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My Name is Oskar Tex Hosken and I'm four years old. Daddy built my website for me and Mummy helps me write my journal. I have a little sister, Jasmine, who also has a website.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2001
Boy I've been tired lately. I keep trying to nap but get woken by Mum making these honking noises blowing her nose. She has a cold and is all drippy. At least she only honks with a cold, Dad sounds like a foghorn all the time.

I had brekky at Cafe Sweethearts on Sunday morning for Nan's birthday and had pancakes with my maple syrup (via Mum). Yummy, and I got lots of cuddles. Nan loved her seat which was great - I'm looking forward to sitting on it with her.

I'm off for more cuddles with Granny soon - hopefully she'll take me for a walk and show me the river and trees. I need someone else other than Mummy to take me out because she's discovered Harry Potter and just wants to read. She read some to me the other day but I know she only did that so she could read it and not feel too guilty for not paying me any attention...

Dad has been swinging me about and hanging me upside down. It's great fun and makes me laugh. Except when I slip and my arms nearly come out of their sockets. That's okay. I get him back by making him clean up escaping poo. ( I just know I'll get in trouble for writing that!)

Friday, March 23, 2001
On tuesday we went shopping to Camberwell and ran into Michelle and Bethany. Yippee! We got to go back to their house and I played under Bethany's play gym thing. It was good fun but I don't know whether she liked me being there or not. She just looked at me as if she was thinking but I couldn't work out what from her face. Then I played with Michelle and Bethany gave me a really dirty look. Oops, I thought it was good to get on well with her parents?!

I had lunch with Lee and Corey on Wednesday which was fun. I sat on Mum's knee in the cafe and looked at all the people. There was so much to see. We ran into Maria and Thomas from Mothers Club there too.

There has been lots of rain this week which I've enjoyed looking at from inside. Except we got caught out in it yesterday when leaving Mothers Club so I got a bit wet and my pram got soaked. Then Mum put me in it today and wondered why I felt damp. Sheesh.

When we got to Mothers Club Bethany was there lying on her mat with another boy! Timothy was lying next to her looking very smug. I've clearly got some competition so I'll have to think some more about this.

It's Nan's birthday today. Happy Birthday Nan! I hope you have had a good day and you get lots of birthday hugs on Sunday morning when we see you for breakfast. Mum and Granny and I did a sneaky thing today. We went and picked up Nan's present - a really nice wrought iron seat just big enough for Nan and me - and left it in her back yard as a surprise. We needed Granny's car to get it because my seat was in the way in our car. I'm looking forward to her reaction. Hee hee :-)

Monday, March 19, 2001
This morning I went shopping with Mum and Aunty Jo. We spent ages in a shop full of candles and smelly things and then went shoe shopping. Both Mum and Jo bought red shoes and the saleswoman thought I was very cute. After a nap at home we went to Granny's house and had a walk around Gardiners Creek. I got a bit grumbly because Mum didn't check my nappy before we left and it needed changing. But she changed it while we were out and then Granny held me and showed me the plants she had planted and the reflections in the river. I had a good play on the swiss ball at Granny's. Mum held my legs and I pushed off her tummy and rolled back and forth. It was great fun. I let Granny feed me from a bottle that had Mum's milk in it. I'm just not sure about this bottle business. I'd rather bury my face into Mummy's soft bits.
After we got home we went for a walk and met Dad on his run home. Mum and I like to meet him and he loves to see us when he runs up over the hill.

Sunday, March 18, 2001
I went a swanky restaurant last night to celebrate Jo and Ros' birthdays. I went with Aunty Jo, John, Granny B, Ros, Mum and Dad to Aya Japanese Restaurant. We had our own little room and I lay in the corner on my bouncer looking at the lights and waiters. There was a table of ditzy teenage girls next to us who were very funny. Towards the end of the night I sat on Mum's lap and she rocked back and forth, I think trying to get me to sleep but she only succeeded in putting herself to sleep. She just about fell asleep carrying me up the stairs.

This morning we had breakfast around The Tan with Uncle Adam and a zillion other people. I had a great time looking at the trees and people and seeing some rain (what's that?) and grey clouds. Mum ate lots and lots of food including some of Uncle Adams. She needs lots to make milk for me supposedly. I think she's just a bit gutsy. I liked cuddling Uncle Adam, he's very cuddly.

Thursday, March 15, 2001
The last couple of weeks have been good fun. Especially since I went shopping with Mum and Granny B. for toys. We spent ages at Chadstone and played with all sorts of fun things and even looked at high chairs. That means I can sit at the table when Mum and Dad eat dinner. Maybe I can even eat something soon too.

At mothers club last week, Nurse Fran talked about feeding us food and what to introduce and when. Made me hungry listening to it. I saw Bethany lying on the floor in the nuddy! She doesn't look like me...

On Friday I got to meet my other Grandfather! He smiled at me and told Mum she was pretty clever. I was a bit shy at first but then I saw he looked a bit like Mum (but his nose is bigger) so I smiled at him. He played with me a lot over the weekend and even ironed some of my clothes. We went shopping and Bof bought me a Hawthorn F.C polo shirt and pants and a Hawks football. I look sooo cute. I think I'll throw away that black and white football... I'm now a member of the Hawka's Squawkas - Hawthorn membership for 0-4 year olds. My pram now has a Hawka's Squad sticker on it.

A couple of weeks ago I had a hearing test. We went to a clinic in Blackburn and were shown into a very quiet room where the lights were dimmed, and the next I new we were leaving. Aparently some electrodes were put on my forehead and things in my ears and noises were played. But I slept through it and my hearing is fine. I would have told them that if they could understand me. Then Mum, Dad and I had arvo tea in Surrey Hills and went to visit Tony the dry cleaner. He's a scary looking guy but he's a Collingwood supporter so it's to be expected. Just look at my Uncle.... Just joking!

On tuesday I had lunch at the Botanic Gardens with Granny, Mum and Aunty Jo for Jo's birthday. It was a lovely day and I got to look at lots of trees and Granny showed me the ducks on the pond.

Today we went to mothers club again but Bethany wasn't there today. I missed her.

Thank-you everyone for the mails too. I love reading them so keep them coming. Thanks Leanne!


Taking in the view with Dad at Sandringham beach

A sort of preview birthday cake...(I turn 5 tomorrow!!!)

We're Dixie and Pumpy

Looooove the Kew Traffic School

We got you, Uncle Ad, now give up!

Are we too cool, or what?!

Watching the ducks on a breezy day...but nothing stops me from wearing my muscle shirt.

I'm not dizzy, no, no...

Whoaah!! Grampa made this for me!

Night-night, Mummy!

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