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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Thursday, October 31, 2002
I went to creche today. Mummy told me that we were going to a playcentre, but I know what it really was. It was a child minding place so the Mums can go and play. I tried to be brave, I really did. Tom was there and he wanted to play with me, but I got nervous and started crying and calling for Mummy. I felt okay while I was eating my snack, but I felt miserable afterwards. The ladies put me in the stroller and talked to me and patted me, and I calmed down a bit and watched the other kids. Then Mummy finally came back and I did a big wail to let her know what a sacrifice I was making for her. I heard her saying she was going to take me there twice a week from now on though, so maybe I'll have to get used to it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
I'm so clever. Every time I see a car on the road that's the same as Bethany's car, I yell out, "Bedenby car" and point. I've been doing that a while, but now I do it for the same car but in any colour. I also know Nan's car. Every time I see a VW Golf, I yell out, "Nan car", and any colour as well. I'm pretty impressed with my skill at car spotting.

I've realised that if I ask Mummy and Daddy something in a normal volume that they may or may not respond depending on whatever goes on in their heads. But if I ask the same thing in a REALLY loud voice, I'm sure to get some action. I've been yelling out "daddies, DADDIES, DADDEEEEES!!!!!, etc..." really loudly when I can't find my dummy. That ensures that one or both of them help me look for it and it's then found more quickly. I've been desperate for my dummy because my gums are so sore. They took it off me a while ago but thankfully relented and have given it back to me. I also yell out, "Mummee, MUMMEEEEE, MUMMEEEEE!!!", when I want Mummy to stop what she's doing and play with me. She's started to wise up to me a little bit, but I still get my way more often than not.

Over the last week I've had lots of family time. I spent the whole of Friday with Granny. Mummy took me over early in the morning and I got to explore the garden and play with the cats for ages. Gaggy took me to a nursery which I really enjoyed. I found that I could hide from her behind all the plants and then pop around the corner and surprise her. Then I spent Saturday night and all day Sunday at Aunty Dodo's house. We went to the beach and painted and played with Bertram, and I got the DIRTIEST I've ever been. I loved it. Except I overate a bit and was feeling a bit sick by the time I got home. I unfortunately vomited a bit on M & D's bed before Daddy whisked me away to the bathroom, where I got the rest up. I felt very bad about that but that's just what I do. If I feel sick, I vomit. Then I need lots of cuddles.

Monday I had a great time at swimming. I kicked really well and splashed a lot and ran along the mat and plunged under the water. I didn't want to be the wolf for "What's the time Mr. Wolf" though. Liza had me up the front being the wolf and it was only four'o'clock when I called for Mummy. The wolf had an early dinner time because the wolf got scared.

I had nice play time with Bethany yesterday afternoon. We hung out in her backyard and pushed each other down the slide. I got to try iced yoghurt as a special treat and I liked it a lot. It was a bit hard to eat though and I got it all over my t-shirt. I did better than Bethany though, who got it all over the rug and then mixed my water with it and spread it around. Glad it was her and not me.

Today I went back to swimming to make up for the class I missed while we were at Bendigo. Oliver and Gabriel were in the class and I had fun swimming and splashing with them. I also met Claudia, who is 19 months, and Cate, who went to Uni with Mummy years and years ago. We found out that they live down the street from us so we went to visit them this afternoon. Claudia has a little sister, Alexandra, who is very small and has a curl of hair on the top of her head just like Timmy used to have. I got to play in Claudia's sand pit and also have a go in her swing, which is the same as the one I have at Nan and Grandad's. I also got to eat some lamington. Yum yum. And some of Mummy's fizzy drink which I would have finished off if she'd let me. It was a very good day.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002
When we went to Bendigo, we took a pile of my books. Grampa read me one of my favourites, Meg and Mog. It took me a while to realise that it didn't sound like it normally does. He was reading it in German! I looked at Grampa more than the book, watching his mouth move. It was a bit disconcerting, but very interesting.

On Friday, I woke M & D at 5.30am as usual, but rather than leave me in bed for ages, we all got up and went to Brunetti's. We got there by 7am and I took Mummy's hand and led her to the seats we had last time we came. I was stunned to see some men sitting at our table and tried to climb up onto the one spare seat anyway. Mummy pulled me off and we had to resort to sitting outside. It was actually very nice and quite warm, so I was happy enough out there. Daddy arrived with the coffee's and pastries and I took my babycino in one hand and grabbed half a horseshoe in the other and sat there happily munching away. A bit later I had a run around and ran up and down the ramp into Nenni's and then headed off up the street and promptly bumped into Nan. I'd forgotten that we wanted to meet her there and surprise her, so Nan and I were both surprised. She was handing in her resignation after about 24 years as a school teacher at the same school. That means she has more time to play with me during the week, YAY!

After my morning nap, Mummy, Daddy and I jumped on a tram and headed into town to watch the opening stage of the Herald Sun Tour. We found a couple of the team and said hello, then wandered around to find a good vantage point to watch the race from. It was incredibly windy and I kept getting dust and grit blown into my eyes. A big gust of wind blew some of the bikes off the road and right on top of where Mummy was standing. She saved herself with a daring step backwards. After a while I started to get grumbly - possibly something to do with refusing to eat lunch before we left. Daddy had to buy me a muesli bar and I felt better after that. Then we saw David McKenzie from our team win the race! A great result. The tram trip home was okay but I got very hot and M & D wouldn't let me walk around the tram. By the time we got home I was feeling very flustered and gratefully had another nap.

Then it was off to Nan and Grandad's house to celebrate Nan's retirement. I had lots of swings with Uncle Ad and he let me have HEAPS of biccies; way more than M or D would have let me have. We played a funny game with a bunch of tulips - I'd stick my finger in the middle of the flower and Ad would squeeze the flower over my finger. It felt very funny and I giggled a lot. A bit later Mummy left and I cried a bit but soon forgot all about her. I went to sleep in my portacot after some dinner and woke at my usual time to find I was still at N & G's. So we all went off to Brunetti's and I had a play in the Carlton Gardens. I could hardly keep my eyes open after that and Grandad sat with me in the back of the car to keep me awake till we got home. I slept for 3 1/2 hours - big recovery time from the day before I guess. Nan and I went to a fair in Keilor and I pottered around for the rest of the arvo, then N & G took me home.

Sunday I could really have done with a quiet day at home, some reading and some posting. But no, we packed up the car and headed off to Bendigo to watch more of the bike race. I slept the whole way there and woke to see a very pretty town. We settled into a hotel opposite Lake Weeroona and soon after, Grampa arrived as well. I refused lunch again and we went off to the lake to watch the action. I had a great play in a very impressive playground and pottered around the grass looking at the trees and birds. There were rubbish bins everywhere and I kept pointing them out and saying, "bubberbin". For a few laps I stood with Mummy and watched the bikes whiz by. Sometimes I clapped them and said, "Yay!" and then I'd wave as they rode off around the corner. I started to get grumbly and tired again - guess I should have eaten lunch - and Daddy took me back to the hotel where we lay on the bed and watched telly.

Later we went to Safeway to get a few things and I just didn't want to be there so I tried to climb out of the trolley and threw the biggest tantrum. Daddy was trying to hold me and I was just screaming and crying. He took me outside while Mummy finished the shopping and everyone stared at us. In the evening we went to a bistro for dinner and I was just over everything by then. I was put in a highchair and lasted about 30 seconds before I spat the dummy again. I didn't want to eat and I didn't want to draw. Daddy walked with me outside for a bit but I would have been happy running around the restaurant. For some reason they didn't want me doing that. I was so glad to get to bed.

The next morning I woke at 5.20 and screamed until about 6.30. It took that long to persuade everyone to get up. I've never seen M & D looking so furious with me. Or quite so tired. Eventually we went for a drive to look for coffee and of course I fell asleep. It was just a short nap and we went back to the hotel to check out and say good bye to Grampa. Then we went to watch the race start from the middle of Bendigo. That was fairly ho hum and then we went to a cafe for an early lunch. I chucked another wobbly in the cafe and refused to eat lunch again. Daddy took me away so Mummy could eat in peace and made me try on a few hats, which I could have done without considering my mood. Finally we got in the car and set off for home. After a bit of tree watching I fell asleep for the rest of the way home.

The next day I slept in until 6am. I must have been tired.

Thursday, October 17, 2002
I nearly did the half marathon over the weekend. I was a minute and a half away from starting when it hailed. And that was the end of that, since Daddy had forgotten to pack the raincoat for my jogger. I actually got really wet very quickly so Mummy and I waved goodbye to Daddy and Rob (Thomas' Dad) and scooted back to the car. We headed over to Aunty Dodo's to dry out and I got to run around with no pants on while they dried in front of the fire. And I also got to eat some fruit pancakes that Dodo made for us - Mummy was making the most of the need-time-to-dry-out situation. Once we were dry we headed over to Albert Park to pick up Daddy and Rob. Daddy took me for a quick jog around the lake and I talked to some swans and their babies; they were very cute.

A bit later in the day we went over to Nan and Grandad's and they were there! It's been so long since I've seen them. They had just got back from a holiday overseas - I know that because they sent me lots of postcards. They brought me back a Miffy game which I really like and Nan had made me some of her delicious muffins. Hopefully I'll get to stay over again soon and go to Brunetti's with them, or "Nenni's" as I call it. M & D and I went to Brunetti's for the first time in ages last week and it was completely different. I had a babycino while sitting at the new banquette seats, which were very comfy, then I ducked under the table and took off exploring. Daddy showed me the new coffee machines and I checked out the rows of biscuits and cakes. I have to go back again soon.

Monday, October 14, 2002
I've done so much over the last week. Last Thursday I met all of my friends at the Collingwood Childrens Farm (I can now say "friends"). We all romped about and looked at the animals and raced around the paddocks. I came across some chooks in a barn and I bent forwards to look up at the face of one of them and said, "hello chick'in". It just stared back at me but Michelle laughed. I also saw geese and ducks and donkeys and a cow. My favourite was the peacock; I pointed to it and said, "peapock". Not bad for the very first time I've seen or heard of it. After a good run through a paddock we all sat on a log and had some biccies that Gretchen had kindly brought for us. I think I ate about 8 of them. From there I could see the river and went to run over to it with the others, but the mummies kept stopping us. I had to just stand there looking and saying, "river". After a while I got tired and wanted to go so I said, "bye bye Timmy, bye bye Tom, bye bye Gabgibal, bye bye Tipsy..." I started to lose the plot after I called Timmy, Tipsy, so we went home.

My favourite book at the moment is "Green Eggs and Ham". I call it, "Ee ee am", for "I am Sam". I also love "Magic Beach". This morning I was up early as usual, and Mummy and Daddy were lazing in bed, so I went and got Magic Beach and took it to Mummy and snuggled in bed beside her while she read it to me. It was very nice. I might do that again.

Last week I went to Ikea with Mummy and Bethany and Michelle. Bethany sat in her car seat next to me and we all drove down together which was fun. I kept trying to hold her hand, but she didn't want to. Michelle told me that Bethany was in a very "girly" mood. Whatever that means. Once we got there, we looked at the furniture from our strollers, but that was pretty boring after a while. Finally we got to a kids play area and Bethany and I played about in a tunnel and tent and went up and down some stairs and a slide. I also road tested all of the kids tables and chairs. There were about 5 different types and I tried out everyone of them. I picked my favourite as being the big, green, round one with the funky looking chairs, but Mummy told me I'd have to wait until we've moved house to get it. I thought it would fit nicely in the middle of my bedroom, M & D would just have to step over it and I'd crawl under it. Around the corner from the kids area was the kitchen stuff. Now that was much more fun. I set about pulling 4 collanders off the shelf and setting them on the floor. Then I pulled down 3 thermos'. Mummy was being a bit of a spoilsport and kept putting them back again. When she had her back turned I climbed up onto one of the shelves and had nearly hidden myself behind the vases before a passer-by alerted Mummy to my whereabouts. I got wrestled into the stroller after that effort. We came home with a cute, blue stool for me, that matches the table set I want. I love it.

Saturday, October 05, 2002
I did a very cheeky thing today. M & D were both in the kitchen cooking and I was hassling around their legs trying to get their attention. They both ignored me so I checked out the pantry, which was open, and discovered a piece of caramel slice sitting on the shelf. I quietly took it and put it in my mouth, then closed the cupboard doors and looked about innocently while I chewed. It was quite a big bit and Mummy noticed me chewing when I still had cheeks full of caramel. They had to look in the cupboard to discover what I'd taken and by then I'd all but finished it. I was very pleased with myself and they were stunned at my audacity. I usually ask if I can eat something, but it was just before dinner and I was hungry, and they were ignoring me so I wasn't troubled by it at all. I didn't feel like much dinner after that though.

I've been saying lots of new words. Today while I was playing at Granny's, I ran around saying, "oops-a-daisy", which feels really nice to say. Like "dosi-dodo" does. I can now say, "Dixie" really well, as I ought since I've practiced it so much. I love to go shopping to the supermarket so I can sit in the trolleys, which I call, "lollies". I've even tried to say, "Oskar" a few times, although it sounds more like "Okkar" or "Karkar". Bethany can now say, "Oskar" with the "S" very well. I can say, "Tom" and "Gabgibal" though. When I get out on the balcony, I still like to play with the stones on Mummy's bonsais, which I call, "bododais". I can nearly always pick the difference between a plane and a helicopter now. I can say, "plane" and "dadidada" and point to the sky. I got to say, "raining" a couple of days ago - it's been so long since I've seen rain. I'm finding it easier to make new words as I get older, and happily repeat each one lots and lots and lots of times to make sure I remember it.

For the last few weeks I've been going running with Daddy each Saturday morning. We're training for the half-marathon on the 13th of October and we're looking good. We leave Mummy in bed and take off early in the morning and meet Rob, Thomas' dad down by the Yarra. We run for about and hour and forty minutes and I point out various sights along the way. I tell them about the river and the ducks and any trains that go by. I say hello to passing runners and yell out, "play!" when we pass the playground. When I get bored I start calling out for Mummy, or a nana, but I don't usually get either till we get home again. But I love it. I'm always in a really good mood after we've been for a run. Except for the time a few days ago when it must have been about 8 degrees and I got so cold I couldn't stand up properly or feel my hands...but I heard Mummy telling Daddy off for not keeping me warmer so I know that won't happen again...


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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