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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2001
I've had some more new foods in the last couple of days. Mummy gave me some tofu with my rice and wakame. Very yummy! As long as she mushes it small enough though - she left it too big today and I couldn't eat it. I also tried some polenta with vegies and tuna today. It was actually Mummy's dinner but I liked it more than my lentils. She said she'd make me some specially soon. I had another sweet bickie today. I need to practice eating them so I learn to bite off little chewable bits and not big chunky bits. That means Mum has to give them to me MORE OFTEN.

I had lunch out with Nan and Grandad and Aunty Jo and Mummy for Mummy's birthday. We went to Shakahari and everyone thought it was delicious food. I munched away on my lunch at the same time and then Nan came over and stroked my face, and it felt so nice...and I got really relaxed...and then I woke up at Brunetti's.

We were meant to have dinner with Ros and Granny last night but Granny is soooooo sick that it got cancelled. Get well soon Granny - I miss your cuddles. We've been driving around in Granny's car while ours is being fixed up. Mummy and I are looking forward to getting ours back that's for sure. I've never seen so many cobwebs! And Mummy doesn't drive it properly so we lurch along the road. I liked the smell in the car though - sort of like Granny's backyard - like a gum tree.

Sunday, September 23, 2001
I had the best afternoon yesterday. Mummy and I did a bit of shopping - we got me some really cool shorts - then we dropped in to visit Margo and Oliver. Oliver is nearly 4 weeks older than me but we're about the same size. We went out into their backyard which is a new experience for me. I stomped about the place, played with the watering can, picked up the mulch and tried to eat it (yuk, don't know why), picked up leaves, it was great fun. I also showed Oliver how to open the drawers in the kitchen and how to use the bookshelf to pull yourself to standing. He was pleased and said he'd practice. Margo offered me a sweet biscuit to which Mummy said no. Oliver then sat outside and slowly devoured all of his cookie front of me. Told me they were really yummy and good to practice your chewing on. Mummy must have heard him because today I had my first biscuit! Hmmm, it wasn't as easy as I thought. It all crumbled and then went mushy and I ended up with squashed biscuit all over my clothes and face. And the floor. Mummy wasn't that thrilled. Today I also had my first muffin. Nan and Grandad came over and Nan had made these yummy fruit muffins so Mummy and I shared one. Mmmmm, now I enjoyed that much more than the cookie. It was a bit easier to eat and I actually swallowed some. Had to spit out the pecans though. I get to have some more tomorrow too, provided Mummy hasn't eaten them all.

When Nan and Grandad came over we all went for a walk and had a play in the playground. I had a swing and then played rodeos on this wobbly thing where I took one hand off and pretended to be a cowboy. I also had a couple of slides with Nan. Woooo - we both nearly collected the ground a bit quickly the first time and I nearly slammed into Mummy the second time. Clearly we need to practice sliding more often. I don't mind!

Saturday, September 22, 2001
I'm finally feeling better! My nose is a little drippy but at least I can sleep again without feeling like I can't breathe. I had a great day yesterday. Mummy and I got up in the morning and wondered what to do for the day since we didn't have anything planned. First up Uncle Adam rang and came on over. He had a very sore neck and shoulder so took the day off because it's very well known that playing with your nephew makes everything better. We rolled around on the floor and having chomped on Mummys and Grannys noses in the last few days, I tried to compare them with Uncle Adams. His nose is much bigger, and I also checked out his teeth and looked at his tonsils. Hmmm, seems healthy enough. I tried to climb over his belly but it defeated me - I'll have to grow a bit bigger before I can climb over that. Nice to cuddle though.

Then Aunty Jo came over - she also had a sore neck - and then Granny came over! Last night Michelle (Bethanys Mum) dropped over another car seat for me. So yesterday it was being fitted into Grannys car and she came over to pick it up. It was great to have lots of other people here because Mummy and I were getting sick of each other.

Uncle Adam read me some of my books. My favourite at the moment is BIG, the book Daddy brought me back from the U.S. He was reading out one page and missing the bits on the next page so Mummy called out the bits he forgot. Like "HUGE PURPLE hat and coat (hanging out)" and "BIG BRIGHT orange dress (party girl)". Uncle Adam hadn't even noticed that he forgot those bits and thought that Mummy had spent far too much time reading baby books and was making it up. Silly Uncle. Mummy said she caught him reading baby books without the baby!

I'm talking a lot now - I wasn't so much while I was sick but I'm making up for it now. I'm practicing saying "Dad, dad, dad, dad" for when Daddy gets home. I'm pretty good at "Mum, mum, mum" now. I even started practicing "Nan, nan, nan".

Wednesday, September 19, 2001
I've discovered so many playthings about the house that I hadn't noticed before. Now that I'm getting taller I can reach up to most of the table tops and pull things off them. I like playing with CD covers, I can pull them down from near the stereo. The DVD's are great to chew on - just the right thickness and no sharp edges.

I can look over the top of the computer table and there are all sorts of interesting looking things up there. There's a lighthouse that Mummy and Daddy put their keys in on top of the bookshelf of cookbooks. I've discovered that if I pull out a few of the fat cookbooks, then step on them and get up on tippy-toes, I can reach the bottom of the lighthouse. I should have done that when Mummy wasn't looking though because she's moved it now.

She's also moved the maidenhair ferns. I really liked stroking them and pulling off the leaves and she let me for a while but told me enough was enough. The ferns weren't happy apparently. So she put one on the telly and the other on the trolley where all my toys are. But today I discovered that I could reach the one on the trolley, grabbed the tray to pull it closer and accidentally pulled the whole thing on to the carpet. Dirt went everywhere and we had to vacuum again. We'd already done the vacuuming in the morning so Mummy wasn't impressed.

I also worked out how to open the cupboards in the bathroom - lots of fun to be had in there, but the drawers have strangely stopped opening no matter how hard I pull. I'll have to think about that one.

Monday, September 17, 2001
My cold has got worse. Blah. The nights are awful because I get very stuffy lying on my back. I don't feel too bad during the day except for my nose dripping and the process of having it wiped for me. I went to see a doctor this morning - I'm not too bad, my ears are a little bit red apparently but my chest is fine. Mummy's a bit worse though and had to get antibiotics. She's croaking about the place and tried to sing me a song yesterday that made me just stare at her in surprise. I don't think it was meant to sound like that.

Aunty Jo came over for lunch today. It was a beautiful spring afternoon so we all went out on to the balcony. I had a great time - would have made Granny and Nan proud with my gardening. I know that the ground is meant to have dirt on it and our balcony didn't so I went about pulling it out of the pots and sprinkling it over the tiles. I got covered in soil and it's all underneath my fingernails. But that was the best fun I've had in ages.

I met up with Nan, Grandad and Uncle Adam at Brunetti's on Saturday. It's been ages since I've been there. I got lots of cuddles. The only thing missing was my Daddy. I miss him. But I got to talk to him on the phone yesterday which was great. Nice to hear his voice. Come home soon Daddy!!

Saturday, September 15, 2001
I had a great time at mothers group on thursday. We all met at the park hoping to play outside. But after approximately 3 spits of rain they decided we'd better go to someones house. We ended up at Bethanys place, but at least I got to have a swing before we went there. I showed everyone how good I am at standing now, and made lots of noise so they'd all notice me. We're going to have them all over for dinner next week which will be great. Bethany is in town for about another week so I have to make the most of it.

A couple of nights ago I woke at quarter to five in the morning feeling miserable and lonely so I went into bed with Mummy for a snuggle. Trouble was she had a cold and she breathed on me for the rest of the night. Now I've got a drippy nose and Mum keeps coming at me with a hanky. Just as long as she remembers who is using which hanky. I sure don't want to use hers! At least it's better than a scratchy tissue.

Thursday, September 13, 2001
I've been eating toast at brekky or lunch lately. I thought that was really cool 'til I saw that Mummys toast had a spread on it. So I threw mine away and wanted hers. Turned out to be vegemite but she wouldn't give it to me. Hmpf.

I've discovered that there are drawers all through the kitchen and bathroom. I thought they were just knobs on the wall but I pulled on one and out came a box filled with all sorts of stuff. I was having a great time pulling them all out until I jammed my fingers in one when it slid back again. I jammed my fingers about three times. Even broke the skin yesterday - owww.

I just discovered that I can disconnect Mummy from the internet when I think she's been on too long. I used to pull the cord from the wall but she put sticky tape over it. Now I push the speakerphone button on the base set. It makes really cool boinging noises and kicks her off. Pretty clever hey?!

Monday, September 10, 2001
I went to Harry's first birthday party on Saturday. What fun!! He just got out of hospital the day before so he wasn't full strength, but he had a great day too. He got lots of cool presents that all us bubs played with. I let Mummy know which ones I want when I turn one. There was heaps of food on a big table and I saw Mum eat 8 pieces of chocolate slice, 3 bits of mousse cake, 57 m&m's, 15 fruit jellys, 5 glasses of bubbly and she let me have a piece of watermelon. Unfair. I got her back by grabbing her plate with the remains of chocolate cake on it and wiping my hands on it and then onto her white top.

I spent the day with Granny yesterday while Mummy went to the athletics. It was the longest time I've been away from Mummy. But I had a great day - visited Aunty Jo who was a bit sick and helped Granny do some shopping at the supermarket. I pushed the trolley for her.

We went for a walk late yesterday, me, Granny and Mummy. Just made it to the velodrome when it started raining so we had to wait it out under the clubhouse. Lookout for a photo Mum took of me then - it shows how BORED I was. We finally got walking again when we ran into one of Mum and Dads friends - Mark Mathews. I was watching Mummy, she could hardly keep her eyes off his legs. Granny was a bit impressed too. He's been in full-on training for the World Duathlon Championships and is part of the Australian Team. His website is Yay Mark!! We'll be cheering you on.

Daddy has entered a race in San Francisco, from the Bay Bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge. Good training for the half-marathon he and I are going to do when he gets back. I'm keeping my end up - spending lots of time in my jogger so he has to too.

Team OskarTex has entered the Fantasy Vuelta. We'll see if we can better our 4th place from the Fantasy Tour De France. After 2 stages we're middle of the pack, nothing too special yet but hopefully the Aussie boys can come good a bit later in the race.

Friday, September 07, 2001
We had all of the playgroup over here yesterday. What fun!! Bethany came to see everyone and I wasn't the only one pleased to see her. Everyone loved my bee on wheels with a handle. They took turns to sit on it and be wheeled around but Bethany could walk with it. We were all pretty impressed with that. I'm going to practice that. I can do a side-step now, along the bath and the coffee table but I'm not so sure about going forwards. I can only do that if I hold my high chair and it rolls away from me and then it's only to stop myself from falling flat on my face.

I had my first three course meal last night. I had a corn crispbread as entree, then wakame congee with beetroot and pumpkin followed by apple and pear. Yum yum. But I still woke hungry at 6am. If that was Mums motivation it didn't work. Now she's just crammed the most enormous breakfast into me. What's going on? Bethany said that she's only having three milk feeds a day now. Well I'm having five and I want to keep it that way!

Tuesday, September 04, 2001
It was Fathers Day on Sunday. Happy Fathers Day Daddy!! You're the best!! :)

I've had some great new foods in the last few days. Mummy made herself some wakame congee when she was sick and gave me some too. It was delicious so I've had it a few more times since then. Brown rice and seaweed, but wakame congee sounds better. She also made me some lentils with vegies but added brown lentils as well as red lentils, which gave it a really awful colour. Brown mushy goop and it's not as nice as last time either. I also tried some hummous. That tasted okay, but it was a bit rough and gave me garlic breath.

We went out for a walk on Fathers Day and ran into Bethany! She's back for a visit from Canberra. She's really grown and has lovely curls in her hair. We were both a bit embarrassed when we saw each other, especially since our parents kept staring at us. But now I think about it, maybe it was my garlic breath that made her keep turning away...

I went to gymbaroo again yesterday but this time to the one at Kew. Daddy came too which was GREAT. I went on the trampoline and the swing and climbed over a ladder and stood up between these rails.... all sorts of things. Then we all sat in a circle and sang some songs and danced about a bit. I liked Kew better than Camberwell so I'm enrolled for next term. Yippee! I'll try and talk a few of my friends from our playgroup into going too.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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