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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Thursday, January 31, 2002
I got to play with some of my friends today. I hadn't seen them since before Christmas so I was really looking forward to catching up. I was actually looking forward to showing them all how well I can walk but I got there and they were all walking too. That hadn't occured to me. In fact Gabriel was walking so well that I felt like a bit of a turkey. He was throwing a ball to Michelle - we were all a bit impressed by that.

Bethany has 16 teeth!! All the back ones are coming through and it sounds like sheer agony. I think I'll settle for just 6 teeth. Except for the chewing problem. To tell the truth, I am getting a bit sick of Mummy spoonfeeding me. It's not so much the food in the mouth bit, it's the wipe over my chin afterwards that annoys me. Everytime, whether any food gets on my lip or chin or not, she drags the spoon across. Some sort of neatness phobia I think. Granny fed me tonight and just left the food wherever it landed - that's more like it.

Mummy has been giving me a spoon with food on it to eat from but I'm not very good at it yet. Last night I got vegies and rice up my nose, under my chin and smeared around my cheeks (not that it bothered me, just Mummy). Tonight I did much better, I got it in my mouth quite a lot. It's the handle that's the difficult bit. I haven't quite worked out how to hold it so that the end gets in my mouth each time. Anyway, at least I'm getting better at it.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002
I got tricked big time today. I knew we were going to see Dr. Andrew (the one who called me thunder thighs), but I didn't stop to think why. We got there on time which was a bad move right from the word go. The first 15 minutes in the waiting room was great fun. I wandered about the room and watched people. I was especially fascinated by the man who was trying to read his book. I don't think he read much because he kept looking up at me and grinning. Then he'd go back to his book then look up at me again since I was still standing in front of him staring. There was a baby in a capsule and I went up to her and bent right over to get a better look. She was pretty uninteresting so I went back to the man with the book. Eventually I got sick of him and decided to explore the building. There are corridors and rooms everywhere, including a staircase. Mummy was such a spoilsport. She let me get half way up the staircase before pulling me down and chasing me along the corridors before I could look in the rooms. I started complaining so I promptly got banished to my pram where I sulked until the doctor was ready.

First he talked to Mummy so I thought we were there for her but no...he left the room and came back with a needle. Mummy grabbed me and held my arms really tightly while Dr. Andrew stuck the needle in so far it felt like it would come out the other side. I couldn't move my arms but I could move my legs so I kicked him. It seemed a fair thing to do at the time but in retrospect that's probably why he kept letting go of the needle and letting it dangle from my arm. Finally the torture was over and while I was yelling he had the gall to say "Well now, that's a tantrum. Are you a Drama Queen?". Mummy then told him yes and I was so appalled that I cried even harder. After about 2 minutes of pure misery he looked at me and said "Yes, you are a confirmed Drama Queen". Such an insult when it was him who inflicted the pain on me. So that was it. I was given a diagnosis of being a Drama Queen.

At least I had a good arvo. I had a long sleep and then went to see Great Grandma and Great Grandad. They were nice and sweet and happy to see me and I got to show off and they loved it. And so did I.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002
I'm a bit obsessed with water at the moment. I'm loving it. Each time I drink from a cup I stick my hand in it afterwards. It feels so lovely, so cool. Makes me smile.

Then there's the bath. I love my bath. I get as many toys as I can reach and drop them all in and swoosh them around. Then I pick them up and drop them over the edge. Even better if the toy is full of water at the time. It makes a loud crack on the floor and water spreads all over the place. Then Mummy runs about in a flap to clean it up!

The problem is that there is not usually water around for me to play with. But then I remembered the toilet. I can just reach the water with my fingers but it's a bit of a stretch and I really have to lean over to reach. It's better to drop things in it. I swooshed one of my board books around in the water, then let it go. I was going to leave it there but it started going fuzzy around the edges and looked a bit, well, wet. So I fished it out and left it on the bathroom scales for Mummy to deal with. I found an empty cardboard box so I threw that in the other toilet and it floated nicely. I left that one there for later but when I went back it was gone.

I went to visit Granny and Ros on Sunday. It was still hot so Granny got out my Christmas present - a clam - and filled it with water. She put it down the bottom of the garden under the trees and I got to run around in the nuddy again. I wasn't sure that I wanted to get in at first. I stood at the edge and pulled out the toys (such as they were - some measuring cups, a funnel and a bucket). Then Granny gave me the hose - Wow - that was fun! Water spurted all over the place and it took me a while to realise that the water went where my arm went. I accidentally got my clothes and towel. Oh well. Mummy then bounced me up and down in the water which was great fun so I decided that I would sit down after all. Oooh! It took my breath away! My legs were okay but when the water got higher was very cold! Quite a shock. So I didn't stay in long. I thought I'd chase the cat instead.

Monday, January 28, 2002
I met a very cute girl today. Well, sort of met, I didn't get formally introduced but her name is Lulu MacKenzie and she is about 3 weeks younger than me. Oh, and she's very cute. Mummy and I were shopping at Safeway when Mummy recognised her Daddy, David MacKenzie the cyclist, and introduced herself. I watched her while Mummy chatted to her Daddy. I could have said something to draw attention to myself but for some reason I got a bit shy. And I was down at kneecap level while she was in her Daddy's arms. So I couldn't help but notice her Daddy's legs. They're nearly as nice as my Daddy's. Hmmm, that could bode well for her...

On Saturday arvo Mummy and I went to visit Harry, Cindie and Andrew. Daddy missed out since he's in San Francisco. Harry's walking really well now and can nearly run. We all got in the pool which was great fun - my first real swim. I was a bit unsure at first but Mummy floated me about and I got used to it pretty quickly. And it was much cooler than being dry. Harry splashed water all over the place - I didn't like it in my face but he didn't seem to mind.

Then we got out and were allowed to run around without any clothes on. If ever I'm naked at home, Mummy or Daddy are never far behind me with a nappy. But they don't have carpet there so no-one cared if little puddles kind of appeared on the floor. Cindie cooked dinner for Harry and me and it was very diferent to what Mummy does for me. I got crumbed fish with wokked vegies. Mum was hovering around like she wanted to eat it - kept telling me how yummy it was. But the simple fact remains - I only have six teeth and they're all at the front. I can't chew very well!! So I tried but got a bit peeved and upended the whole plate onto the floor. What's worse is that since then, Mummy has given me whole vegies each night. I refused to even try them tonight. We had a standoff - she sat there with her arms crossed and I banged my tray and cried. Eventually she took me out of my highchair and I hadn't eaten anything! I was so hungry I followed her all around the place crying. Finally she gave in and gave me some baked beans. Straight from the fridge mind you - she didn't trouble herself to heat it up for me. Better be mushed vegies tomorrow night, that's all I can say.

Saturday, January 26, 2002

I've just had my first sleep-in! I woke at my usual time at about 6am and Daddy came in and lay me down again (I was jumping on my bed), and surprisingly for everyone, I fell asleep until 7.45. I got up to awake and happy parents - now that's a first.

I've been home for 2 days now and am fully in the swing of things again. We got home at lunchtime on Wednesday and found our new cycling jersey in the mail. Mummy then dragged Daddy and me off for a ride so she could wear it. Now, I love the whole bike ride thing - sitting on the back of Mummy's bike watching the world crawl past is good fun. But they've got to get my seat sorted out. They wondered why I was sooking but there I was with the straps that should have been over my shoulders sitting around my arms instead. It was very uncomfortable and I felt completely justified in complaining. And I need some cool glasses like Daddy to keep the dust out of my eyes. And I want an jersey to fit me too - I think they look pretty cool.

I've discovered these white plastic things on the walls that have little switches on them. Sometimes there are leads plugged in to them and otherwise they have small things plugging the hole. They make a great "clicking" sound when I flip them which I do a lot now since it guarantees a reaction out of M & D. I've also worked out that I can start a tape playing in the stereo. Today I turned off the ABC Grandstand babble and played my Gymbaroo tape. I was a bit pleased about that, but then it stopped and the radio went back on and Mummy wasn't even near the stereo. Don't know how she did that.

Yesterday I had lots of play time with Uncle Adam which was great. He took me to the playground and read to me and kept me away from M & D which I really needed. I do need time away from them a bit, especially after entertaining them so much on our holidays. They get to be hard work after a while.

While I was out they moved the furniture around and I went to walk to the couch and discovered the painful way that the table was in my way. The corner got me in the side of the head and it really hurt for a while. I got such good cuddles after it that I thought I'd work it a bit and pretend that it still hurt even after it had stopped. I put my hand up to the side of my head and cried a bit more but Mummy caught me out. I stupidly put my hand on the wrong side of my face! She called my bluff so I quickly started playing with Uncle Adam and pretended that it hadn't happened.

Friday, January 25, 2002
Wednesday 23rd January, 2002
I slept well last night and woke early, eager to get home. M staggered in to my room at about 6.30am and we were out of there before 8am. Very good since M & D tend to be very slow in the mornings. I'm very over car trips now. I'll be happy if I don't get in the car again for ages. We live walking distance from Bethany's so I can't see any reason why we would need to drive anywhere.

It's great to be home again. I missed my Eeyore rocking horse and my lego and especially my bed. Zzzzzzzz.

Tuesday 22nd January, 2002
Tuesday morning we packed up yet again and as I watched my toys being put into a bag I just wanted to go home. I've had enough of going from place to place. We went out for coffee, I had a quick doze, then woke up as we went to another playground. Okay, I can deal with the moving around if we keep going to playgrounds like these.

I had another doze in the car and when I woke we were in Warrnambool. There we found a playground as big as Hawthorn. There were kids everywhere and I just wanted to watch them all. Daddy took me down a slide that was about 10 times longer than what I'd been down before. Mummy wouldn't let me go down on my own (and I was happy about that!). I walked all around the park including over a bridge that was very wobbly. M & D were a bit scared so I had to hold their hands to steady them. I was a solid little rock while they wobbled all over the place. They nearly pulled ME over.

Monday 21st January, 2002
Today we left Meningie and drove along the Coorong. I've never seen any land like it before, but then I haven't been outside Melbourne before this holiday so that's not saying much. It was very flat with low purple plants and pinky-white patches everywhere. The water was so flat and still and it was very quiet. Little birds scuttled about the sand really quickly (like crabs).

Then we arrived in Mt.Gambier. We went to these amazing lakes. One was huge and looked very deep and very blue. We could only look at it from a platform up high above it where the wind blew very hard in my face. Then we went to another lake with THE BEST playground ever next to it. I walked everywhere with my new shoes on and had to admit that they felt quite good. Hard to crawl in though so I just walked most of the time. I walked up and along ramps, crawled over a wobbling plank high up over the ground, went down slides, crawled through tunnels adn saw another baby just older than me fall off one of the ramps. I couldn have done just the same thing so I was a bit careful after that.

I also met lots of ducks at the lakes. Heaps of them, plus some swans which I thought were ducks with very long necks. Anyway, they were very nice and came up quite close to me.

That night we had dinner in the hotel restaurant which was good fun. I got to sit at a highchair at the table where I could drop things off the edge and watch M or D pick them up again. We played that game until it was time to leave. I don't remember actually eating anything.

Sunday 20th January, 2002
This morning I got pancakes and some croissant for brekky after my cereal. I like this routine of going out for a second breakfast - hope we keep it up when we get home. We then went back to the appartment and I had a snooze. When I woke up our things had all disappeared and it was time to leave. It was the last day of the Tour Down Under and they were doing laps around the city and river so we found a nice possie under an Olive Tree and settled down for the arvo. Boy it was hot. This time I turned into a steamed baby, I was all clammy and sticky. Each time the peloton whizzed by we got a nice whoosh of air which helped cool me down a bit. Robbie McEwen won - Yay Robbie!!

We then jumped in the car and drove off to Meningie. We had fish and chips by the lake in a nice park for dinner. There was a great playground there which I romped about on - such fun. But what's with the seagulls? They all crowded around us and just stood and stared. At one stage I had my back to them and I lifted my arm up to illustrate a point I was making and accidentally let go of my chip. I turned around to pick it up and it wasn't there. Just the seagulls a bit closer than they were looking very shifty.

Saturday 19th January, 2002
It is soooo hot today. We were planning to watch the race at the Barossa Valley but the forecast was for hotter than 37C in Adelaide and it got to 42C in the Barossa. Thankfully M & D decided that I didn't need to hang around in that heat. We did go out for brekky adn a play though. I got turkish bread with remnants of egg yolk on it this time. Then I had a good workout at the playground and by the time we left I was starting to slowly roast and it wasn't even 9.30am. Poor cyclists.

Friday 18th January, 2002
This morning I had pancakes for brekky! Yum yum. Morning tea really because I had my usual cereal as well. We went out for an early morning walk and found a great cafe in Melbourne St. M & D both had pancakes and I got to share quite a bit of Mummy's, but not with maple syrup though. We then went to yet another playground where I did lots of exercise up and down the slide. I'll soon have legs like all the cyclists if I keep this up.

Speaking of cyclists, we had a day off from them today and went shopping instead. We wandered up and down the mall and eventually ended up in Myer by which time I was bored and hot and tired. Then I discovered that M & D expected me to try on shoes. So I sulked. A lady tried to measure how big my feet were andI sulked even more. Then they put these sandals on me and expected me to walk in them. I couldn't help it, I just stood there holding Daddy's hand and cried. Everyone was looking at me with these sad, sympathetic faces so I did my best to pull myself together. Eventually I did go for a walk but I didn't want to let Daddy's hand go. I thought I would trip over the shoes with each step. They felt very weird at first but after a bit I decided that I could probably get used to them. I would be nice not to have bits of woodchips stuck in my feet at each playground I got to.

Thursday 17th January, 2002
This morning we all set off early and walked down to the river for a walk and breakfast. We were so early even the ducks were still asleep. They had their beaks buried in their feathers and they squinted at us when we went past. Daddy ran off while I had my brekky by the river. Lots of people walked by and everyone smiled at me and said hello. I must have looked especially cute while I was eating because I got a lot of attention even by my usually high standards. A couple of ironman triathletes jogged by but they said hello to Mummy not me so that kept her happy.

After brekky we got in the car and when I woke up we were in McLaren Vale. I timed that sleep very well. We watched the race start and then went to a nice cafe for an early lunch. We sat outside and I was happily munching away when everyone got up and ran to the roadside. Even the staff went out there - everyone except me. They left me there on my own to try and get a peek of the action from a distance. Forget that. I wonder if I can reach Daddy's waffles...?

After lunch we found the best playground. It was covered in shadecloth so it didn't get so hot that I couldn't touch it. We spent ages there and I romped around and went up and down the slide. Then we wandered down the road and saw the bikes come by again. This time I had the best view because I was sitting on Daddy's shoulders. We drove off and saw them another couple of times before heading off. Before we got home we stopped off at the Haigh's chocolate factory. Wow - I've never smelt anything like it before. Very delicious. Then we went to the tour village and by then I was really over bikes for the day. I was hot and there were so many people and I just wanted to go home. I got out of my pram, put my head down and headed for the door. Mum tried to turn me back about four times before finally getting the message and letting me go outside.

Holidays are great because I get lots of time with M & D, but, well there's only so much of them I can take. Having to laugh at them while they play peek-a-boo can get very tiresome after a while. I just couldn't wait to get home for some quiet time by myself. I felt much better after a quiet flip through my books and some stacking and posting.

Thursday, January 24, 2002
Wednesday 16th January, 2002
Wednesday's racing was much better. We went to the race start at Hahndorf up in the hills and looked at all the bikes and people and colour. Daddy had to tell Mummy to wind her tongue back in. There were lots of muscley men in tight clothes lolling about the place. A group of them all in red from Lotto-Adecco were drinking coffee in a cafe at the side of the road. I watched them a bit and tried to listen in to their conversation but I couldn't understand a word they said. They must have been speaking in code so no-one could listen in on their race plan.

I watched all the racers go to the start line and take off after a very loud gun went off. Then we went to get a sausage in bread each but Mummy only bought two. Two? They expected me to sit there and watch them eat? Huh! I let them know what I thought about that and what did I get for my explanations? A crust. I ate the measly offering and was given a second crust but this time with tomato sauce on it. Not impressed Parents.

But they made up for it my taking me to the Giant Rocking Horse. I ate a proper lunch in a park and played in the grass under this enormous rocking horse. Then we went into the showrooms and wow, it was heaven! So many wooden toys that I'd never seen before. There were huge trucks and lawnmowers and sewing machines. There was an iron and ironing board that we nearly got for Harry, dolls houses, aeroplanes and my favourite, a motorbike. I ran about the place and tried to pull all the toys off the shelves but lucky for them they were too big. Boy I had fun though, and I got really dirty - my feet turned black. So after looking at all these grand toys, M & D really splashed out and bought me....a hammer. Great. Yeah, I needed one sure, but they could have spent more than $3.00. They liked the hammer, I wanted the motorbike.

We stayed in Horsham last night and I was so tired that I fell asleep straightaway in my portacot. But after a while I woke up and thought "hang on, I nap in this cot but I'm not sleeping the whole night here!" Surely they didn't expect that?! I had a bit of a complain and luckily they got me out of the cot quite quickly. Helped along my some really angry loud yells and neighbours close by I think.

Boy Mummy and Daddy were tired though. I hopped in to their bed between them and stroked their faces like they do to me. I thought I'd have a little play and they could go back to sleep. Well I tried to stroke gently but I accidentally slipped my fingers up Mummy's nose and pushed a bit hard over Daddy's eyes. It was dark afterall. It was kind of fun gallivanting up and down the bed between them but boy, they were like a couple of wet socks. Eventually I got bored and fell asleep but it wasn't the best nights sleep. Mummy hogged all the covers so Daddy got cold and tried to cuddle up to me. Then I got hot and tried to sleep on top of Mummy but she kept pushing me off. But I woke up feeling good in the morning, although I couldn't say the same for M & D. I had to wake them up so I stroked their faces but when they didn't wake quick enough I shoved them quite hard. Then I started the loud babble and they finally got up.

Monday 14th January, 2002
Our first full day in Adelaide was pretty good. We started the day with coffee (since M & D can't do without their fix) and water (me) at The Oxford (where Daddy proposed to Mummy 3 years ago). Then we drove up the hills and went to a place called Bridgewater Mill. It was a big building in really pretty gardens and it had this giant wheel turning against one wall. There was water falling in to it from the top and water at the bottom of it. We went inside to the restaurant and sat on a balcony where we could see all the trees and the water wheel.

I had the best lunch. I sat in a hight chair at the table with M & D and ate for ages. So did they - good thing I had lots of food because I might have got bored otherwise. I even got to try what they were drinking - a fizzy drink called Croser - except it was very yukky and I spat it out. No idea what they see in it.

I got to play in another playground before we went home. That's a big bonus of being on holidays. We've already been to heaps more playgrounds than we would have been to at home.

Tuesday 15th January, 2002
On Tuesday we started the day at the Oxford for coffee again. Then it was off to the Adelaide Zoo. It was hot and sunny and I was feeling a bit grouchy for some reason. The first thing I saw was a nice looking pond which I thought would be very nice to have a dip in. But it had very high fences and some very long, pointy looking rocks in it. I tried my best to get over the fence but M & D wouldn't let me. They said there were Alligators in it but I didn't see any amongst all the funny rocks.

We saw a Bison. That's one ugly looking animal - messy tufts of fur hanging off it all over the place. The deer were very pretty though. We went through an area with deer and sheep running free and everyone could touch them. I patted a deer on the leg. It was a bit coarse, not soft like Bobo. I had a chat to a black cockatoo who was very friendly and most impressive to look at.

That night we went down to Glenelg to watch the opening of the Tour Down Under. I had my dinner by the beach which I really enjoyed. Then I settled down in my pram for some good bike watching but I accidentally fell asleep. A motorbike honking woke me up and I couldn't really see the cyclists properly so I had a big complain. Boy I was annoyed. M & D finally got me out for a look but I was tired and cranky and it was cold and they didn't take a jumper for me. Then the cyclists whizzed by so quickly I wondered why I wanted to see them at all. Bit of an anti-climax I thought but M & D seemed to enjoy themselves despite the shivering (in the middle of summer). At least I could snuggle up in my lambskin in my pram to keep warm. Robbie McEwen won the race and we happened to be by his team van at the end of the race so got to see him looking pretty pleased with himself. A man gave him a wash a bit like M & D sometimes wash me - a really rough wipe down all over the arms and legs and face. I didn't know adults had that done to them as well! Strangely enough he didn't try to fight the man off - I sure would have.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002
I'm noticing a pattern here. Nan and Grandad come over in the evening, Nan plays with me in my room and when we come out, Mummy and Daddy have disappeared. I was a bit unimpressed with these tactics at first, but then I realised I could work it to my advantage.

I have a play, then when it's bedtime all I need to do is grisle a bit and I get to stay up a bit longer. A few nights ago Nan tried to put me to bed but I didn't want to go, so I tried my new technique (sooking for about a minute). Voila! She came to get me and I got to sit between Nan and Grandad and watch Jamie Oliver on TV. Not only that, they both stroked me and rubbed my back. Way to go!

Today we set off on our holiday to watch the Tour Down Under in Adelaide. We left home really early and stopped at Brunetti's for caffeine, then we were off. Our first stop was at Beaufort where I had a play in a great playground. I enjoyed the play but had to suffer the indignity of having my nappy changed on a barbeque. And it was in full view of a family walking past. I hope they don't make a habit of changing my pants in public because I really am a bit shy.

We had lunch at the Sundial Turntable in the Grampians which was really lovely. There were heaps of really big trees and lots of birds and I got to sit ON the table to eat my lunch. We had a walk to the Silverband Falls where a bit of water was falling down a rock face. Not that spectacular at all. We did see a koala dozing high up in a tree on a very uncomfortable looking branch though. I've no idea how he didn't fall off.

(my diary will be posted in stages since I wrote a lot on holiday and Mummy can only type so fast...stay tuned)

Tuesday, January 08, 2002
Gee Mummy and Daddy annoyed me yesterday. First off Mummy had a shower and wouldn't let me in with her. I pushed and pushed on the door but she held it closed. So I got her back by opening the drawer with all her make-up in it and chucking it all in the bath. She very quickly got out of the shower after that. Then a bit later Daddy had a shower and HE wouldn't let me in either. So I unravelled all the toilet paper off the roll. It made such a mess I felt a bit guilty so I tried to put it back again. Hmm. That looked even worse so I left it and went for the cupboard. All sorts of interesting things were in the cupboard. I found a little blue box that was full of all these little white things that fell out when I had a look. Then Daddy came zooming out of the shower saying something like "eeek, don't touch those...". Okay, found something else I'm not supposed to get into. I'll remember that for next time they leave me out of the shower.

Monday, January 07, 2002
My walking is getting much better. I can now walk most of the way across our loungeroom, and yesterday I walked about 40 steps at Granny's place (Daddy counting, not me).

I was out in the first really hot day of the summer yesterday. Mummy, Daddy and I went to watch the cycling in the city. After watching them go round and round a few times I worked out that that was all they were going to do. Go round and round and round. Each time they went past there was a whoosh of wind, and dust got in my eyes. But we did run into some friends which was good so I got to play with Ruby a little bit. At one stage I got so bored that the most exciting activity I could come up with was picking up dirt from the ground and putting it in the basket under my pram. I also tried to bury the water bottle. Once I thought we'd been there long enough I decided I'd go home so I set off to cross the road. Uncle Adam kept stopping me which was very annoying. But then lunch came out - aha, okay I'll stay a bit longer.

A few days ago I played with Bethany. She was most impressed with my walking, so I had to do it a lot to show off a bit. Boy I was tired after that. Then Uncle Adam came over and played with me when Mummy and Daddy went out. We had a great time - I love the UncleAdamChair. He reads me stories and I snuggle into his tummy - very comfy. Then Nan and Grandad came over so more play and some food and a bath and I was completely exhausted. Great day but bed please!


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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