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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Friday, December 28, 2001
I forgot to write about my really big news. I took my first steps on Christmas Day. Just a few to start with but I've already improved on that effort. Yesterday Nan and Grandad came over and I walked over to Nan and she caught me just before I fell. I even got to show Bethany and Michelle how I can walk since they dropped over today. Bethany had a go on Eeyore but wasn't too keen on him. I walked over to Michelle which I think impressed her. I was impressed anyway. I'll keep practicing - there's good potential for mischief to be made here.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001
It's now Boxing Day and we've just got back from brekky at Brunetti's. It was amazing - we got attacked by The Birds. Hundreds of them all starved and crazed gathered around and stared at us. Then they closed in and started swooping. I could have grabbed them if I was quick enough but I was too stunned. I thought they were all going to pick me up and take me away. Brunetti's must have been closed on Christmas Day so they missed out on their usual diet of escargots and donuts. They also must have missed out on the news because they swooped at the newspaper as well. They then regrouped a few tables away to plot their final attack so we made a run for it. Just made it to the car in time. Phew.

I had great fun at Nan and Grandad's on Christmas Day. We got there just before lunch and I got to munch on heaps of my favourite cheese straws. Just when the biggies were going to eat they put me to bed and I had a snooze but when I called for them when I woke no-one came. I called and called and got a bit worried and started crying. I thought they'd all gone out and left me there. Finally Daddy came to get me but I was really upset by then. Needed lots of cuddles to calm me down - and some banana from Nan. That helped. No wonder they couldn't hear me - the music was so loud! But then came prezzie time which was great fun. Lots of coloured paper and boxes to play with. And there were some fun things in the wrappings too. My favourite was an Eeyore rocking horse. He's big and soft and I can even climb onto and off him myself. I got some very spunky overalls and matching jumper which I'm really looking forward to wearing and some bathers. Oooh, not sure about the bathers - they're very, um, brief. I saw Harry in some bathers once and Mummy and Daddy laughed and said he had a "pointer". I've no idea what a pointer is but I'm sure it's not good. And I got a late birthday present - I have a swing in the backyard at Nan and Grandad's. Just the same as Bethany's so great fun. I think December is a great month for me! Thank-you everyone!!

Time to get ready for Christmas lunch number two at Granny's house. Might wear my new clothes too. Bye for now.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001
I've been so busy I haven't had time to write. It's now Christmas morning and I'm looking forward to a great day. I don't remember much about last christmas except that I slept a lot and got lots of cuddles. Hopefully this year I still get lots of cuddles but I don't think I'll sleep as much, too much playing to be done.

Over the last week I've had dinner and a sleep at Granny's, played with Bethany for an afternoon, seen my Grampa, met my Gruncle and had lots more stories with Uncle Adam.

Last week Mummy and I went to the airport to meet my Gruncle (Mummy's Uncle). I had never met him before but decided he must be okay since he looked very like Granny - well except for the fact that he was a he and he has a lot less hair. I also thought he must be a nice man because he took his teddy bear on the plane with him like Daddy does. But then he gave his bear to me! Soo nice. Thanks Gruncle!

On Thursday last week Mummy left me with Bethany and Michelle and went off to get her hair done. I had the best time. Bethany and I played heaps and I had my lunch there and even had a sleep in Bethany's bed. On my own though, unfortunately. The night before I slept in my portacot for the first time at Granny's. Not bad at all - I've decided I really don't mind where I sleep as long as it's comfy and quiet.

Time to get ready to go to Nan and Grandad's for Christmas lunch, so I'll write more later. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2001
Today Uncle Adam read me some stories instead of Mummy or Daddy. It was great having books I know really well read out in a different way. What was strange though was all the extra bits he threw in to the stories. I'd be following along..Red shirt, blue shirt, yellow shirt, oops. Yellow pants, red pants, YES HE'S GONE!! green pants, oops. Blue shoes, OOOOH, that was shoes, yellow shoes, oops. It took me a while to work it out. When the very hungry caterpillar said "HOWZAT" I worked it out. I just don't know how Uncle Adam managed to read my books and watch the cricket at the same time. For the record, Australia won.

Monday, December 17, 2001
I've had a great few days. On Saturday Mummy and I went to see Granny and Ros. Granny, Mummy and I went for a walk around the creek and I saw lots of dogs and birds and trees and ground covers, as Granny proudly pointed out (she planted some of them). But best of all was the playground. I had a swing and met some friendly people who thought I was cute. Then I climbed up the slide. Yep, climbed right up the really steep, long slide with my bare hands and feet. Boy I was pleased with myself. Granny met me at the top, helped me turn around and I slid down to Mummy. Then I turned around and climbed up again. Once I got really good at it I lay on my tummy and slid down backwards with feet first. I could have done it all afternoon. Except I was getting hungry.

I've been watching Mummy and Daddy when they do their hair. They drag a comb over their heads and the hair comes out neater afterwards. I've been trying to do my own hair but I find it a bit dificult. I rub my head with the comb but I don't think I get any hair in it. It's a pretty big comb though, I need a littler one. But yesterday I combed Daddy's hair. He lay down so I could reach and I ran the comb through his hair. I was a bit pleased with that effort but so were Daddy and Mummy which was nice.

I had to have nice hair yesterday because in the evening we went to the Hawthorn Carols in Central Park with Bethany, Michelle and Stuart. There were heaps of families there - I've never seen so many in the one place. We were right next to another family and their little boy was also called Oskar. Bet it wasn't spelt the same though. I got to eat some of Bethany's food, which was much nicer than what Mum feeds me. Bethany and I both tried to get to our parents noodles and bubbly but they weren't sharing, the big meanies. Then we had a play and then I got tired and a bit cold so I rugged up in my pram and had a snooze. All the while there were people singing carols and a band playing. All very nice for a change.

Friday, December 14, 2001
Today Mummy and I had planned to go shopping with Uncle Adam and I was really looking forward to it. So off I went with Mummy in the morning but we went to the Town Hall instead. I ran into Thomas and his parents there so we chatted away for a while. Then Thomas disappeared behind a screen and I heard this ear piercing scream. It was at that point that I started to get worried. He came out with tears running down his face so I made a beeline for the front door. Mummy kept grabbing me and taking me back and I kept running off. Then she disappeared from view and I made a run for it again but Sandra caught me and handed me over. So we went behind the screen as well and there was that Man I'd seen before. He was brandishing these huuuuuuge needles and held me down and jabbed them into my arms. Waaaaaaa! What did I do to deserve that???! Apparently it's all part of turning 1. They soften you up with a great party then do that to you. Hmpff.

We finally did get to go shopping but of course I was in a bad mood. We looked through a few shops and I checked out the Rivers store thoroughly. They had all these sinister looking boxes along the wall so I tried to squash them under the shelf. That didn't work so I tried pulling them out and looking inside. There were shoes in there. Not that sinister after all. By this stage I needed clean underpants so Mummy changed them for me and along the way noticed a hairdressers. In we went and I thought she was going to get her hair cut. Her or Uncle Adam but no, it was me. Oh boy, what an experience. First this huuuuge woman put me on a high chair and pulled faces at me. I got a bit nervous then but when she pulled out this even huuuuger black cape and put it around me I got really scared. First needles then this. She came at me with this long pair of scissors and started to chop my hair off. I tried to stop her but Mummy held my arms away from her so she could butcher my hair. I got upset and hot and my nose ran and I got hair in my eyes. It was AWFUL!!! Never again. That's it. I'm growing my hair.

Thursday, December 13, 2001
I had another birthday. Well it was the same birthday but I thought Saturday was my birthday because that's when I had my party. But Tuesday was the real day. It just happened that I was still tired from my big day on Saturday so I slept in. Mummy and Daddy looked so happy when I woke up, which was about one and a half hours after I usually wake up. Then I got more presents! Daddy wrote me a very beautiful card and I got a wooden train with lots of carriages, and a book. Then Kerri Lee and her parents dropped by with another present! It's the wackiest thing ever. Webster is a spider that makes really kooky noises. My favourite is weeHEEEEEEEEE! I can't walk with it yet but I'll get there soon. Then Granny came over and gave me the best knife, fork and spoon - they all have smiley faces on them and are wearing blue t-shirts. Very cool. I played with Granny for the afternoon and then Aunty Jo came over as well with the biggest birthday card I've ever seen and some glow in the dark stars. They're very cool too. Thanks everyone!!

I can now stand again. I think I forgot to write about my foot injury. I was just learning how to stand with no hands when I hurt my foot. I was trying to get from the coffee table to the couch and I had both feet on the table and both hands on the couch. Then I started to slip. What was worse was that Granny and Ros were over as well as Mummy and Daddy and they were all watching me. I lost my nerve and my feet slipped and slammed into the ground really hard. Owww, oww, ow!!!! It really hurt, and made a really loud cracking noise. I tried not to cry but I couldn't help it, it was so sore. I got lots of cuddles after that but it hurt for about a week and I had to limp on it and couldn't stand on it. So a couple of days ago I started to put real weight through it again and now I can stand with no hands no problems! It's great actually - I can wave both hands about and hold things with both hands instead of one. Might think about walking without holding on soon...

My favourite game at the moment is trying to get Daddy's attention when he's working at the computer. The couch is next to where he sits so I climb onto the couch and call out to him. When he ignores me I climb closer and yell a bit louder with a really cute expression on my face. If that doesn't work then I make for the mouse or the mouse pad and that's guaranteed to get his attention. When he comes to tell me not to do it I dive into the cushions and he chases me. Great fun!!

Sunday, December 09, 2001
Yesterday I had my 1st birthday party, and what a party it was!! I had an absolute ball and a big thank-you to everyone who came and made it so wonderful. First of all it was a complete surprise. I had a normal morning, that is, food, play, nap, play, food, nap. Then when I woke up, Mummy dressed me in my new shirt and off we went to Nan and Grandad's house. I saw balloons beside the driveway and streamers over the front door - this is not normal so I started to get a bit excited at this point. Then we got inside and there were heaps of colourful balloons everywhere, lots of food on the table and lots of my toys in the back room plus a few extra surprises. Whoopee!! This is for me!! All of my Melbourne family were there and then friends started to arrive. We all had great fun playing in a red tunnel full of balloons, and with all the other toys. We also played outside on the grass. Then there was the birthday cake. Aunty Jo made me this sensational cake that was full of fruit and was very, very yummy. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and then I went to blow out the candle. Ouch - no one told me it was hot! It nearly got my fingers but Aunty Jo yanked me back just in time. Then we got to eat it - yum, yum - I had a whole piece to myself. Boy I was pooped by the end of the afternoon, but I was really wired from the sugar so I was kind of hyper until bedtime when I just crashed. I had very sweet dreams.

An extra big thank-you to Nan and Grandad and Uncle Adam for having my party at their house, and to Granny, Aunty Jo, Mummy and Daddy for helping to make my party such a good surprise.

Wednesday, December 05, 2001
I don't know why, but every time I get in the bath I really need to pee. Of course I can't do it in the bath because that would be icky so I have to hang on until I get out. I usually last about 10 seconds before I can't hold on anymore and at that stage I'm usually standing up at the side of the bath facing the tiles. Not my fault I keep getting the bath mat or making puddles on the floor. Mummy just needs to be quicker in getting my nappy on. Daddy likes to hold me over the toilet but I can't do it when he's looking at me expectantly. That's why I need to get in there on my own to practice.

I got to go to gymbaroo twice this week. Once on Monday and again on Tuesday when Uncle Adam came along. He brought his video camera so I made sure I looked really cute and smiled a lot. It was a different group of people so I went around to all of them and introduced myself. I met a boy on the trampoline who I kept bumping into since he wanted to sit in the middle and I wanted to do laps back and forth. I met a girl on the ramp when I (accidentally) pushed her to the side to get past. I met another boy at the top of a ramp going down and he kindly waited for me to go first (since I was going to anyway). I met another girl in the middle of the tunnel and she was so slow I caught up to her and had to overtake. One girls mummy told me I should go down the ramp feet first, but then how would I see where the bottom was? So I went down hands first which was much better I'm sure. I couple of the other boys saw me and decided to copy although one of them chickened out and tried to turn around in the middle. He got kind of wedged in there and had to be helped out. That's the problem with doing things too slowly. You have too much thinking time. Better to get in there and just do it quickly before you have second thoughts. Mummy thinks I get that attitude from Daddy.

Sunday, December 02, 2001
On Thursday I went to the Zoo and discovered the joys of having a picnic lunch with others. We got there at lunch time and all settled under a tree for lunch. Once I'd had enough of my usual goop I checked out what everyone else was having. I had some of Bethany's ham and avocado sandwich and some of Thomas' mango and rockmelon and decided that Mummy has been depriving me. Food aside, we really enjoyed looking at the animals. I liked the gibbons, they had the longest arms and swung all around the place. The Love Birds were very pretty and the giraffes were just huuuge. The water buffalos were the coolest animals and I also liked the seals. They frollicked around their pools and had a great time.

The next day I had lunch out with Granny and Mummy made me a sandwich which I was able to eat at my leisure. That's more like it! She obviously got some ideas from the other Mums. I had grated carrot and zucchini with ricotta cheese - very yummy. Followed up with a bickie. I scored that because Mummy was enjoying sitting there and not having to feed me. You and me both!

Saturday was the combined birthday party for all us babies. Our first birthday!! We all got prezzies to open and had our own birthday cake and our parents sang happy birthday to us. I got a truck with two trailers and a t-shirt and matching shorts. Fantastic - I love them all, thank-you Dusty and Gabriel. Boy I was pooped afterwards but I was so hyped up I struggled to sleep (I bet Oliver didn't have any trouble sleeping; I saw him swigging sparkly out of his mums cup, boy he downed a lot). Didn't matter though because Mum and Dad went out and I got to play with Nan and Grandad. Nan helped me with my bath and we played a bit and then I zonked out for the night. I didn't see Mum and Dad until the morning. Then I heard what they'd been up to the night before without me. They went off to a pub for celebratory drinks for friends who got engaged. Congratulations to Simon and Julie - may you produce a baby as cute as me! Oh, okay, I know that's not possible, but I did hear that Julie is very cute so I'll look forward to meeting them soon.

Mummy then went off with Uncle Adam to the track cycling where she got to admire great legs going round and round and round. That's her kind of heaven - I've worked that out. One time we were sitting together reading and she was stroking my leg. It was nice at first but she kept rubbing on and on and on and I got really sick of it. I picked up her hand and stuck it on her leg. I know I've got great sprinters legs but I can only take so much ogling in one session. And it seems that Uncle Adam has a new squeeze - I'll have to cuddle the goss out of him when I see him next.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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