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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Thursday, May 30, 2002
Itís very strange Ė but the kitchen doors have stopped opening. I used to have a great time investigating the various bottles and containers in them. Especially under the sink. But now I can only open them a small way and just peek inside. Something must be broken. I must tell M & D to fix it.

Itís also happened to the top drawer though. Over the last couple of weeks Iíve been opening the drawer and stretching my hand over the top. I usually come out with one of my spoons but occasionally Iíve grabbed the big cheese knife or a fork. Iím pretty pleased about these lucky dips so I usually show them to M & D who fall over themselves to grab it off me first. But I canít fit my hand in anymore, and it even closed on my fingers when I was trying to fix it. As long as M & D can still get my spoons to feed me with, I guess I can cope.

Iíve sat on a big chair at the dining table a few times lately to eat my brekkie or a snack. I like sitting up there Ė I feel very grown up. Iíd really like a table and chairs my size, like Bethany has, but failing that, the big one is fine. I had my fruit bread at the table this morning and I tried to be really discrete when I wiped my hands on the chair, but I think Mummy may have seen me. M & D have been really painful about me having clean hands since they got the new lounge suite. I used to sit on the couch eating muffins and then wipe my face on it afterwards, which I thought worked very well, but they watch me with hawk eyes now.

Gee there are some strange kids at the play centre. Yesterday I was standing at the cash register ringing up my purchases (eggplant and a bunch of grapes) when a bigger kid raced over with a couple of wrenches and started bashing them into the coin tray. What a dill. Even I know that he would have needed only one wrench plus a screwdriver to pull it apart. Unless it was a hold-up. Anyway, I ran away in disgust. Then another kid came up to me and insisted I cuddle his teddy bear. I ran away from him too.

There was one embarrassing moment though. I was climbing up the slide as I usually do but I thought Iíd try it with no hands. I got half way up to the steep bit when I stumbled and flipped backwards. I hit the slide head first and slid down so that my head was hanging over the edge and my feet were up the slide. I found myself staring upside down at some people who looked as shocked as I was. Mummy came to my rescue and thankfully didn't make too much of a fuss so I was only a little bit humiliated.

Monday, May 27, 2002
I've had such a busy few days. Last Thursday we had playgroup and since it was such a nice day, we all met at the park. We had a great time jumping on the slide, going round in circles on the horses and munching on Mummy's cheese straws. Most of the boys hung around the play equipment, but Thomas and I nicked off up the path to explore the other end of the park. Mummy and Sandra kept chasing after us which we thought was a great game, because each time they took us back, we ran off again. But that did mean that we didn't get too much gossip from Gabriel or Dusty because we were never near them for long enough.

On Friday night, Harry, Cindie and Andrew came over for dinner. I wondered why Mummy was making me wait so long for dinner, but as soon as Harry came in she produced dinner. It was a good one this time, thankfully, so I didn't have to be embarrassed about what she produced for my friend. I scoffed down my fish and rice, but Harry wasn't much interested. Turned out he'd been to a party and had been quaffing sausages and assorted other munchies. At least it wasn't Mum's cooking.

We had such a good time playing together. Harry showed me how to roll forward on my bee. He can do it really well and showed me the trick, so I've been practicing since then. He also pushed me in my trolley which was brilliant fun, if a little hairy when he drove me straight at the bookshelf. He stopped pushing just in time. Then we had a bath together. I was all set to show Harry all my clever toys but he was ready to get out after about 3 minutes. Very strange - I love my bath. I have at least ten minutes in there; 15 is better. One other funny thing about the night was when Cindie sang a song to me. It was something about frogs going "garumph" and sounded vaguely like a song they sing at swimming lessons. But it surely couldn't have been the same, and Cindie rocked from side to side and made funny hand movements. I wondered how I could rescue the situation, but all I did was to stare. I was so embarrassed for her.

Saturday was a very big day, which started off with a trip on the freeway to a Subaru dealer. M & D wheeled me around in my pram and showed me some cars which was fun for the first 30 seconds. After that, I got a bit bored. Very bored. Eventually Daddy let me out of the pram and I went exploring. I ran around at near top speed telling everyone how nice it was to be out of my pram, and which car I'd like. I soon had everyone in there charmed and smiling at me. People kept asking Daddy my name and telling him how cute I was. He knew that already! We found a WRX for me to sit in and I turned the wheel and flicked the switches and pretended I was racing it around the playground. It was great fun. But then Daddy took me back to where Mummy was waffling on with one of the salespeople and by then I was not only bored, but tired as well. So I grumbled. Eventually we left and they told me they'd bought a new car, even though we drove home in the old one. I must have missed something there.

I got to see my Grandparents and my Great Grandparents in the afternoon. I love playing with all the toys at Nan and Granddad's. Some of them are really old because Daddy and Uncle Adam used to play with them. But my favourite is the Tupperware Shape-O. Especially when Granddad helps me do it. I can get the shapes into the holes if he helps me find the right one, otherwise I get too frustrated, so I need a bit of help. But that's the ONLY toy I need help with. Me getting frustrated is not a common occurrence. Honestly.

Yesterday we went to see Bethany, Michelle and Stuart's new place. They have moved to East Kew and are just around the corner from the best playground around here. I liked their house, and especially the backyard. Bethany showed me her toys - she has a whole room just for her toys now, as well as her bedroom. We sat down to afternoon tea at a little table which I loved! It was our size and the chairs were perfect - my feet could just touch the ground. We shared our grapes and biscuits and then, after much egging on by our parents, we kissed each other. I don't know why parents love it so much, but they do, so to keep them happy we kept kissing. Maybe about six times I think. What was really impressive though, was that Bethany can say all our names. She says "Okkar" and "Ben" and "Nnzette" - well, close enough. We knew what she meant. I can't even say my own name. And she must have been practicing to say it that well. I still have trouble getting my tongue in the right position to make the sounds I want. I have been trying to say Mum and Dad's names, but they come out sounding like "Shushie" and "Be". I need to get some lessons from Bethany obviously.

Thursday, May 23, 2002
Daddy made me a mushroom and wakame omelette for dinner tonight. It was soo yummy. Much better than the goop Mummy made me a few days ago.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002
I've just been out running in the rain. I love it! M & D and I went to Hays Paddock where there is the hugest playground. I'd only been romping about for 5 minutes before it started raining. By the way, I can say "raining" now and wiggle my fingers like Mummy showed me. We stayed out in the rain and I played hide-and-seek with Daddy while Mummy stood under the walkway trying not to get too wet. But then it really started to rain hard and M & D wussed out and headed back to the car. Daddy had to wrestle me into the car seat - I really didn't want to get in there, and besides, I was really wet. So I kicked and wiggled and grumbled but he somehow managed to clip the belt together and I was stuck. I did get mud all over the back of the seat in front of me and spread sand all down the door though, so I was happy about that.

We went to Baby Bunting to get me some skivvies which I really need. But they also got more of the plastic things that stop the cupboard doors from opening. I meant to watch Daddy when he went to put on on the kitchen cupboard so I'd know how to undo it, but I got distracted by grapes. When I went to open the door I just couldn't manage it. Very frustrating.

Yesterday was such a big day. I went swimming in the morning as usual on a Monday, and saw Thomas and Charlie there. The very first time I went, I walked along this mat they put on the water, then jumped in when I got to the end. But I've lost my nerve since then and each time Mummy has put me on it, I get a bit anxious and have to sit down. It's quite embarrassing having her and the teacher saying "come on, you can do it..." when I just want to hang on to Mummy and snuggle. Once she pulled me off it, Thomas got up there and walked the whole way along with a big grin on his face. Then Charlie walked along it too. Maybe next week I'll do it. I don't like the floating rings either. Toward the end of the lesson we have to get in these rings and we float and spin around. I don't like them at all and whinge a bit each time I have to get in them. Then we float about collecting plastic food that the teacher throws about. I collected bok choy, baby eggplant and a carrot before I found a bunch of grapes and stupidly tried to eat them. I was very embarrassed when I realised they were plastic too.

After a big sleep and some lunch, Mummy and I met Linda, Alex and Gabi at the playcentre, BillyLids. I haven't been there for a couple of months and remembered how much fun it is. I ran around for two hours solid, chatting to other boys and playing with the toys. When I was looking at the coloured balls, another boy my age came up to me and hit me in the face. I stood there wondering why he was doing that and he hit me again. What a strange thing to do. I turned my back and pretended I was sanding a toybox at the workbench.

I was so tired after all my activity that I went to bed at 6.30pm and woke up at 7am. That's a long sleep for me.

I've had some interesting dinners lately. I can eat corn on the cobb now, since I have enough teeth to bite and chew the corn with. I've been having minced chicken with assorted vegies and brown rice, which is very yummy. Fish is still my favourite though. Last night Mummy made this dish with pumpkin, capsicum, eggplant and brown rice. It was so horrible I spat out the first mouthful and refused to eat anymore. What an awful combination of foods! I could see that from just looking at it, which I did with great suspicion before tasting it. I shouldn't have bothered. But I really wasn't hungry anyway since I ate so much food at the playcentre. Each time we go out anywhere, Mummy packs me the hugest snack. Like about 3 days worth of snacks. Way more than I'd eat at home. I've no idea why but I'm not complaining. When I see what's in the tupperware, I just expect to eat it all, preferably in the space of 5 minutes (being a true Hosken). I could see that Mummy wanted to talk to Linda, so she didn't care if I ate it all, as long as I kept quiet. I was very full.

Sunday, May 19, 2002
I now own a Tupperbus. Yep, a bus with people in it and it's all made out of Tupperware. Believe it or not, Daddy bought it for me, not Mummy even though she is the tupperware addict of the family. I have to admit it's good stuff though. I know what all the containers look like that have my food in them, so I just need to pick one up and hand it to Mummy and she gets the message that I want some food. Usually she opens it for me but if she doesn't then I get a bit cranky and shake it and chuck it on the ground hoping the lid will fall off. It never does.

Last night I had another sleep-over at Nan and Grandad's. I got to stay up a bit late so I didn't go to bed until 7.45, quite late for me. That meant I didn't wake up till 7, a bit later than the last time I stayed over (5.30). I think they were all a bit pleased about that. We went to Brunetti's and someone was sitting in my chair! Not impressed. We had to sit somewhere else since Nan and Grandad didn't want to evict the person. I would have if I was bigger than mid thigh height. Then it was on to the Fitzroy Gardens. We walked through the leaves and I decided I wanted to explore Captain Cooks' Cottage. We didn't want to pay to go in so I tried to be shifty and wriggle under the back gate. But what was really clever was that I did it backwards so that if someone caught me I could say I was just leaving. Unfortunately I didn't get that far as N & G pulled me out. Spoilsports!

Playgroup was at Thomas' house last week. We were all very excited since Gabriel's Dad won Survivor the night before. All our Mums were really tired from staying up late to watch it. Gabriel couldn't come to the group since he'd been sick so we're all going to his house next week to catch up on all the news. I'm looking forward to that.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002
Oops. Hee hee. I leant over to kiss Daddy and just when I got to him I burped. I had my mouth wide open and let it rip. Hee hee. It was very funny.

I had a great romp in the Fitzroy Gardens over the weekend. M & D and I went to Brunetti's for brekkie and then went to the gardens. There were leaves all over the ground and falling from the trees. I played hide-and-seek with Daddy and he hid really well behind the trees. I lead them down the path and took them to see the baby houses. I tried to get over the fence but they wouln't let me. Why else have mini-houses but for babies to play in?

I've discovered the dirt in the corner of the balcony. Underneath the empty pots which are there as decoys, I found a deep bucket of soil. It took some finding but I got there after much exploration. So I proceeded to spread it around. I sprinkled it over the tiles, took handfuls over to some other plants that looked like they needed some and dropped some over the balcony in case May needed any extra. I had to reach up high to get to the plant in the corner so I had to actually climb into the pot of soil. That was fun, getting out again was a bit tricky and I ended up covered with dirt. My white socks weren't white after a while.

I've also been rearranging the corner cupboard in the kitchen. It was far too messy so I set about pulling everything out and re-stacking it and putting it back again. Actually I lost interest at about the putting back part...

Thursday, May 09, 2002
Speccie! I learnt to say that at Hawthorn's training session on Tuesday night. Mum, Dad and I went to watch and we met Uncle Adam there. I had a great time, running around pointing things out to Uncle Adam. They were giving away free sausages but no one thought to offer me any. Hmpf. We also scored free packs of chips because I fluttered my eyelashes at the girls giving them away. Naturally I expected M & D to open the pack for me when I handed mine over to them, but they hid it! Not impressed. But Uncle Adam also taught me to say "chippie", so I'll ask for them back later.

I examined the difference in the kicking styles of Chickie and Dixon, and watched Crawford doing some sprints. I pronounce the team in good form and ready to win their next 5 matches.

Today I went to the Collingwood Children's Farm with some of the playgroup. It was the best place; animals everywhere and they weren't scared of us at all. I patted a very haughty cat who said she'd tolerate me patting her just for a short while. I left her to it and checked out the cows. They were HUGE and very keen to get up close and personal. Mummy kept pulling me back incase they forgot they were omnivorous. The chooks were a real pest though. Bethany and I sat down to have some arvo tea and the chooks seemed to think they could share it with us. They came from everywhere and surrounded us and while one distracted me from the left, one on the right darted in and pecked at my oatbar. What a cheek! Mummy and Michelle pushed a few away for us but we ended up leaving them and eating on the run. I saw lots of sheep and goats and dogs and even some peacocks. We loitered for a long while in the donkey and sheep paddock. It was so pretty and peaceful. But we stayed just a bit long because it started to rain, so we all hung out under a barn and sat on bales of hay. A great day.

Yesterday I reset the answering machine. I've been pressing all the buttons and trying to work out what they all do. I finally worked out how to record my own greeting which I did. I said "Hi, you've rung Oskar and his parents, leave us a message please". But when I listened to it again it sounded like "unga ungangleung unga ungle ungle goodle". I'm sure that's not what I said but I like it anyway.

Saturday, May 04, 2002
I had my very first sleep-over without my parents last night. I stayed at Nan and Granddad's in my portacot and made sure that Daddy packed my lambskin and Bobo. I loved it. I went to bed only a bit later than usual but I was so excited that I woke up at 5.30 rearing to go. We went to Brunetti's as usual and also went to the Vic Market. I was fascinated at the market. It's very different from Camberwell Market and much bigger. I read The Age with Uncle Adam and he taught me how to say "Bucks", (apparently he's a very important man). Nan brought me home by 9.30am and I slept for 2 hours. M,D and I went to the park after lunch and had a great play. I met another baby, Will, who was my age. His Daddy looked as fit as my Daddy. There were lots of kids there and heaps of men running around playing football. When we got home I slept for another 2 hours.

While I slept M & D reworked my website, as you will have noticed by now. There are still a few glitches which will be fixed in the next couple of days. Any feedback is welcome though - please mail me at and I'll pass it on to Daddy.

Friday, May 03, 2002
Damn! I let slip one of my hiding places last night. This was my *special* hiding place. The one where I stashed Mummy's visa card. Mummy was getting me dinner and I was hanging off her legs as I usually do when I remembered the spot, and thought I'd check it. I forgot that Mummy was right there and obviously could see what I was doing. She noticed me when I was on my tummy, stretching my fingers as far under the dishwasher as they could go. That got her interested so she bent down as well and pulled out the visa card, as well as one of her lipsticks and a jar lid. Thankfully she was more amused than angry.

I've had another haircut. Mummy took me back to the man who did it last time, Tony. The process was just as horrible as last time and Uncle Adam wasn't even there to talk to. I didn't cry quite as hard as last time and I think Tony took that as a positive thing because he took much longer snipping all the ends. I wouldn't let him cut around my ears in case he cut them off, so he used these buzzing clippers instead. They were a bit scarey but I liked the nice line they gave my hair. Just as he finished, Uncle Adam walked in. Where had he been? He missed the whole thing. He gave me a big hug though and I felt better after it. Then I felt better again after Mummy gave me an oat bar. As we were leaving I saw Uncle Adam sitting in the same chair with the cape on, and he didn't seem to think it was worth crying over. Maybe next time...

I've been trying for a while to put on M or D's shoes and in the last two days I succeeded. I walked from their bedroom to the loungeroom with one of Mummy's shoes on. I was very proud of myself and M & D were very impressed. Yesterday I walked from the kitchen to the loungeroom with a teatowel over my head. I don't know why I did that, but it was fun.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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