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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Sunday, December 29, 2002
I'm a busy boy at the moment. I've been doing lots of socialising and playing and eating. Lots of eating. Boxing Day was very nice and started with a big run along the Gardiners Creek track. I did lots of sprinting and then stopping when bikes went by. M & D would call out, "bike, Oskar", and I would say, "bike, stop", then when the bike had passed, I'd say, "go!" and would run off again. I really like going to the big park down the road. I play on the swings and car for about five minutes before I take off exploring. This time I poked around through all the bushes after my run, and tried to hide from Daddy. By the time we got home I was ready to go straight to bed.

Lunch was with Nan and Grandad and Uncle Adam. I loved the bean and corn salad, but didn't like the turkey (the cranberry sauce was nice though). Initially I liked the potato salad, but then changed my mind and said, "yukky", and spat it out. Then it was prezzie time. I gave out all the presents and helped some of the family open theirs if it looked like they'd have trouble. Then my favourite bit; dessert. I downed pudding with vanilla ice cream in about 2 minutes flat and wanted more. I was allowed more ice cream, but not more pudding. I flaked a bit after all the food and sat with Grandad in front of Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny for some time out. I was happy to go home and quietly potter.

On Friday I had a wow of a time, thanks to a mistake by M & D. We headed to Chadstone for some shopping, and once we got there, M & D realised they'd forgotten to pack my stroller. Yes!! I dutifully held their hands for about the first few minutes, then decided it was time to have fun. I took off at a run and started exploring. We came across a cafe and had some coffee before embarking on the serious shopping. Well, I kept nicking off and trying to swish the water out of the fountain. They got me a babycino, which took me about 25 seconds to down before I took off again. Myer first and I did laps around the first floor with Mummy in pursuit, while Daddy looked at clothes. I zigzagged through the colourful bras and undies and ducked around boxes of tops and shorts. I paused briefly to stare at a little girl who was throwing a tantrum on the floor, then set off again. After about three full laps, Mummy disappeared and Daddy took up the chase, and we headed up the corridor to some different shops. I had a go on a "Hot Rod", which was great fun, but not long enough. Then I discovered the escalators. I led Daddy up and down them about 15 times before it was time to head back to the car. I called out, "park, play, park play!", as we were heading off, but I don't think that happened because I woke up a couple of hours later in my bed.

Yesterday I was playing with my wonky koala and I thought that he was a bit stinky and needed a nappy change. I took him into the laundry and laid him on the change table, then went to Mummy and said, "koala poo". She got Daddy and he checked Koala's pants, but he wasn't pooey at all. Turned out it was me, so I got the clean nappy.

We've been playing hide-and-seek a bit lately. I'm getting very good at finding where Daddy is hiding. And he comes up with some pretty good hiding spots too. I like to stand behind the curtains and say, "where's Okkar?", then I poke my head around and say, "peek-a-boo!"

Wednesday, December 25, 2002
It's Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone. I woke up bright and early as usual and noticed that the Christmas tree had heaps of prezzies under it. There was no way I was going back to sleep after my nappy change after seeing that. I had to stomp all over Mummy and Daddy to persuade them to get out of bed, since Daddy had climbed back in after getting me up. The stomping didn't work, but me approaching the presents did.

First up we looked in our Christmas stockings. We all had different goodies, but I got a little cheetah, a package of sultanas, which I devoured immediately, and a balloon santa plus a blower. I played with them over some raisin toast and babycino before opening more "preddits" from under the tree. I was expressing my wishes very clearly, I thought; "open!", "rip d' paper", "open", "ooooh", "Okkar's preddits" (except they were Mummy's). We watched a bit of Mummy's new DVD, and I said, "Mummy, sit in there" and pointed to the chair next to me. Daddy snuck me a mouthful of chocolate mousse and we nearly got away with it except Mummy walked in as I was finishing my mouthful. She didn't even chew Daddy out, so I thought the rest of the day would shape up well in the food department.

After brekkie, I pottered around playing with my new toys while M & D cooked. Then we all went to Granny's house to have lunch. I set off on my usual exploration of the garden and came across my Christmas present from Granny and Ros. My clam was filled with sand and there were buckets and moulds and shovels in there. I set about spooning sand into the containers and making hand prints with Granny. I love it. I didn't stay out long initially because I was really tired and was dying for a nap. I snoozed for a couple of hours and woke to all sorts of smells and activity coming from the kitchen.

We had munchies out in the back yard, which was great. Daddy had made gougeres, these puffy cheesy things that were delicious, and Mummy had made allumettes, a fancy name for cheese straws. I had heaps of both, but wouldn't eat the barbequed calamari that Dodo cooked. I washed the food down with swigs of sparkly from Mummy's glass. I had to wrestle her for it, but I won.

I did some more exploring and playing in the sandpit before being dragged inside for presents. I didn't want to go in, but since there were presents for me, I thought I'd better. It turned out that not all the prezzies were for me, which was terribly disappointing. I did manage to rip open a few when no one was watching, but they were boring presents anyway. I had to hand them out to others instead which I only managed to do after a bit of kicking and yelling on the floor. I had to watch some of my Peter Rabbit video to calm down again.

Then there was lunch. I sat at the table for nearly two hours, which must be a record, and even ate some food. There were bon-bons and poppers and streamers and toys. The table was full of food. I started off with vegemite on bread, then moved on to other goodies. I smeared some salsa verde on to grilled eggplant and licked it off. That was okay, but I preferred to play with the lipsticks that were in the bon-bons. Dodo and I painted each others faces and I put lots of different colours on my lips. I wore my party hat some of the time and had streamers all over me. It was all loads of fun.

After lunch we had more play time and I danced to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair with Dodo. That helped make room for the pudding, which was a beautifully coloured summer pudding. That was delicious and went very well with Ros' vanilla ice cream. I managed to fit in a bit of Christmas cake after that before we headed for home. I was covered in sand and lipstick, which Mummy scrubbed off me in the shower, before I happily fell in to bed. A great day.

Sunday, December 22, 2002
I feel like I've been celebrating my birthday all week. Last Saturday morning we went to Canterbury Gardens and met some of my friends and family there. I went exploring on my motorbike before deciding that I'd better go back and be sociable. And I saw some pastries on the table. That's the best thing about having a birthday I think. I've been able to eat what I want which is really a bit special (Mummy really is very strict, as is emphasized everytime I see my friends). I still didn't feel very well on Saturday though, and have only started improving in the last couple of days. But I had a great time anyway and was given some really nice prezzies. Thank you everyone.

I spent Sunday hanging out at Aunty Dodo's house with M & D. We got there early and I had a snooze before settling down to a very yummy lunch. We had fish and chips and all sorts of other bits and pieces, which I continually offered to M & D and Dodo. I wasn't going to touch the stuff myself. I just loved the chips.

Wednesday was great fun. I spent the day with Nan and Uncle Adam and we decorated the Christmas Tree. I helped Ad put it up and then we put all the dangly bits on it. I also helped Nan make mince pies. Then of course I had to check that they were okay. I gave them the big thumbs up.

I met up with all of my friends on Thursday morning instead of afternoon. We were at Sandra's house, which we all love becasue of the really long hallway and the floorboards. We all get really LOUD there. I watched Gabriel and Oliver kicking a ball to each other in the backyard. They were loving it. Until I got the ball and chucked it behind the hedge that is. Then we all went exploring to find it, which I enjoyed much more. I was so tired by the time we left that I fell asleep in the car before we got home.

I've been very tired all week and my nose is still really drippy. I've even been having a second sleep in the afternoon because I can't last until bedtime for a rest. M & D have called me grumble-bum a few times. I'll be glad when I feel better again.

I'm loving watching my videos and DVD's at the moment. I love watching Beatrix Potter's rabbits and kittens and ducks. Either I sit on the chair with my blankie over me or I squat on the floor about a foot away from the TV. My favourite viewing at the moment is the video of my birthday party. I watch it over and over again and love it. Uncle Ad put it to music for me. He's a very clever Uncle.

I have to compete with M & D for use of the TV at the moment though. They keep wanting to watch the cricket. Initially I say, "cricket off", but they generally ignore me, so I have to watch it for a while before they're prepared to let me watch my videos. When a batsman goes out I put my right finger in the air and say, "out", and when they get a four or six, I do the umpire movements and call out, "four, six".

Friday, December 13, 2002
I'm now 2 years old!! It was my birthday on Wednesday and now I'm a big boy. I knew it was around here somewhere because all my friends are turning 2 as well, but I wasn't sure until I got up on Wednesday morning and found a pile of prezzies just for me. I got big hugs and kisses from Mummy and Daddy and then set about opening all the boxes. The first one I opened was a packet of my very own tea, which Mummy then brewed up for us all. It's fruity and spicey and pink, and very yummy. I ripped open the wrapping paper no trouble on most of the boxes, but when I opened the big one and saw what was in it, I looked earnestly at Mummy and said "open!" It was a big box of the Thomas the Tank Engine set. I got Mummy to open the plastic and the lid for me and set about unpacking it all. We set it up on the coffee table and I zoomed trains about the rails while I ate toast and drank my special "go-juice". It was such a nice morning. I also played with my new cash register, complete with a bar code scanner, credit card and coins.

I went off to bed for my morning sleep feeling very happy but very tired. I felt exhausted and grumbly most of Tuesday when I went to the gym creche and then got dragged around shopping at Chadstone. I guessed I was recovering from that. After 2 and a half hours Mummy came to wake me and good thing too because I was having weird dreams and it turns out that I had my woolly blankie wrapped around my head. I was a bit groggy and took a while to wake up after that. I wasn't hungry so picked at my lunch before Mummy and I headed off to Hays Paddock to meet Bethany and Michelle. Bethany had her hair in pigtails and looked soooo cute! We ran around the pathways and romped through the bushes, much to Mummy's distress. She keeps telling me not to step on the plants, but I can look at them better if I'm right in them. We spent ages in the sand pit where we covered each other in sand and both slid down a slippery hill on our bottoms. I had worked up an appetite by the time we went to leave. Thankfully Mummy had packed the rest of my lunch, so I munched on that on the way home.

Soon after getting home, Uncle Ad came over, and then suddenly all the rest of my family were arriving. More presents! I wandered around munching on cheese straws and Daddy's home made foccacia (which was especially good), and opened lots more presents. I now have a beautiful easel to draw and paint at. I tested it out with Granny and we decided that it worked very well. I love my new dashboard, which has a steering wheel, indicators, gear lever and all sorts of other buttons that make great noises. I was also given a bunch of tools and moulds for playing with sand, plus an apron to keep me clean. The Koala is very funny though. Well, everyone else thought it was funny but I loved it and hugged it straight away. It's kind of wonky and has big bulbous eyes but is very sweet and we "clicked" straight away.

By 6.30 I was getting really tired and needed some quiet time. The Hoskens all left and Mummy tried to put me to bed, but I wasn't quite ready. I knew why though and after a few minutes I went up to Daddy and said, "Okkar poo". I felt much better after that and felt like staying up a bit longer. Daddy brought me out a piece of birthday cake and he, Mummy, Granny and Ros sang me "Happy Birthday", and I blew out my two candles. I must have eaten too many cheese straws because I couldn't manage much cake at all, despite it being a very yummy banana cake. After some more train play, I went off to bed feeling completely exhausted.

But I woke soon after at quarter to 10 feeling terrible. My nose was running and I had that horrible, croupy cough back again. I wandered around the house crying, not knowing what I wanted. Eventually Mummy and Daddy forced some medicine down my throat and I cried even more. My breathing was really raspy and my cough was like a bark. But I did start to feel better fairly quickly after that. I lay in bed with M & D and Mummy cuddled me, which was really nice. I might have been able to get off to sleep except that it was so hot in there. And they'd left the light on in my room. I said to Mummy, "light, off", because it was bothering me, so she put me back in my bed with the light off and I went to sleep feeling a bit better.

Thursday I felt lousy so I didn't go to the gym, which was good, but I also missed out on seeing my friends in the afternoon. At least I had all my wonderful new toys to play with. I needed two naps during the day since I was so tired, but then I didn't really want to go to bed at night. My breathing had started to get all raspy again and my cough was worse. M & D gave me more medicine, which I happily received, knowing how much better it made me feel last time. Eventually I went to bed at 8.30. I woke around 4am feeling yukky and coughed a lot. Mummy tucked me in and found my dummy for me, but it took me ages to get back to sleep because I kept coughing.

So today I'm still feeling very average. I had a run around when I went down to get the paper, but started wheezing after a short time. I think it will be another quiet day at home with my toys.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002
What a great weekend! I went to Brunetti's on both Saturday and Sunday which I always like. I went with M & D on Saturday and we bumped into Nan and Grandad. Nan ordered the coffees and, much to my horror, forgot to get me my babycino! I sent her back again to get it. Then we all went for a walk and a poke around Readings. I discovered a Thomas the Tank Engine train set in the back of the shop and found it fascinating. So did the other three kids who were playing with it while their parents looked at books. M & D had to drag me away from it - I could have stayed there for ages. The afternoon was fairly quiet although there was a fair bit of activity happening in the kitchen. I found out why on Sunday.

After another trip to Brunetti's with Nan, Grandad and Adam, I got home to find more action in the kitchen. Mum and Dad were making cakes and cheese straws and rissoles. I tried to persuade Mummy to let me taste the cake mixture, and failing that then the cheese straw mix, but she refused. I did get to taste test the cheese straws once they were cooked, although I needed about 6 to establish that they were indeed very good.

Later in the afternoon we loaded up the car with the food and my motorbike and headed over to Bethany's house for all the kids combined birthday party. As soon as we had all arrived, we were each given a present and we all sat down on the grass and tore them open. Our parents clustered around watching and we were all very excited. I got a beautiful little steam roller from the Thomas the Tank Engine set and went about wheeling it around the table. I had to keep clear of Oliver and Thomas who were hitting anything they could with a set of golf clubs. We all munched on chips and cheese straws and played about with our toys. I let all my friends ride on my motorbike - someone was always on it. Later we had dinner although not many of us wanted to eat too much considering all the munching we had done. I had a bite of Mummy's sausage in bread and some bits of potato, but preferred to follow my friends around through the trees.

After dinner though we all found our appetites because the birthday cakes came out. We all clustered around the table while Daddy tried to light the candles - there were two candles in each cake. As soon as he lit the candles on the cake in front of me I blew them out. Then the ones I didn't blow out the wind did, so they gave up on the candles and sang us "Happy Birthday". Then we all picked out the one we wanted (they were all different colours) and happily ate away. Whenever I'm at Bethany's place, we always eat at her table in the playroom, so I took my cake and went and sat at the table. After a few minutes Mummy came to find me because all the others were outside eating on the grass. She led me outside and wiped the green icing from my nose, then I sat next to her and kept eating. Most of us licked off the icing first and then ate a bit of the cake. I managed to eat the whole thing although it did take me quite a while.

I was so tired by the time we left at 7.30pm, well past my bedtime. On the way home I kept saying "wower, bed", just so M & D knew what I wanted. Mummy and I got in the shower together and washed off all the remnants of the icing and assorted other grot that I had accumulated. Then I gratefully got in my pyjamas and went straight to bed.

I was very tired on Monday. I went to swimming which was great as usual, but even better when Daddy arrived and watched from the side. Then I fell asleep on the way home and slept for nearly 3 hours. I felt much better after that. In the afternoon, Mummy and I took a trip down to Ikea and I had the best time exploring. Mummy didn't take my stroller in so I walked the whole way and felt like a very big boy. That meant I could explore anything I wanted and go wherever I wanted, which I did. I had a lovely time. I didn't want to wait in the check-out queue though. I kicked up a great stink while we were waiting and screamed and lay on the floor and kicked my legs. It didn't make the queue go any faster though. Eventually we got there and I handed the lady a $50 note, although she didn't give me the change. I was ready to go home after all my exploring.

Thursday, December 05, 2002
I forgot to say that over the weekend Mummy and Daddy took me to see the Myer windows. We got in line behind lots of other people and slowly walked along looking at the models. They were of the 12 days of Christmas and were very impressive. There were birds moving about and people dancing and playing music and it was all very pretty.

I also got to run around in a room full of lego creations in Myer. There was R2-D2 and another android from Star Wars, plus a band of rappers and a big construction site, all made of lego. I liked the lego Harry Potter best; he was standing with his cape and his nimbus 2000 broomstick. I can say, "Harry Potter" very well.

I went to the creche again today but didn't enjoy it as much as Tuesday. I played a bit but started sooking after a while, so they put me in the stroller, as they do whenever I get upset. I just sit there quietly and watch the other kids. A girl who was really bored came over and talked to me and brought me a toy, which was very nice of her. Thankfully Mummy didn't leave me there too long today and I went home straight to bed.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002
I am now chief waterer of the plants on the balcony. Each morning I run out and grab the watering cans and hand them over to Mummy to fill up for me. I then walk from the kitchen to the balcony trying not to slop too much over the top and direct Mummy to which plants she can water and which ones I want to do. I let her do the trees, but I like to do the parsley and the mint and the bonsais on the bottom shelf. I sometimes pour a bit much and when I see the dirt all washing away I say "enough" and nod my head.

Harry came over a couple of days ago. His parents went to a wedding so we got to play together for a few hours in the arvo. We scooted around on our bikes and screamed as loud as we could in the bath. That was after we'd thrown all of the bath toys on to the floor. Then we jumped up and down on the bed and stomped all over Daddy. Harry showed me how to jump. He bends his knees really low before jumping up, so I copied that and found that I could jump! I was very pleased. We also went downstairs and rode around the courtyard on our bikes. I was so tired afterwards.

At swimming yesterday I decided to test out my new jumping skills. We always do our "one-two-threes" where we sit on the edge of the pool and fall in on three. I decided I'd stand on the edge like the bigger kids and jump in from there. On three I bent my knees really low and took off. I think I caught Mummy by surprise because she usually catches me before I've gone too far under the surface, but this time I think I nearly touched the bottom! I came up blinking and rubbing my eyes and once I'd recovered I said, "more!". So I did it again and was very pleased with myself.

Yesterday I was eating lunch when I let out a good fart. I giggled and said, "Okkar fart!" and Mummy laughed too. Then I said, "more fart" and leaned to one side and farted again. We both laughed a lot at that. I thought it was very funny.

This morning I went to the creche at the gym. I like going there now. Before we go I say, "Tom, Rira?" because we always see Tom and Maria there. And I say, "Mummy's gym" and "ladies gym". Today I played with a boy I hadn't met before, but we had a great time in the little fort, where we walk in and out of the door and sit on the walls.

Yesterday I met a new baby. Oliver now has a tiny, little sister named Freya, and Mummy and I went to visit with Michelle and Bethany. She's so tiny! Apparently I was that small once, but I don't believe them. Oliver is still getting used to the idea of sharing his Mummy with Freya, but she doesn't seem interested in his toys so I don't know what he's worried about.

Mummy and Daddy often say, "I love you" to me, so I've started saying it too. When they kiss me goodnight I say, "I love you", after they've said it. When Uncle Adam was here they wanted me to say it to him, so I said, "I love Ad", and they were all very happy at that. The last few nights when I've been in bed they say, "I love you" and I say, "I love you, I love Ad".


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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