of the restaurant to ourselves. The waiters looked after me very well, gave me bread rolls and cold water, and even played hide-and-seek with me. Groovy Girl came to lunch with me and I also brought a car and my phone (in case Bethany rang).

I tasted M & Dís wine; I didnít like the Croser, but I really liked the Sauvignon Blanc. I had to wrestle it off Mummy and grip the glass really hard so she couldnít take it back. I was pretty pleased with my efforts there.

M & D took ages eating so I decided that enough was enough and started complaining before theyíd ordered dessert, which thankfully, they decided against. We had a play in a park and then headed off to Mummyís other favourite spot in Adelaide: the Haighís Visitor Centre. Daddy showed me where they make the chocolates while Mummy picket out a few kilos to take home. The nice lady there gave me a chocolate freckle so I was happy.

On Tuesday we went to the local park for a play and then went in to the city. I had to stay in my stroller most of the time, which was pretty boring, although I did get to run around in Toys ĎRí Us and test drive the cars. I enjoyed that. I think Iíd fallen asleep before we got home because I woke up in bed feeling great, later in the afternoon.

After some lunch we went to the Zoo and I decided to count how many animals I could run past. I donít think M & D were very impressed. Especially Mummy when she had to jump a barrier in the bird enclosure and chase me after Iíd ducked underneath it. Of course I got put in my stroller after that. But it was nice to be outside since it was only 28 degrees.

The Tour Down Under started in the evening and we found ourselves a possie by the road to watch the bikes go by. I actually really enjoyed it Ė the race was very exciting. The bikes whooshed by every couple of minutes and Daddy held me up so I could get a good view of them. A couple of times I tried to sneak through the barriers, but M & D kept grabbing me. Iíd point at them when they were approaching and clap when they went by. It was lots of fun.

On Wednesday we had brekkie at The Store. I ate raisin toast and babycino, while Daddy had pancakes and Mummy ate everything else on the menu. Then we drove up to the Barossa to watch the race. It was a great day and we saw the bikes in about four different places. We had lunch in a wonderful park and I did lots of exploring and romping around with Daddy. It was quite funny because there was another little girl in the park who was really bored. When she saw us playing she got her Dad to copy what we were doing. He looked like he would rather be lying on the grass than playing energetically. Daddy and I thought it was pretty funny and played even harder.

On Thursday we were all pretty tired so we had a quiet day that included playing in the park, a stroll through Norwood, a play in a playcentre, and a visit to the Tour Village. The Village was full of people wandering around looking at bike mechanics cleaning the bikes. Not that exciting for me.

Friday we went to see the race start at Unley. It was incredibly hot (41 degrees) and there were so many people there. I just couldnít keep my eyes open and fell asleep in my stroller. I only woke when Daddy put me back in the car, which must have been about 60 degrees inside. We then went to the market for some shopping. The Market was fascinating. Lots of deliís and fruit and veg shops. I enjoyed looking at all the people, food and colour. We ate half of what we bought for lunch and then I settled down for a long nap.

Later in the day we went to the local pool. It was so exciting! There were zillions of people spread around about five different pools. Mummy and I played in a shallow pool that I could stand up in, while Daddy swam laps. I practiced my 1-2-3ís and jumped off the edge into the water about 20 times. I splashed about in the pool but did get a bit sick of Mummy always holding on to me. I kept trying to prise her hands off me, although I have to admit that every time she let go of me I slipped and went under the water. I didnít care though, I had a ball.

This morning we went out for an early play and it was so hot. I donít think Iíve every felt it so hot. We decided against following the race around the McLaren Vale because the forecast for down there was 43 degrees. Looks like another day of tennis, cricket and Teletubbies.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003
M & D and I were all watching the tennis yesterday and Anna Kournikova was playing. Daddy said, "nice body", and I copied him perfectly and repeated, "nice body". Each time I looked at the tennis after that, I said, "nice body" and giggled.

I've had some grumbles about the use of the TV over the last week. Mummy is addicted to cricket or tennis, it doesn't seem to matter which one, but I want to watch my Teletubbies video. I'll say, "cricket off, Teletubbies!!" but it doesn't always get the desired reaction. Yesterday I'd watched Teletubbies for about half an hour when they got turned off. M & D flatly refused to turn them on again no matter how many times I asked for tinky-winky. I threw the biggest tantrum I think I've ever thrown. Dodo rang half way through it and I even screamed at her and pushed the phone away. I got put into my cot twice and just kept on screaming. I momentarily got distracted by a toy, but then remembered my mission and started crying again. I only stopped when Mummy suggested a cool bath and I decided that that was an acceptable replacement.

Actually I had a great time in the bath yesterday. It was really hot and I spent the afternoon running around in the nuddy. We left the water in the bath so I just jumped in again when I wanted a play. I worked out a really great game. I'd sit on the side of the sloping end of the bath, then let my feet slip and I'd slide down into the water. We only had a couple of inches of water in the bath, but the slide still caused a great wave of water and toys to splash all over me, and the rest of the bathroom. It was great fun; sometimes I'd swivel around mid slide and end up on my side or tummy. It certainly kept me cool.

I practiced my weeing a lot yesterday too. Since I wasn't wearing much, I'd either go out to the plants on the balcony for a pee, or stand over the potty. I've decided I find it easier to stand to pee rather than sit down. And it's fun to try to aim into the potty or the lid. I also practiced my aiming in the bath and tried to fill up my boat. I did a pretty good job of it too. I was enjoying myself so much that when I had a nappy on and I wanted a wee, I'd take off my nappy and go to the plants or the potty. Then I get to tip the contents of the potty into the toilet and flush the button. I like that too.

I've been doing a bit of shopping lately. Last week I went to the market and had a good chat to Jenny and Jerry at Kalamata Man's Deli. I'm always a bit shy around them, but this time I came out of my shell a bit. Then I said, "bye Jenny, bye Jerry" and waved as we walked off. We then went to the fruit and veg bit and my favourite man gave me a bunch of grapes. As we went around collecting vegies I munched on my grapes and if I couldn't get the little stalk off I'd just lift my hand up and Mummy's hand would appear to take the stalk off for me. Then as we were paying for the food, the lady at the check-out gave me a fruit bar to eat. I was very happy after that shopping trip, although Mummy told me I had sugary strawberry breath from the bar.

I've also got some new sandals to wear on the beach, since I got my nice leather ones soaked last time we went. Now I just have to get M & D to take me to the beach more often.

Last week for playgroup we met my friends at Hays Paddock. Oliver's new sister, Freya, is getting bigger. I kept checking up on her and at one stage I looked in the wrong stroller and said, "Raya, gone!". I was a bit worried until Mummy showed me where she was. Oliver and Gabriel spent the whole time jumping off a really high wall into the sand pit. I know I'm pretty adventurous, but not even I was going to try that. I cautiously stepped up onto a rock and got Mummy to help me jump off it. I'm practicing my jumping but I still don't have the landing happening perfectly yet. Certainly not to do on my own. I spent a lot of time meandering through the bushes and looking at the plants. Once I'd had enough I started saying goodbye to everyone and, as usual, it took Mummy another ten minutes to leave. I said, "bye Sandra" about ten times as I was on the swing when she left, and I yelled it out everytime I swung backwards.

On the way there we had to detour via Haighs for Mummy to get a chocolate fix. I ran around the shop telling the ladies which packets were Daddy's favourites, and saying, "oh, chocock". In the car I pleaded with Mummy to give me some. I had to repeat, "Okkar, bite please", about five times before she gave me a piece approximately the size of my thumbnail. Thanks Mum.

Wednesday, January 08, 2003
Daddy told me this morning that the news headlines were: "Beware! Oskar Tex Escaping Poo - Everywhere. Just follow your nose." I knew that there was a bit of poo spread about my bed, but I didn't know it could escape further afield. Well, they did leave me in bed for a long time this morning after I woke up. And there was no room left in my nappy, so I guess the poo just leapt about the place for somewhere else to rest. Like my lambskin, blanket, sheet, Bobo, Mr. Whatzit and my pyjamas. So I started the day with a long, soapy shower.

After one and a half bowls of porridge, some toast and a babycino, Mummy and I drove off to the Zoo. Once inside, I said, "get out please", and I was then able to run around and explore. I first noticed the giraffes and zebras, and I pointed and said, "giraffe, big giraffe", but after that I was more interested in seeing how fast and how far I could run. Every so often I'd turn around to check that Mummy was within cooee distance, then I'd take off again. It was most excellent. Once when I turned around I noticed that Mummy was actually running after me so I must have got up some speed.

We came to an enclosure that I hadn't seen before. Once through a big gate, I could walk really close to the kangaroos and emus; they weren't fenced in like the other animals. So I did just that. I ducked underneath a fence and headed for the kangaroos. Mummy started calling me to come back, but there was no way I was going to do that. All the kangaroos jumped to their feet as I approached and some jumped away. I thought maybe they weren't up for a chat and then noticed the emus and set off for them. Mummy was still calling me and had jumped over the fence to round me up. I did see that there were a handful of other people all standing still watching me. I'd nearly made it over to the emus when Mummy grabbed me by the arm and swung me around to under her armpit. It was a very undignified exit as I was marched out of there, dangling from under Mummy's arm. I cried for the next five minutes and kept saying, "get out please", since I was put back in the stroller. Eventually Mummy let me out again and I found my way to the Zoo Shop. There were all sorts of wonderful toy animals in there and I did laps around the shop as I examined everything. We found a bat for Daddy and once we'd paid for that, I ran out of the doors. I noticed a big turnstile thing that looked interesting and as I approached a sliding door opened for me. So I went through with Mummy running after me saying, "don't go in there!" Turned out that the turnstile led to outside the Zoo and we couldn't go back in from there. So I was dumped back in my stroller and Mummy huffed and gruffed all the way back to the car.

At least I had a good day yesterday. I spent the afternoon playing with Bethany at her house. It was nice and cool in there, even though it got to 40 degrees outside. We ran around in circles and screeched and laughed and had a ball. I did get a little hot though after all my exercise. I got straight into a cool bath as soon as I got home and was in bed, thoroughly pooped, by 6.30pm.

Monday, January 06, 2003
I had a really great day yesterday. It started with Bethany and her parents coming over for brekkie. Daddy made crumpets and we ate them with jam. They were delicious! I lost count of how many I ate. And I'm sure Bethany ate more than me. We had a bit of a play but I started getting tired by 10am. I dragged Mummy into my room at ten past and demanded to be put to bed. Not even Bethany can keep me up if I'm tired.

After a very long nap we had a bbq for lunch. I supervised the cooking of vegies and sausages in the weber, but the best bit was the soft, fluffy bread that Daddy toasted over the coals. I think he intended to eat it himself, but once I got hold of it I pushed him away and said, "go away, Daddy". Then Mummy tried to steal a bite too and I said the same to her: "go away, Mummy". I happily munched on some potatoes after that and even swallowed a slice of sausage.

In the afternoon Daddy and I went for a bike ride. My helmet seemed to have shrunk since I last used it, but after a bit of fiddling about, it stretched out okay. We rode by the Yarra River and stopped at a park, since I'd been saying, "Okkar, park play?" for half the ride. Not that I wasn't enjoying the ride, I was. Daddy bribed me back onto the bike with the promise of a chocolate biccie when we got home. Once we made it up the hill to home, I knocked on the door and straight away said, "choccie biccie?" to Mummy when she opened the door. Of course she couldn't refuse since it had been promised to me, and I had to replace all the energy I used during my ride.

I had another yummy brekkie this morning too. I got up to the smell of something yummy baking and it turned out to be coconut bread. Daddy had got up early to cook it and after I'd had my usual porridge, I had a piece of the coconut bread with my babycino. I could get used to this.

After brekkie we all set off in the car and after dropping Daddy off at a meeting, Mummy and I went for a walk on the beach. The water was totally calm and tiny little waves were lapping up the sand. I looked at the pretty shells and decided that I needed a closer look at the rock pools, just beyond the water's edge. Mummy tried to pull me away, but eventually I won and stomped in the water as it came in to shore. The only problem with that was all the sand that stuck to my shoes and socks once we walked off, but I could live with that. I also explored the colourful beach boxes and tried to open some of the doors, which unfortunately were locked. It was a very nice morning only slightly spoiled by having to endure a trip through Ikea. At least I got to eat a whole apple and some more coconut bread while we were there.

Friday, January 03, 2003
Last Monday we all caught the tram into town to look at Federation Square. It was very hot and bright so I wore my sunglasses for the first time. I think I looked pretty cool actually - I could see my reflection in the tram windows. As soon as we got there I set off exploring and discovered nooks and crannies all over the place. And lots of staircases; I went up them all. And down and up, and down again. Oh, and it was about 34 degrees.

I noticed a group of firemen all dressed up in yellow and black. They were all marching about looking through the different parts of the buildings. One of them even spoke to me as he went by. He said, "how ya going mate?", and I just stared at him. I called them, "firepeople". There were three fire engines parked on the street and I had a good look at them as we went by.

We headed off to Birrarung Mar and I ran up and down this great grassy embankment. Daddy tried to get me to roll down it, but I was starting to feel a bit grouchy by then. Mummy kept shoving my drink bottle at me but I didn't want to drink. We had to wait quite a while for a tram home, and when it came it was crammed full of people. I got very anxious standing there looking at a bunch of kneecaps and insisted that Mummy hold me. Thankfully they all got off at the MCG two stops later and I got to sit down and look out the window.

I was exhausted by the time we got home and I went straight to bed, still without drinking anything, to Mummy's annoyance. But boy was I grouchy when I woke up. I ate some lunch and only started feeling better after Daddy gave me some "go juice" (lime cordial). I drank three big cups full and then felt much better.

I upended my entire plate of dinner onto the floor a couple of days ago. I was so tired. I couldn't be bothered eating. M & D were so shocked they put me straight to bed, which is exactly what I wanted even though it was only 5.30pm. I slept right through until 6am the next day. A very long sleep for me.

I was tired because I'd spent the previous night and whole day at Granny's, and there's so much to do there. Exploring the garden, walking down to the park and playing in my new sandpit all takes a lot of energy for a two year old. At least I looked better than M & D, who had been out late for New Years Eve. Granny had to keep me for longer because Mummy was such a wreck.

Speaking of Mummy, I've noticed that there is less room on her lap when we have story time. I'm sure her tummy is poking into my back much more than it used to, and it occasionally bumps me too. I have to sit a bit more over to the side to get comfortable, otherwise I gradually slide off. Daddy tells me that there is a baby in there. I touch her belly and say, "baby in dere", but I can't really imagine that there could be.

I was in the wars yesterday. Daddy went downstairs without me in the morning to get the paper, and I had to let myself out the front door and dash down the stairs to catch him. I opened the door to the courtyard and we went to find the paper. Along the way I tripped and fell forwards and cut a big flap of skin off my big toe. There was lots of blood but I was very brave. I only turned on the sooking once Daddy had carried me upstairs and Mummy was there to fuss over me. Once I was patched up with brown liquid pored all over my toe and lots of bandaids, I quickly forgot about it. But a bit later I slipped in the kitchen and slammed my head into the corner of the dishwasher. That hurt. Then later in the day I tripped over again and grazed all down the front of my shin. I'm covered with bruises, bumps and scrapes. Maybe it's because I'm so tired. I had to have a second nap today despite sleeping 2 1/2 hours in the morning.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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