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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002
It's been so nice to be out and about in the warm sun over the last few days. There are flowers coming out everywhere and I'm noticing the birds more. Especially the magpies. I can say, "mapie" when I see them, which is quite often as they seem to like loitering around playgrounds. Today I learnt that bees like grevillia and that I shouldn't touch them. I just pointed and said "bee".

Yesterday I met Bethany and Thomas at Hays Paddock. That is such a cool playground, as I'm sure I've said before. I ran off as soon as we got in the gate and did my happy dance - jigging up and down on the tips of my toes. I ran up and down the walkways and "bonged" on the pipes that make deep noises. I love spreading sand around from the sand pit. I pick up handfuls of sand and drop it over the side of the ledge. We also went out into the fields of grass to have a run around. Thomas and Bethany had brought their balls to play with but I just wanted to run over to the lake and say hello to the ducks. I had a little swing, but I was too excited to sit there for too long. Michelle pushed me and Mummy pushed Bethany. Bethany wanted to sit there all day; she grumbled when she was pulled out. Actually, she's been grumbling a lot lately. She's suddenly stopped wanting to share her toys, which is very annoying. Thankfully Michelle is on my side and makes Bethany let me play with them. Which is good because while I really like Bethany, she does have the best selection of toys I've seen. And a whole room to play with them in, not just a little patch of carpet like I've got.

Today I went shopping with Mummy and we went through Safeway and the market. I love sitting at the front of the trolley; I hold the shopping list and get to supervise what goes in. I grabbed the list from Mummy but it was upsidedown when I looked at it, so I turned it the right way. She was very impressed with that. Of course I know which way it goes; I sit and read the paper over breakfast with Mummy every morning and say, "gai, gai, gai, degai" as I read it out. And I read my books a lot, so I really do recognise the letters. That's why I can point to a Coke bottle and say, "Daddy", and point to a soy milk carton and say, "Mummy", and I point to the chips and say, "uh, uh, uh, uh!!" I also politely indicated to Mummy that she should buy biccies. Which she thankfully did. As we went through the aisles, I said hello to lots of the ladies who passed us. Most of them said hello back but a couple ignored me. We passed a few babies and I pointed and said, "baby!", which always makes the mummies smile.

After Safeway we went to the market. Once we got to Kalamata Man's deli, Mummy lifted me out of my stroller so I could get a better look over the bench. It was great; I was so happy I hugged Mummy and patted her on the back, although I did get a bit shy when Jenny said hello to me. After I'd buried my head in Mummy's shoulder for a bit, I found my voice again and said hello back to Jenny. I would just love to be let loose in that place. There is so much CHEESE. I stood at the bench that is perfect toddler height and excitedly wondered which block of cheese I'd start on first. I tried biting into several of them but Mummy kept pulling them away. And, as I discovered, they were covered in plastic. Mummy then deemed it necessary to wrestle me back into my stroller and I kicked up such a fuss that Jenny offered to cut me some cheese. That quietened me down! She gave me a huge slice of a very yummy cheese that I hadn't tasted before. I like her even more now. The cheese kept me going until we passed the bananas. "Nana, nana, nana!!" with the determined point got the message across, and the nice man there let me eat it before we'd paid for it too. Mummy was making me wait, but he said he understood these things. I'm glad there are people like him and Jenny in the world.

Sunday, August 25, 2002
Me me me! I want it now!!! Or I'll throw a wobbly. I've been throwing quite a few lately; I blame it on having a very short fuse due to sore gums. But my wobblies don't always have the desired outcome. Recently M & D have just been walking away and completely ignoring me. That's very disconcerting. If I sound especially genuine then I get a cuddle, but more likely I will be ignored. I don't get how they can resist cuddling me, or why they don't just get me what I want in the first place. Like dates, figs, apple, banana and biccies.

Nan and Grandad get me what I want. Like half a farfalle pastry with my babycino at Brunetti's this morning. I can now say "Gadad" rather than "Dadad" which I'm happy with and everyone understands. I can also say "Gaggy" for Granny and have been practicing that a lot this week. She played with me on Friday afternoon when M & D were out and we had such a good time. After Mummy came home she put me to bed, but I decided after 5 minutes that I'd rather be up playing with Granny. So I yelled out "Gaggy, Gaggeeeee!" and they both came to get me; Mummy looking slightly miffed that I'd called for Granny not her.

Thursday was a bit different to usual and I was out for most of the day. After an early morning nap, Mummy and I set off for The Home Show and planned to meed Cindie and Harry there. It took forever to get there and after lots of kicking into the back of Mummy's seat, we finally arrived. I had a bit of a run around the foyer looking and calling for Cindie and Harry. Eventually we got into the big hall and it was sooo boring. Harry and I had to sit in our strollers and have lunch on the go while we zigzagged around the room. Very tedious. Turned out that Mummy and Cindie were pretty bored with it too, so we left and were released outside to have a run around. That was much more fun. We ran up and down the outside of the building and chased each other across the gravel. Harry has been working on going up and down stairs with no hands. He's very good at it now. I tried to copy him going down the stairs, but ended up scooting along on my bottom.

After that we went to Cafe Sweethearts to hang out while our Mummies had lunch. That was okay but Mummy and I then got caught in the rain and got really wet. Then we went on to meet my other friends for playgroup. We were at Maria's Mum's house and they had a trampoline in the backyard. Between showers we all got on it and had a great time bouncing around. Oliver was particularly good at jumping and so was Tom, who bounced and landed on his tummy.

Today Mummy and I went to Aunty Dodo's house for lunch and a play. I had such a wonderful time. I got my favourite stones from a bowl in the loungeroom and stashed them in my pockets and stuck them in the candle holders and took them outside on to the grass. I discovered the packets of incense and spread them around the floor. I upended a box full of rose petals on the floor. But the best bit was my first painting experience. We set up outside in the sun, and after a brief warm-up with my new crayons from Gaggy, I launched into creating a masterpiece. Dodo gave me a big, fat brush and put some blobs of paint on the paper for me, and away I went. I smeared the paint around with the brush and then got my fingers into it. I was pretty impressed with the results and have put aside my second creation for Daddy, so he can't see it till Fathers' Day.

Sunday, August 18, 2002
I found a really, really good place to slot coins: through the little gap above the tray that pops out in the DVD player. Usually when I loiter about the TV I get moved fairly quickly, but this time I was able to quietly slot in about 8 coins and steal away without them even noticing. M & D must have found them though because I saw them all on the kitchen bench the next day, but thankfully I wasn't there at the time and escaped blame.

I now have another pair of new shoes. Mummy took me to the park yesterday and I kept getting her to carry me because my feet were sore. I've spent the last month wearing my "Bob the Builder" sneakers instead of my boots that were too hard. But in the morning I got my sneakers really wet so I had to wear the boots. They were so uncomfortable and I started limping with my heels in the air after only a short while. So Mummy took me straight to the shoe shop and luckily there was no one else there so I got served straight away. I picked out some nice blue leather, lace-up shoes. And they're size 7! They look very long, but they're so much more comfortable.

Last night we all went over to Bethany's house. Michelle and Stuart were going out for the evening, so M & D and I went over to keep Bethany company. She was very grouchy though. She had only slept for one hour for the whole day, so she was tired and in a very bad mood. Her parents put her to bed and I could hear her scream through the walls. I was in a good mood and started imitating her. It was very funny: she would put in a really long wail, and I would laugh and try to copy her. She'd go "WAAAAAAAAAAAAA", and I'd go "hee hee, waaaaaaeeeee". I kept it up for quite a while, but eventually got put to bed myself. I happily went to sleep without fuss.

This morning Nan and Grandad and Uncle Adam came over to take me to Brunetti's. I've been practicing saying their names and said "Dadad", when Grandad came up the stairs. I've been able to say "Nan" for quite a while but still make a meal of Uncle Adam. I had a babycino while the others had their coffees and then we went to Albert Park Lake. I had a lovely time looking at the water and the swans, and playing at the playground. I had a swing-off with Uncle Adam, but he went higher than me. I'll just have to practice more. I had my nap and lunch at their house and didn't go home until mid afternoon, which was very nice.

Friday, August 16, 2002
I've had such a good day today. After a two hour morning nap, Mummy and I went off to the Zoo and met Cindie and Harry there. It was lovely and warm and sunny, and Harry and I romped about the paths and had a great explore. He kept stomping in these big puddles and got muddy water all over his pants and shoes. But I stood at the edge of the puddles thinking about whether I should step in it and Mummy always came to get me before I'd made a decision. And he wanted to hold my hand. I don't even let M & D hold my hand that long, but he wouldn't let go. Once my fingers started turning pink, Mummy finally came to my rescue. The most interesting place was the butterfly house. There were so many of them! Fluttering everywhere, and a big, orange and black one landed on my shoe. But it was so hot in there. I was starting to steam after about 5 minutes so we left for the cool outdoors. I roared at the lions, ruffed at the giraffes and roared at the bisons. And I was very impressed with the otters. They were having a wild time! The tiger was very scary though. We stood right up at the glass as the tiger paced up and down it's enclosure. It's head was so huge! It could have eaten me up with one gulp.

After that Mummy and I went to Brunetti's and had some lunch and coffee. I sat up at the bar eating my dates and figs and flirted with a couple of ladies sitting across from me. That was fun. Then we went to an art gallery and looked at lots of bright paintings by Rupert Betheras. They were fascinating and I gave a running commentary about my interpretation of them to all the people in the gallery. After that I had to come home and have a good nap.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002
Daddy's home! Daddy's home! Mummy and I went to get him from the airport on Saturday and I was really looking forward to seeing him. I couldn't let him know that though so when he came over I just looked about nonchalantly. He gave me a duck from Seattle and I looked past him at all the people. Once we got home though, I decided that was enough of the cold shoulder and hugged and played with him.

I'm feeling much better and am pretty much over my virus. I'm a bit thinner though. My nappies are falling down and I feel like I'm revealing just a bit much cheek when I bend over to play. I'm hungry a lot at the moment. Guess I have to make up for not eating much over the previous week. But getting the message across to M & D of precisely what I want to eat is very frustrating. They just don't get it. I don't want a ham, cheese, tomato sandwich, I just want cheese. Cheese with some sultanas, biscuits, banana, any cake that's going, some dates and some figs. And maybe some yoghurt. I definitely don't want chicken with mash and beans. Nor do I want vegies with rice. I'll humour them by chewing the lamb cutlet, but I won't swallow. And I'll spit out the potato too. I want vegemite toast. And some more sultanas.

I'm saying a lot more words that M & D can understand though. I can say "stone", "toothpaste", "pen", "classic", "shoe", "toes", followed up with "wee, wee, wee", "seat", "sit", "plate", "raining", and "puddle", which really sounds like "cuggle" although Mummy knows what I mean. My favourite word of the moment is "meeeoooooow!" which is what Mog says when Meg steps on her tail. I also really like "oops" and "uh oh" when something falls over. Or is pushed over.

Thursday, August 08, 2002
I've discovered a curious fact. My first finger fits perfectly up Mummy's nose. In fact it goes in quite a long way. But it doesn't fit up my nose. I can only just get my fingertip in and my fingernails are a bit long at the moment so it wasn't such a good idea anyway. I've been spending such a lot of time on Mummy's lap since I'm still feeling really sick and when I look up at her I can see right up her nose. At one stage I thought I could see light in there but I think I was mistaken.

Are you coming home soon Daddee? I miss you.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002
I've been so sick. Today, finally, I'm feeling a bit better. I've spent the last three days snuggled on Mummy's lap or asleep. I summoned up the energy to go and see Dr. Andrew on Tuesday and he pushed and prodded and stuck that cold thing on my chest, and looked in my mouth and even pulled down my eyelids. He thinks I've got a virus. Whatever - I've felt worse than I ever have before. But last night I slept better and only woke once at 4.30 then again at 6.30 to get up. I've been waking 3 or 4 times a night and it was making me very tired.

This morning Mummy and I went down to get the paper and I decided that I had the energy for a little walk. I took Mummy's hand and led her across the courtyard to my stash of stones. By the time I got there I'd faded a bit. I grabbed one handful then sat down. Mummy had to carry me back upstairs and I slumped on her for 5 minutes to recover from the effort.

At least I'm able to have a little play now though. My current favourite game is posting coins. M & D have a tin that is full of them and while it's very heavy, I worked out how to tip it upside down. Then I set about sorting the coins into different containers and assorted hiding spots. I've discovered that coins fit into the gap between the drawers and cupboard doors. They also fit into the gap above the oven door and in the top of the dishwasher. They fit very well into a lego money box as well. But my favourite place to stash them is down my pants leg via the hole at my knee. I slot them in while I'm sitting down, then I get up and walk around and they make a wonderful "clinking" sound down at my ankle.

Today is Uncle Adam's birthday. Happy Birthday Uncle Adam! Hugs and kisses and I'll look forward to seeing you tonight.

Sunday, August 04, 2002
Oooh. I don't feel so good. I was just getting over my cold when I got an upset tummy. And as is my wont, I vomited. But unfortunately I did it at Bethany's house on one of her very nice blankies. Michelle was so horrified and I have her look of shock and horror permanently etched in my mind. Of course I felt better after I emptied some of my stomach contents, and thankfully was able to wait until we got home before bringing the rest up. The second time I got Mummy's shoulder and hair. The third time Daddy practically threw me into the laundry and I got it all over the tiles. Just in case you wanted to know.

Today I have no energy and just want to cuddle Mummy. I want to cuddle Daddy too but he isn't here. I keep asking for him but Mummy tells me that he's on a plane. I've asked about 20 times. So I've seen lots of Commonwealth Games today. I snuggled up on Mummy's lap on the couch and we watched the weight lifting and some hockey and some swimming. I kept falling asleep which was actually really nice. I haven't done that since I was a very little baby. I had my blankie over me and rested my head on Mummy's arm and snoozed. Then when I woke up I had cuddles straight away rather than having to cry out for them.

Where are you Daddee? I miss you already.

Thursday, August 01, 2002
I like the mornings. I wake up and know that I can get up and play soon. When Mummy and Daddy come to get me out of bed that is. It takes a bit of effort to get their attention. This morning I woke a bit early I think; it was still dark, and Mummy came to get me for a nappy change. I hate the first nappy change because I have to lie there trying not to look in to the light. She put me back to bed but after five minutes I decided it was time to get up.

"Daddy. Daddee. DaddEEEE. DADDEEEEE!" There was no response so I launched into: "Hey! HEY! HELP! C'MON! COME AND GET ME!!! GET ME OUT!! NOW!!!! Then he arrived.

After brekkie over the Commonwealth Games with lots of clapping and yaying, we went out to Caffe Latte. I watched the man making coffee and yelled out "coffee, coffee" (which really sounded like "karki"). I had some croissant and cappuccino froth which was very yummy, then I wiped my face with the table cloth. Well, I thought it was a big napkin, and it was nice and smooth against my lips.

I'm still getting over my cold. I'm very tired at the moment and am sleeping a lot during the day. Yesterday I slept for over two hours in the morning and felt great when I woke up. After lunch, M & D and I went out to my favourite park in Canterbury. We dropped Daddy before we got there so he could go for a run, and after I'd been playing there for a little while I saw him run past. I watched him as he ran towards us, but then he kept on running and got further and further away. I watched him go just for a few seconds before I took off after him. I ran sooo fast! I thought I might catch up to him, but then I got pooped and had to stop. I watched him disappear into the distance. Eventually Daddy came back and he held my hand and we ran down the path together. I need to grow a bit more before I can go running with him for longer than 10 seconds. I was so pooped I had to go home to bed for another nap.

I had some great play time with Uncle Adam last night. I showed him my personal stash of stones down in the courtyard and had a great time tossing them around over the path and in the garden bed. I had a great time on Sunday too. Nan and Granddad came to pick me up and we went walking around Albert Park Lake. I fed the swans and ducks and seagulls. A swan even took food right out of my hand. I spent the whole day with Nan and Granddad and Uncle Adam before M & D picked me up and we went down to see Harry, Cindie and Andrew. Harry and I chased after each other yelling "ROAR", and pushed each other around in his trolley. We also tried to climb up onto the table together but that wasn't so well received.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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