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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Friday, November 29, 2002
I had my friends over here yesterday for our playgroup. We haven't had them here for ages because it's a bit small and Daddy is working at home, but yesterday we all went downstairs and played in the courtyard. We all had such fun. Bethany brought over her car, and Tom brought over his 3 wheeler, although as soon as he saw my motorbike he wanted a go on it. I did let him eventually but I made him wait! I think they were all a bit jealous of it. At one stage Mummy and Daddy had gone upstairs and the other Mums were yakking away, so Tom and I nicked out the gate into the carpark. We hadn't got very far before Maria and Michelle arrived in a mad panic expecting, I think, that we'd already been run over by cars. I was just showing Tom how much fun it is to roll down the nice slope and get up a bit of speed. I must admit though that Mummy is usually with me when I do that.

I can now identify nasturtiums and foxgloves and poppies. I like to stick my finger in the foxglove, although I went to do it to a flower that turned out not to be foxglove at all, and it was full of cobwebs. Luckily no spiders crawled on to me.

When we drive or go exploring now I point out all the garage doors. I've never noticed them before, but there are heaps around. When we go in or out of our garage, I get M & D to give me our buzzer and I buzz open the door. It doesn't always work, but I love it when it does. If it doesn't work after a bit of buzzing then I hand it back to Mummy to open it. I also buzz open the garage door at Nan and Grandad's.

We put up our Christmas tree a few days ago. It's, um, very humble. It took us about 5 minutes to decorate it. But I did have fun and hopefully I can help decorate the Christmas tree at Nan and Grandad's. Theirs is MUCH bigger. I remember it from when I was a brand new baby. Okay, I remember it because I saw it in photos, I actually don't remember too much since it was such a long time ago. Nearly two years ago - wow!

Saturday, November 23, 2002
Adults seem to be understanding me better. I can tell because they repeat what I've just said so I know that they understand. About time too. I'm really enjoying looking at all the different plants and identifying as many as I can. When we're driving in the car I keep a lookout for plants that I know, then I yell out their names. Yesterday I saw lots of palm trees, and I yelled out, "ta-tree, more ta-twees". It took Mummy a little while to clue in, but she eventually got it. Then I saw some bottle-brush trees. I yelled, "bedenbrush, beebrush, more bodonbrush!" and pointed as well so she knew what I meant. Granny taught me about bottle-brushes; there are a few in her back yard. Downstairs in the courtyard, I point to the lavendar: "adedar", and smell the roses. I grab the roses by the stalk and stick my nose in them, but I must say they don't smell of much. It was more fun to then pick the petals and sprinkle them on the ground. On the balcony I know the parsley and the pansies and the daisies and that I'm not meant to touch Mummy's bonsais; "Mummy's saisais". I still do though.

I've been saying, "hello lady", quite a lot lately. Usually in the supermarket, but also in parks. A couple of days ago a man walked by and I said, "hello". He ignored me, so I thought I'd better practice. I saw a few men yesterday and said, "hello man", and got some hello's back, so that was good.

I've had a bit of a runny nose this week. I've also coughed a few times, and then I'd say, "Kokkar cough". Mummy has also had a cold and each time she sneezed I said, "Mummy sneeze". I hate having a runny nose, so whenever it felt like it was going to drip I'd say, "nose", and Mummy would come and wipe it for me. I've got her very well trained.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002
Daddy bought me a motorbike. It's so cool! It's white and grey and has police markings all over it. I can't quite reach the pedals but I can scoot along by pushing off the floor. I think M & D felt bad for me because I was trying to use the bike that Daddy bought me ages ago but it's still too big and I just get angry with it. I know I looked particularly miserable when I was lying on the floor with the bike over me and crying my eyes out. A couple of hours later I had the motorbike so I'm very happy now. I call it my "bedenbike".

We went to see Harry and Cindie and Andrew over the weekend. I watched Harry do a whole jigsaw all by himself. He sat there patiently until he'd finished it. I would have swiped it across the room after the first 10 seconds. It was hot so again Harry was running around with no pants on. This time though, he went and sat on the potty all by himself to wee. I was very impressed and sat on it after him to see if I could wee too. I did, and I also had a poo which was a bit unexpected. After I'd finished, Harry got back on again and squeezed out a bit more wee, and then I got back on again too. I think I've got the hang of it now.

We also went to see Thomas and Rob and Sandra for dinner. Thomas has this great car that I love to sit in and drive up and down the hallway. We had a great time playing and running around together. When our parents were eating we both climbed onto a chair together to get a better look at the table. I got to eat olive bread dipped in olive oil and balsamico. Very yummy. I did get pretty tired though and happily went to sleep in Thomas' portacot. I did hear Thomas yelling that Sandra hadn't read him enough books before expecting him to sleep though. He has got one very loud yell.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
"Gadad, mess!" is what I've been saying for the last week. I went to Brunetti's with Nan, Grandad and Uncle Adam last weekend and Grandad dropped my babycino on the floor. It broke and made a mess, as I've delighted in telling everyone. I lay in bed with Mummy this morning and told her all about it again, with lots of head nodding and enthusiasm, in case she'd forgotten.

I've also been saying, "Harry's penis" since I saw him last week. We went over for the afternoon and Harry kept taking his pants off and walking around with nothing on his bottom half. I couldn't help but notice his penis. I mean it hung lower than his singlet and was dangling about as he moved. I kept pointing and saying, "Harry's penis", thinking that Mummy or Cindie might want to put a nappy on him, but they didn't. So of course he weed on the floor. I could see that coming a mile away. But apparently he wees on the toilet quite a lot and seems happy to do that so I might take it a bit more seriously. I let Harry try everything first and then copy if it's a good idea. A bit later, Harry's dad, Andrew came home, so I pointed out Harry's penis to him by bending forward and lifting up Harry's singlet. He and Mummy just laughed and still didn't put any pants on him.

Earlier that day I went to the zoo with Michelle and Bethany and Mummy. We had a great time running about the place and looking at the apes. I saw a seal rolling around in the water and looked at heaps of butterflies. Bethany didn't like the butterflies when they flew too close to her. Some of them were very big. We saw some gorillas having their morning tea. I remembered my favourite book of the moment with the little gorilla called Bobo, so I pointed and yelled out, "Bobo!".

I've been shopping a bit over the last week, which is a bit novel. Mummy rarely takes me shopping for anything apart from food. We spent ages looking through Target with Michelle and Bethany. I was getting pretty bored so I started taking a mouthful of my drink and dribbling it out over the edge of my stroller. Bethany thought that was a good thing to do and started copying me. Of course Mummy then took my drink off me and Michelle was most unimpressed. Bethany was bored too so she said to Michelle, "get out", and pulled at the stroller harness. That worked very effectively so I did the same and said, "get out" to Mummy who ignored me. I wasn't happy with that and threw a wobbly until she did let me out. We then checked out all the toys and found the ones that made lots of noises. I had a really good play with a car dashboard which I really liked, with a steering wheel and indicators and heaps of buttons to investigate. After all that Mummy just bought me some pyjamas.

I also went shopping with Granny and Mummy the next day. They spent ages looking for clothes for me but I was tired and bored and cranky. I'd spent the day playing with Granny in her yard and was in and out of the wading pool which I loved. I had a great day but was very tired at the end of it. Eventually Mummy took me out of the shop and I then made her go up and down the moving staircase, which I was fascinated with. We went up and down about four times which was good fun. But I did get some really nice clothes from the outing.

Monday, November 04, 2002
I've got babycino's sussed now. To avoid getting froth all over my face, I take a couple of spoonfuls off the top and eat that. Then I hold the cup by the handle and sip the milk from it. I can't seem to avoid getting a chocolate ring around my face from the sprinkles they put on top, but that doesn't really bother me.

I went to Brunetti's yesterday and today because I stayed over at Nan and Grandad's for two nights in a row. I've never done that before and it was great fun. I helped Nan water the garden and helped Uncle Adam mow the lawn. Ad and I made a video together and I've watched the result lots of times already - it's very good! And I got to eat lots of Nan's yummy muffins.

Saturday was Bethany's birthday and we went to her party. She was so happy and loved opening her presents. I think she really liked the presents we gave her - I certainly did. As soon as she opened one of them I raced over to show her how to use it. I really liked that one, but she didn't want any help thank you very much. I reluctantly left her to it and played on the slide. The birthday cake was something else. The adults got the three kids to sit in front of the cake while they sang happy birthday to Bethany. Michelle and Stuart lit two candles and also two sparklers which were very cool. I was fascinated watching the firey light show. But then Nicolas lent forward and tried to blow the candles out. In doing so he sprayed the cake with spit. Everyone thought this was hilarious and they kept relighting the candles for him to spit on again. So the cake got totally sprayed and I sat there looking utterly horrified. I soon forgot about that though once I tasted the icing. I was sitting on Mummy's lap in front of the cake and just stuck my fingers in to take a scoop. Bethany thought that was a good idea and joined me. It was very yummy. So was the cake, which was banana. I ate quite a lot of it. Straight after the party M & D took me to N & G's so all up it was a very good weekend.

Friday, November 01, 2002
Mummy and Daddy have been trying to get me to wee on the toilet. They put a little seat on top of their seat so I don't fall in, and put me on it. Then Daddy reads a book to me. I like that bit. I actually did wee a few days ago when Daddy was helping me. He was very pleased. Personally, I can't see any problem with the current set-up so I'm not really fussed one way or another. Today Mummy put me on the toilet and read to me but I was too shy to do anything. After she took me off and left the room I climbed into the bath and then weed, because I really did need to go. But it ran all down my leg and pooled at my feet, so I had to call her to help me. That was a bit embarrassing. I then got straight into the shower. Maybe next time.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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