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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Friday, August 31, 2001
I've been playing "clowns" with Mummy when she feeds me in my highchair. I waggle my head from side to side and she tries to get the spoonful in my mouth. I wear it on my cheek quite often but I don't mind, it's fun.

I've been in the wars a bit lately. Yesterday I tried to pull myself to standing using the magazine rack and it fell forward and hit me on the forehead. Owww! Then today I discovered that I can lift the lid on Mummy's knitting basket but I closed it again on my thumb. I saw her stifle a giggle when she came to help - seems that my right hand was pushing down on the lid while my left thumb was under it, well I couldn't work that out at the time. Then I slipped and did a face plant on the kitchen floor. Mummy assures me my nose still looks the same.

I had a great time at playgroup yesterday. Charlie and I discovered a basket which we played with for ages. I was nearly able to climb right into it but got a bit stuck so had to pull out again. Sandra has the same cookbooks that Mum and Dad have so I had a good look at them before I got yanked away. I was going to check out a Jamie Oliver recipe for Mummy to liven up my food but she didn't take the hint.

Thursday, August 30, 2001
Mummy took me for a run in the jogger. We went about half the pace and a fifth the distance that I went with Daddy, but it was still fun.

Mummy, Daddy and I went out for dinner a couple of nights ago. I can't remember the last time I went out for dinner. We went to Mexicali Rose where Mum and Dad ate interesting spicy food and I had to eat rice and vegies. Just as well though because they both ended up with food poisoning. As well as feeling sick, Mummy could hardly walk from our run, so she was hobbling around feeling very sorry for herself. At least I'm still healthy.

We still managed to get to gymbaroo yesterday. Wow!! What a place. We got in the door, Mummy put me down and I was off! The room was full of all sorts of equipment and heaps of other babies and parents. I found a mini pool filled with playthings, a crocodile and kangaroo to rock on, a swing, all sorts of climbing boxes and mats - it was great! I even had a go on a trampoline. Then we went into a smaller room where they sang daggy songs and read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". We all were given bits of fruit that the caterpillar came along and ate while the lady read the story. I nearly fell asleep from boredom while she was reading it though - Mummy reads me that book and she's much more lively. Most of the other babies were really quiet. I was pretty happy so I chatted away to Mummy and whoever came near - I didn't think I was that loud but everyone looked at me and smiled. Mum says I was really, really loud.

Hello to my new fanclub in Europe!! Ernie, my kinetic development is going really well. I have no idea what that is but Daddy tells me i'm doing fine...

Tuesday, August 28, 2001
Granny bought me a new mode of transport!! I now have a 3 wheel jogger. I was telling her that I was bored with my current pram - that it just doesn't go fast enough. So we saw just the thing in the shop over the road and went and bought it. Well it worked! As soon as Mummy put me in it they set off running. Frollicking really, Granny and Mummy frollicking in the park is a funny sight. We sped up the road and then went cross-country down the park beside the velodrome. It was a very smooth ride and I got to feel the wind rushing in my face. Daddy took me on my first "proper" run yesterday which was great. We were out for about an hour and I stayed awake the whole time. We will be doing that more often because Daddy wants to do the half marathon in October with me, so we better get training.

Friday, August 24, 2001
Harry's in hospital with pneumonia!! Poor Harry. Get well soon, we're all thinking of you. You'll have to dodge Mummy when we see you because she's looking for a big sloppy kiss and hug.

We went to play group yesterday and all the mums were talking about food for us. Thomas really choked badly on apple a while ago and I've been eating it for the last few days. So this morning I bit off a little chunk and was trying to chew it when Mum literally crash tackled me and yanked me out of my chair and whacked my back. I think she got spooked, I was just about to swallow it when she grabbed me. All the banging about made it go down the wrong way - I'm sure I would have been fine if she'd left me. Now I've got a sore throat.

Mum's been taking lots of photos with our new digital camera so they should be up in the gallery soon. There are some pretty cute ones there if I don't mind saying so myself! Should be up within the week.

Thursday, August 23, 2001
Daddy's home!! Daddy's home!!!! Yay! Lots of cuddles and playtime coming up! I would have written sooner but we've had a "nasty little piece of spyware" to quote Daddy, on the computer which messed things up a bit. He brought me some great prezzies - a really nice wooden toy which flops around on elastic, Mr. Whootzit, some cooooool clothes and a Keith Haring book which I really like: ENORMOUS BLUE Suede Shoes (fabulous fez).

Mummy is now letting me eat some food myself, so far I've tried toast and apple. The toast felt really weird at first, very rough, but I'm more used to it now and really like chomping on it. A couple of times I bit off a really big bit which kind of got stuck and I choked and vomitted, but I'm getting better at eating it. The apple is really yummy but it's very slippery. I can dig my teeth into it and scrape off bits to eat. Otherwise it's great to suck on and get apple juice. Slips out of my hands a lot though.

Now I'm moving about so much I'm having lots more knocks and bumps. I was in the kitchen and slipped on the floor and banged my head into the dishwasher. That gave me a bruise on the side of my forehead. Another time I accidentally poked myself in the eye with a magazine. That really hurt and made my eye water a lot! But you won't believe what Mummy did to me - this is the worst!! We went to Quaffers and to get in you go through a turnstile which of course my pram wouldn't fit through. So Mum in her wisdom decided to push me through the bit where the trolleys go, thinking that the flaps hanging down were plastic. They weren't plastic, they were metal. The bumper on my pram pushed them out of the way but as we went forward they slipped off the bumper and banged into my forehead. Oowwww, makes my eyes water thinking about it - it really hurt. I really screamed at the time and all the staff looked at Mummy like she was the biggest dill. She had to cuddle me a lot after that. Then the next day I had two nice purple lines going down my forehead.

Saturday, August 18, 2001
We heard from Bethany and Michelle!! Bethany hasn't forgotten me, yay!! I'll get to see her in September so that's good. Daddy comes home tomorrow which is *great*. I'm looking forward to showing him how fast I can crawl now and how well I can stand up. And looking forward to the cuddles and play (and presents).

We had the biggest storm last night. Mummy and I both woke at 12.45 because it was so loud. I was okay but Mum was a bit anxious so she came in for a cuddle. I was fine really, I didn't need it, but she obviously did so of course I let her cuddle me. It was loud though...

I went to see Nurse Fran a couple of days ago and I'm growing really fast. Right on schedule apparently. I'm 72.7 cm tall and weigh 9.47 kilos. No wonder Mummy can't toss me as high in the air as she used to. Then we were meant to go to play group but I went home for a sleep and slept through most of it and then it started pouring so we stayed home. So I missed seeing all my friends. Oh well, I get to see Daddy tomorrow, that's the main thing.

Thursday, August 16, 2001
I went shopping with Granny and Mummy yesterday. I got some new navy pants that have plenty of growing room, and a cool top that's also nice and baggy. I still need some new pj's so hopefully I'll get some today. I've had enough of being crammed into clothes that are too small. I'm a growing boy!!

I go to see Nurse Fran today so we'll see just how much I've grown. Then Daddy can fill in my "specifications" in my new site.

Since I'm getting so big I thought I'd try imitating Daddy when he goes to the bathroom. Mum was off doing something in the kitchen so I went into the bathroom and stood up at the toilet. I tried to lift the seat up but only succeeded in banging it up and down making lots of noise, which meant Mummy came to see what I was up to. I got a bit embarrassed, but I'll try again some other time when she's not about.

We went to visit little Maya Harriss in hospital yesterday. She was two days old and very cute. She has a great cry and has got the sucking thing down pat. I was not that good at sucking when I was two days old (so Mummy tells me). And she's got these beautiful, luscious lips......oops, I was only looking, honest, and, well I haven't heard from Bethany for ages....

Tuesday, August 14, 2001
I'm having fun crawling all over the place now!! I can stand up against the coffee table and reach everything on it. And I can follow Mummy about the place. She was fiddling about under the computer table so I went under with her and she was waggling cables so I did too. She kept pulling me out and I kept going back again. Hee hee, great game.

We did some gardening on the weekend. Mum pruned her bonsai while I pulled dirt out of a pot with a big tree in it. I spread dirt everywhere and got it all under my fingernails. It was great fun.

Today we went to the Botanic Gardens and had lunch with Timmy and Charlie and their Mums. Us boys all had our lunch at the cafe and then went for a walk. It was sunny and warm and windy. Very nice. We ran into Lee and Corey there and also Bridget, so we had a very social day. And I even got a cuddle from Uncle Adam and Nan tonight which was really nice (even though I didn't show it at the time - I was still waking up).

Monday, August 13, 2001
Simon, Libby and "Little Sister", all the best from Mummy, Daddy and me. We're thinking of you and I'm looking forward to meeting my new playmate (girlfriend?).

Sunday, August 12, 2001
Happy Birthday Grandad!! It was Grandad's birthday yesterday (Saturday) and we went to Brunetti's for brekky (just for something different). There were two ladies at the table next to us and they couldn't get their eyes off me. I had them totally charmed. I got lots of cuddles from everyone so a good morning for me.

What does everyone think of the new look and feel of my website? You can tell Daddy has time on his hands in the States. I'm not sure about being referred to as a "product", I mean I'm not for sale!!

Aunty Jo came over last night and we had a slumber party. We watched a silly DVD and played around. I went to bed a bit early and slept right through without waking until just before 7am. Mummy was thrilled and wants Aunty Jo to stay over more often! (Also that she cooked Mummy a yummy meal but that's not the only reason...)

A couple of days ago Granny came over and she and Mum were drinking tea. They have never offered me any before so I decided to let them know I was ready to try some. I grabbed Granny's mug and tried to drink from it. Mummy got the message and got me my new cup and gave me a drink from it. It wasn't tea but I liked it anyway - warm water I think. I drank quite a bit and was very pleased with myself. I needed Mum to help me position the cup but I'll get the hang of that soon I'm sure.

I spent a lot of time yesterday practising standing. I even took one hand off and was able to stand holding the trolly with one hand. I'm getting really strong really quickly now. And my gums are feeling a bit better since the teeth are through now. Boy they're sharp. I'll be able to bite and chew on food soon. Mum gave me a piece of celery but that's not quite what I had in mind. I thought my first chewy food should be an escargot from Brunetti's.

Friday, August 10, 2001
I burped so hard the other day that my dummy flew out of my mouth. Hee hee, good effort I thought.

All sorts of things have happened over the last few days. I can crawl around really quite quickly now which means Mummy follows me quite quickly too. There are these thick cords about the place, coming from the tv, computer and stereo that are great to play with, and I also like the rubbish bin and pulling cookbooks from the bookshelf. It's lots more fun being able to get to all these new playthings. I can now get from my tummy to my back easily and from the crawl position to sitting, which I'm pretty pleased with. Yesterday at mothers group there was a footstool at just the right height for me to grab and pull myself to standing. Then I heard one of the mummys yell and I turned around and they were all staring at me. They all told me how clever I was so I stood there for ages lapping it all up. Boy I was tired when we left though. Mum says I showed off for too long.

My gums have been so sore I've had trouble sleeping, even for my day naps which I usually love. Mum left me in my bed a couple of days ago hoping I'd go to sleep but my mouth was aching so I wiggled about the place and got my leg caught through the side of the cot. I tried to get it out but I just wedged it further in. Then Mum came to help me and she grabbed my leg and tried to lift it out before I could tell her that it really was stuck. Owwww! She had to move my body in line with my leg to get me out. I cried a bit after that so Mummy sat me on her lap and rubbed my leg. It took her a while to realise that she was rubbing the wrong leg. That's okay though, I didn't want my sore leg rubbed anyway. So yesterday when I was having my bath, we looked at my leg and there was this great purple bruise inside my knee. It matches the now yellowing bruise on my forehead from my fall off the bed.

Hello Daddy!!! I miss you. I'm storing up lots of cuddles for when you get back. (So is Mummy)

Tuesday, August 07, 2001
Happy Birthday Uncle Adam!!! You'll have to have a virtual hug for today.

My gums REALLY hurt today. I'm having trouble sleeping because they hurt so much. Waaa. I'll write more soon, I'm too miserable today.

Saturday, August 04, 2001
I've changed my mind. I don't want any teeth. My bottom gum has split open and a tooth is about to come through - ow, ow ow! That happened yesterday just after Dad left for San Francisco so I was feeling miserable anyway. Waaaaa!

And today, just to make matters worse, Mum left me in the middle of her bed and I fell of it! It's really easy crawling on the bed and I got to the edge really quickly but I didn't know it was so far down. I hit my head on the wooden frame and flipped on to my back. It scared the living daylights out of me and Mum too I think. And it hurt - I have a red lump on my forehead which serves to remind Mum of her IRRESPONSIBILITY and give her the GUILTS. So I've been thoroughly pampered since then - I only have to open my mouth and she comes running. Hee hee hee, I'll see how long I can keep this going for...

We went to the market today and I got to meet Steven who is about 6 weeks older than me. His Mummy works in the deli with Kalamata Man. You should see all his hair!! I've never seen so much - and he's already had a couple of haircuts. That's very cool.


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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